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Christmas Gifts For Men 2022

christmas-gift-ideas-for-men Christmas Presents For Men

So you found this page because you're a woman (?) and clearly puzzled as to what to buy a man for Christmas. Don't feel bad I am a man and am extremely puzzled what to buy you women! Anyway let's get on with it- oh you already scrolled by..

Alexa start my day

Alexa Echo Dot - Best Seller

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - Smart speaker with Alexa - Charcoal Fabric

A more fabric and homely looking design. Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - Smart speaker with Alexa - Charcoal Fabric.

Alexa dots can be linked up throughout your home and controlled via 'skills' on an app. It's made by Amazon and does all sorts of wonderful things. There is no wonder it's consistently a best seller. One of the smartest buys for a man.



The Aeropress is a great way to make your favorite coffee from grind. You can make many different kids of coffee and you get everything you need out of the attractive box. Any coffee lover would enjoy this gift not one of course just for men.

Front Cover

Diddly Squat - Jeremy Clarkson

Marmite Jezer has written another book! About a farm. No doubt it will be full of opinion and I'd check with your man on this potential gift. It is available as regular book hardback audio and kindle book types.



Welcome to Clarkson's farm.

An idyllic spot offering picturesque views across the Cotswolds, bustling hedgerows and natural springs, it's the perfect plot of land for someone to delegate the actual, you know, farming to someone else while he galivants around the world in cars.

Until one day, Jeremy decided he would do the farming itself.

After all, how hard could it be? . . .


New Cable On The Block

Premium Braided Charge Cables

It's hard to buy for us men. We are often just practical people and love our tools. So a really nice pair of charging cables for iphone would go a treat. Designed in the UK to some of the highest standards. What exactly goes into a premium apple charge cable?

Fast Charge Capability
Safety Chip (protects and prolongs the life of your battery)
No tangle mermaid tail design
Braided super strength body

They will outlast 95%*estimated of other chargers on the market.

Nice For Garden Great For Life

 🐝  Bee Home - Pretty Essential Fun For The Garden

Bee's are an essential support mechanism for life. Their pollination exploits are essential in providing us all with our lives. This is an ideal gift to allow a man to get busy with tools on a very good project that looks great in the garden. 🌻

The top is removable allowing you to explore the lifecycle of the various bee species. And added bonus indeed.🌺

Learn more about the functionality here in this explainer video.

Great for busy minds or frequent fliers. Not for use while driving!

Sleep Headphones & Travel Headband

Soft enough to not disturb your sleep for those men who need some white noise or even rock and roll to the land of z these could be a great present to unwrap and enjoy. They also double up for men who fly long distance as the ergonomic design cuts out external light and noise.

Warmth and Light

A Beanie with LED light 

Convenient USB charging means you will not be messing with batteries and have a lighted path wherever you go this winter and more. The light distance is 55 feet away. Many colours to choose from this is another gift idea that has universal appeal.

The Body By Bill Bryson 

Bill is a well acclaimed writer from Idaho. If you don't know him then don't delay start to answer all the questions you ever had and more by reading his books. A very likeable guy who makes sense of all the trash out there. Seriously try one and thank me later.

Car Cigarette Lighter

These keep getting better! So you are buying him a seriously top of the range car charger! Plug in the USB to either of the twin ports and off you go! We love tools and gadgets they don't fail to amuse us and give us pleasure.

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