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Christmas Gifts For Men


So you found this page because your a woman and clearly puzzled as to what to buy a man for Christmas. Don't feel bad I am a man and am extremely puzzled what to buy a woman! Anyway let's get on with it- oh you already scrolled by..

The Body By Bill Bryson 

Bill is a well acclaimed writer from Idaho. If you don't know him then don't delay start to answer all the questions you ever had and more by reading his books. A very likeable guy who makes sense of all the trash out there. Seriously try one and thank me by sharing this article.

Car Cigarette Lighter

These keep getting better! So you are buying him a seriously top of the range car charger! Plug in the USB to either of the twin ports and off you go! We love tools and gadgets they don't fail to amuse us and give us pleasure.

Sleep Headphones Headband

Soft enough to not disturb your sleep for those men who need some white noise or even rock and roll to the land of z these could be a great prezzie to unwrap.

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Monday, 30 November 2020

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