I started this project as a place to note stylish items that I wanted to make a note of - I had the brainchild for better or worse that it would be good to gauge peoples opinion on what one thinks is stylish and so the reviews part was born.
I was also keen to explore across time how celebrity was influencing fashion and sports stars - they seemed to me to be the iconic fashion role models of the moment.

As I studied product design I really got into the real ergonomics and design of products, I really wanted that to come across on the site.

So how to organise it all ? Well it is a work in progress and in truth I need help. So if you fancy on spending time here for one reason or another I would love to hear from you.

That's all I have to say for now - oh yes I am trying to make some revenue on the side to pay for it all that means I am putting together marketing packages for products that can be showcased and released onto the site. This is a platform now and google likes the layout and products with links get a boost from being listed. Why not take a look at the packages offered in terms of advertising your niche product or individual items. We are allowing the blog to handle your products in this way until we the marketplace up and running this should suffice.