A Night at the BAFTAS

Following the delightful ceremony last night, the BAFTA’s has got everyone talking about the awards received and outfit choices by some of the biggest British actors and actresses. It has became a ritual to praise and slate the attendees of such prestigious events for their outfit choices, primarily the women.


Being the best dressed at award ceremonies like the BAFTA’S has almost become an official award in itself. Once again at the BAFTA’s 2013 there were a number of women who nailed the polished look whilst some missed the memo and arrived in gowns that made you wonder what they were thinking when they chose that outfit. Evidently, these attendees landed themselves in the worst dressed category, poor them!


Fashion icon, Sarah Jessica Parker, arrived at the BAFTA’s to present the award of ‘Best Actor’ to Daniel Day Lewis. The Sex and the City actress played it safe in a black Elie Saab jumpsuit; failing to live up to the expectations of her usual glammed up look. Nevertheless, SJP still looked sleek and youthful on the night of the event.

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