Choosing the Perfect Swimsuit for Summer in 2015

Summer 2015 is promising to be one of the hottest, so its time to put on your favourite swimsuit and head to the nearest pool or beach. Don’t have a favourite swimsuit, not sure which one to choose, well I am here to help. It’s as easy as two steps to have you looking your best poolside. First and most important when choosing the perfect swimsuit is cut. The basic types are the one piece, the tankini, the bikini and the monokini. Don’t be scared that most of those rhyme with "teeny". There are a variety of swimsuits that will suit your body type and shape.

Have a few "trouble areas" or sections you'd rather cover up? Don’t only focus on hiding imperfections; highlighting your assets is just as important in choosing the right swimwear.

For gals who want to minimize the tummy, choose a one piece with ruching around that area. A ruched swimsuit with a push up bra will hide your tummy, and draw attention to your girls. If you want a little more coverage down below, pick a swimsuit with a skirted bottom. Choose a cute tankini with a skirt, or a one piece with a skirt. Go ahead, loose the wrap and step out in confidence.

If you have no trouble zones and just want to show some skin, bikinis now are sexier than ever, low cut hipsters and side tie bottoms are all cute. Monokinis will give you that sexy backless effect, so dare to bare...a little bit more.

Choosing the perfect swimsuit is not all about cut. Colour is just as important. Use my tips and tricks to pick the best cut, and then have fun with colour. Mix and match colours, try a turquoise bandeau top, with a hot pink bottom for your next bikini. Tribal and ethnic prints make any monokini pop. And forget that "black is slimming" for all your swimsuits. Pick your favourite colour and pattern, red, bright yellow, or polka dot.

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Red Dresses for this Summer : Weddings or Special Occasions

Amazon SELL Dresses !This is the colour that is chosen by brides to be choose for their bridesmaids, with the right sheen it looks fabulous. These are some of the best red dresses we saw online currently as a round up for you to get inspired.

 OK too flashy and don't want to outdo the bride dresses co uk has very good price for this safer dress.

Was in coast today and these 2 caught my eye..

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Maybe better to go for a 14 inch laptop as the best size ?

[Please note this is an old blog post now and laptops and technology have moved on so please treat any information as old]

From my recent blog on the best 15 inch laptops out there I was talking with a colleague Henrick and he raised the question as to why I was looking at 15 inches. In Asia 14 inch and sometimes 13 inch are more popular - they love stuff small and cute in Japan for example. But here the 15 inch has dominated main stream laptop sales and for me this has also been the size laptop I have looked at in the past.HP Envy Spectre 14 xt

Thanks to CNET for the image

 I did have a serious consideration 4 years ago on the subject but the 15 inch won out.  This is the laptop I have now the dell 1530 XPS which is due for replacement as the screen is having freezing issues depending on the opening and closing movement (hinge) a slight adjustment gets rid of the green slime and all is well. Its also running the rubbish Vista. It will last me out until windows 8 perhaps later this year and the arrival of the Ivy Bridge 3rd gen Intel processors which should be much better for battery consumption. At the time I went for the 15 inch version and didn't regret it. I have perhaps watched 50 movies in 4 years and could be argued that a 14 inch might have been ok to do this as well. The display is a very important consideration for me. In todays market so long as I can connect to a big flat screen then working on a 14 inch laptop (usually sharing the same keyboard) should offer advantages giving up few of the disadvanages. Im actually tapping this out using a Samsung notepad an 11 inch N120 and it is fun for a short time to work on this. I think I would be fine full time with a 14inch machine, some 13 inch machines cram 14 inch worth of resolution into them but I would not go this low.So thanks Henrick for muddying the water and giving me a whole new bunch of machines to compare ! I am finding myself looking at the smaller siblings of the same machines found in my 15 inch laptop reviews. Namely Dells XPS 14z, the HP Envy 14 and the Samsung Series 5, 7 and 9's.The display becomes more critical for me so for these what are the resolutions for these ?Dell 14z - A dissapointing 1366 by 768

HP Envy 14 Spectre1600-by-900 (What I want) but the RAM is just 4GB preventing me from going for it !

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Automotive India Funnies

Please share these around and enjoy a world less serious.


Lads are just a bit different in India ! Le Beouf Touch


Sports seat included. Easy Access Self Cooling Engine !!!

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Primark is a zoo and Plastic Fantastic Shoes

If you like your fashion so much so that you are buying it so often and throwing it away after a few wears out then you probably find Primark a great place. Its a zoo in their Oxford Street store with all ages sexes though mostly younger females doing the rounds. You see I think its about the feeling of buying something and that new smell. It goes so fast you need to get back in there tuesday evening to find the next fix.

You can buy plastic shoes that fit the bill of value and fashion. I'm not fully against such low priced items provided they are not sweat shop fabricated but this is another story and a complex one. Lets just see the side of fun for the moment and the colours of spring into summer. You see these shoes could be fabricated by moulding them and there isn't a stitch in sight.

Its the new UK punk style !


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Me Before You Book Review– Jojo Moyes

I chose this book to read thinking it was just a usual ‘chick lit’ book. I’ve been embroiled in the urban fantasy genre for a couple of years now and just fancied a good old fashioned love story to get lost in, but what I actually got was quite the opposite, an anti- love story if you will.

We first meet 26 year old Lou Clark as her boss decides to close down the café where she’s worked for the past 6 years, leaving her jobless and skill less. We follow her to interviews with Syed her jobcentre advisor who packs her off to menial jobs in a chicken factory and fast food restaurants, which she hates. Syed becomes so frustrated with her, that he suggests jobs in lap dancing and pole dancing clubs! Finally he sends her on an interview for a carer’s role, for which she makes sure there would be no ‘arse wiping’ involved. Much to her surprise she’s offered the job of carer to ex city high – flyer Will Traynor, who through a cruel twist of fate had been mown down by a motorcyclist whilst crossing a London street two years previously. Now quadriplegic with very limited movement in one arm, Will is suicidal and cantankerous 

What follows is a painful and poignant story of Lou’s desperate attempt at making Will’s life worth living again. Whilst she may fail at that, what she actually succeeds in accomplishing is learning to love herself and make her own life worth living again.This is so far my book of the year, and I will definitely be reading further titles by Jojo Moyes. She’s an extremely talented writer who manages to write very rounded, if not always likeable ‘real’ characters; a rare oddity in today’s book market. A brave story that is well researched, I was beside myself with grief at the end of the book, and it’s been a long times since a book has provoked such an emotional journey in me.

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Katy Perry Moves On from Russell Brand

Katy Perry is getting on with her life in the wake of her separation from actor Russell Brand. The 27-year-old singer hosted the GiveLove charity benefit at the opening of 1 Oak nightclub in Las Vegas. Perry tweeted about the charity, which benefits Haiti, writing, “Happy to be supporting my best friend @MDMOLINARI & his j.molinari jewelry w/all my other besties in #VEGAS for a great cause @GiveLoveOrg.” It is her first official U.S. appearance since 36-year-old Brand filed divorce papers and ended their marriage.The former couple was married for 14 months, and in that period showed themselves to be in a committed and stable relationship. Perry is best known for her music with hit songs such as, “I Kissed A Girl” and “California Girls.” Brand is known for being a comedian, singer, actor, author, and for his history of sex and substance abuse. Brand is now sober and has starred in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Get Him to the Greek.
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Anger Management for Halle Berry's Ex


Gabriel Aubry has agreed to attend anger management classes after being investigated for child endangerment by the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services. Aubry met with the department Friday of last week after an alleged scuffle took place with his daughter’s nanny.The 36-year-old model, who has a three-year-old daughter named Nahla with actress Halle Berry, is alleged to have pushed his daughter’s nanny while she was holding the toddler. Aubry has denied pushing or laying hands on the nanny. Although 45-year-old Berry has gone to court to have a restraining order put on Aubry, as well as asking for full-custody to be granted to her, a judgement will not be made until Monday. Berry and Aubry have been to court multiple times since their separation in 2010, battling custody issues. It is rumored that Berry and her boyfriend, 46-year-old actor Olivier Martinez, became engaged in January, but the couple has not confirmed the engagement.
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Cameron, Diddy, and New Boobs?

Actress Cameron Diaz and rapper/music mogul Sean Combs, a.k.a. P. Diddy, are rumored to have been dating since they were caught kissing in December of last year. Now they have allegedly gone public with their relationship. The 39-year-old actress and 42-year-old musician have been spotted together at numerous parties, and though they have been linked together as far back as 2008, this time it may be serious. Diaz most recently starred in the movie, Bad Teacher, while Diddy is said to be creating a new music cable network named Revolt. In the past the actress has dated baseball player Alex Rodriguez and singer/actor Justin Timberlake, while Diddy most famously dated singer/actress Jennifer Lopez and R&B singer Cassie Ventura. In addition to Diaz’s possible new romance with Diddy, she has gotten a new much talked about shorter haircut, and is rumored to have gotten breast implants.
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Rihanna is a Thug

 Everybody might have an opinion about Rihanna’s new tattoo, but the only person whose opinion could possibly matter is no longer living. The 23-year-old singer got the words “Thug Life” tattooed in pink on her knuckles as a tribute to the late rapper Tupac Shakur, who had the same words tattooed across his abdomen. Tupac was killed in Las Vegas in 1996 when Rihanna was seven-years-old. The singer tweeted a photo of her new tattoo yesterday, and included the hashtag #THUGLIFE with accompanying twitter posts. At one point she tweeted, “Err'body has an opinion, but yall know what yall can do with them!!!” She also tweeted a picture, taken the same day, of the tattoo artist adding a tattoo on her back, but she did not show the actual tattoo. Rihanna is known for her edgy fashion style, many tattoos, and provocative songs. In November, 2011, she released her sixth album, “Talk That Talk.”  
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Actress Demi Moore Back in Rehab


Actress Demi Moore is back in the news, and this time she is rumored to have checked into rehab for substance abuse problems. The 49-year-old actress, whose recent pictures show her looking thin and frail, claims to be entering rehab to treat her exhaustion. However, after being taken to the hospital in an ambulance early this week, many think she could be struggling with anorexia or drugs. This past November, Moore confirmed that her marriage to actor Ashton Kutcher had ended. She had been married to the 33-year-old actor for six years. Moore has also dropped out of the film Lovelace, in which she was set to play legendary feminist Gloria Steinem  based on the life of porn actress Linda Lovelace. The actress has a history of substance abuse, and received treatment at a rehab during the 1985 movie St. Elmo’s Fire. Her mother also battled addiction throughout her life.
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Did Jim Carrey’s Daughter Received Special Treatment?

Jane Carrey was just another American Idol hopeful, but unlike other contestants she may have had a little help with her auditions. Rumors are circulating that Carrey did not have to wait in line like the other singers, but instead made an appointment for her audition.

Carrey, the 24-year-old daughter of actor and comedian Jim Carrey and his first wife Melissa Womer, sang Bonnie Raitt’s song, “Something to Talk About.” Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, and Randy Jackson, American Idol’s three judges, were impressed with her vocals and passed her on to the next round in Hollywood. During her audition Carrey talked about the difficulty of being a celebrity child, and having to prove her talent, in spite of her upbringing. In addition Lopez remembered having known her as a young child during her time with her father on In Living Color.Although there is talk of special treatment, the review of her singing and American Idol audition has been positive.
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Tracy Morgan Rushed to Hospital

Tracy Morgan, actor and comedian, passed out at the Sundance Film Festival where he was being honored with an award at the Creative Coalition Spotlight Awards. Shorty after his acceptance speech the 43-year-old actor was rushed to the hospital, and while hospital officials gave no other causes, they denied alcohol or drugs being found in his system. Earlier today Morgan tweeted, “Superman ran into a little kryptonite. The high altitude in Utah shook up this kid from Brooklyn.” His spokesman, Lewis Kay, also released a statement blaming the altitude and exhaustion for Morgan’s collapse. In a separate tweet Morgan thanked the hospital staff for the care he received. Morgan is best known as the character Tracy Jordan on the show 30 Rock and his eight seasons on Saturday Night Live. His latest film Predisposed will be premiering at the Sundance Festival this Friday.
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It's a Girl for Actors Bryce Dallas Howard and Seth Gabel

Actress Bryce Dallas Howard and actor Seth Gabel, gave birth to a baby girl on Thursday, January 19. Beatrice Jean Howard-Gabel, weighed eight pounds six ounces at birth, according to a Saturday posting on Twitter made by proud grandfather and actor, producer, director Ron Howard. Gabel and Howard were married in 2006, and the couple has a four-year-old son named Theo. Howard has been open in sharing her experience with postpartum depression following the birth of her son. News of the couple’s second pregnancy came out in May, and in August Howard shared with Jay Leno that her son had predicted he was going to big brother to a little sister. She recently starred in the movies, The Help and the Twilight series. Gabel plays the role of Lincoln Lee on the television show Fringe. Many celebrities were quick to respond on Twitter, posting congratulations for the couple on their new family addition.
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Is Heidi Klum and Seal's Marriage Over?

Although the papers haven’t been filed yet, reports are saying that model Heidi Klum and singer Seal will be filing for divorce as early as next week. The 38-year-old model and 48-year-old singer were married in 2005 and have three kids together, and Klum’s daughter from a previous relationship was adopted by the singer. Klum is most famous for being a Victoria’s Secret Model and the host of reality TV show Project Runway. Seal is best known for his 1994 song “Kiss From A Rose,” which was featured on the “Batman Forever” soundtrack. Together the couple is known for their yearly marriage vow renewals and annual Halloween extravaganza. Reports say Klum will be filing the papers and citing irreconcilable differences as the reason.
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