Bollywood’s New Train

Bollywood’s New Train

Rohit Shetty’s “Chennai Express” is slated to be release this Friday, an auspicious day as it is Eid, and the country will be celebrating the festival and the film. The “Chennai Express” team has many feathers to its cap the latest being it has the biggest release in UK; no other Indian Film has matched this. 125 cinemas and 170 screens are the figures that have come out regarding the release of the film in UK. As a part of the promotion for the film the team was in London and they received a huge support. The film is set in South India and is a complete entertainer. Shahrukh Khan expressed his appreciation for the support he got from the UK audience and was sure the film would do well.

The train also stopped at our desi station Punjab for the promotion. Here Shahrukh had to say that along with the people he loved their food. It was so rich and he would put on weight whenever he visited Punjab. The film’s promotion was held at Jalandhar and Deepika Padukone, his pair in the film was also present. Both acknowledged the carefree nature of the Punjabis and the unparallel hospitality of the state.


The New Look Of Sunny

Sunny Leone has now some meaty roles after a sensuous entry. “Tina and Lolo” a thriller by Devang Dholakia has given Sunny a new look to break the mould that was slowly setting. Though there are controversies about her career, past and future, she has signed a few films and hopes she will be accepted soon by all. Sunny and her husband have moved to Mumbai as she now her aspirations rooted in Bollywood. Jism 2 brought out the erotic Sunny and Big Boss 5, the reality show, gave us a glimpse into Sunny the person. Other than Tina and Lolo there are two projects lined up – Jackpot and Ragini MMS2. This Indo-Canadian beauty says that her makeover to Bollywood was effortless and one sincerely hopes the audience also accepts her effortlessly after seeing her forthcoming projects.

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Fashion Choices from Young Famous Faces

Today we celebrate Baby Day! Yep that’s right; there is a day aside from our youngster’s birthdays that we get to celebrate their existence and the miracle of life itself. Although it’s not exactly an official holiday like Christmas, people do tend to celebrate it on the 2nd May each year. As you will be aware, babies don’t stay babies for long which is why we must try and capture every precious moment, whether it is by taking photographs or saving your babies first tooth. Photos are a great for looking back, reminiscing and reflecting on past eras and assessing the choices we made, especially the fashion ones!


We all have a celebrity that we look up to and admire in some way, and usually they are drop dead gorgeous! Here we take a look at some of the famous faces of the 21st century and look back on their fashion choices from when they were children.


Ryan Gosling

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A Night at the BAFTAS

Following the delightful ceremony last night, the BAFTA’s has got everyone talking about the awards received and outfit choices by some of the biggest British actors and actresses. It has became a ritual to praise and slate the attendees of such prestigious events for their outfit choices, primarily the women.


Being the best dressed at award ceremonies like the BAFTA’S has almost become an official award in itself. Once again at the BAFTA’s 2013 there were a number of women who nailed the polished look whilst some missed the memo and arrived in gowns that made you wonder what they were thinking when they chose that outfit. Evidently, these attendees landed themselves in the worst dressed category, poor them!


Fashion icon, Sarah Jessica Parker, arrived at the BAFTA’s to present the award of ‘Best Actor’ to Daniel Day Lewis. The Sex and the City actress played it safe in a black Elie Saab jumpsuit; failing to live up to the expectations of her usual glammed up look. Nevertheless, SJP still looked sleek and youthful on the night of the event.

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