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princess wall decal
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Wall Decals are a more attractive and affordable way to decorate your walls

Note : These can be also known as WALL TRANSFERS or WALL STICKERS

Nowadays everything seems to be evolving around us. No matter which area or industry you walk through, you will always find at least one person or organization working on something new to introduce in the market. It is like everyone has gulped this concept that to establish oneself or enhance your reach in the market, you need to keep upgrading and keep innovating. It is like they make people dream or make a wish list and work on fulfilling that wish or dream. And that leads to high profit because people always are ready to walk an extra mile when it comes to fulfilling their dream. So now when everyone wants their dreams to come true, why not the walls. As it is said that lets put all your dreams on the wall, with wall stickers you can actually do that. If you see around you people are tired of simple colors and textures on the wall and want something new, something exciting. When that happens you can turn your eye towards the wall decals.

Walls by Design - the interior painting specialists
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“Wall paints add life to your space”

Tips you need to work-up your interiors:

Interiors for Your Home


You are the best judge for this aspect. Decide which mood needs to be created in which room depending on the function of the space. For instance, if you want the drawing room to be warm, you can use different shades of yellow, orange and red and create an appealing combination of these; and if you want it to be cool and soothing you can use blue, green and certain delicate tints of purple. This is how you can decide which mood is ideal for your space and implement it meticulously. Consider the living temperature, do you use and need a/c? If yes then warmer colours might be better.


While planning your interiors it is extremely important to make sure that harmony is achieved. Color, texture, shape and form should be in a balanced proportion so that all the element relate to each other. A unique design is one that creates a story in an untold manner where the different element, even if don’t blend with each other, do not stand out in an odd manner.

Color Scheme

Pops of splashes of interesting colors and elements in a unified color scheme make a potentially static monotonous space enliven with energy and verve. It is certainly important to follow a color scheme which looks composite of various ideal blending together in a unified way. Following a color scheme is the safest way to create a design with colors which are bound to go well with one another. Or else, the color wheel has so many appealing colors, that one can easily get carried away to pick colors which might look awesome individually buy may not always look good when put together.

60-30-10 Rule

This is the golden rule of interior decoration which ensures the proportion in which you need to segregate your space for adding color to it remains near perfect. According to this rule, the 60 percent of the space should have the hue or the dominant color, 30 percent of the space which provides the elements of visual interest should have the secondary color and the 10 percent of the space must have the those elements which the accent colors to add a hint of sparkle to the design to complete the look.

Adjacent Space

While the design is being planned, it is important to visualize it as a whole and perceive how the adjacent spaces will look as a complete unit. When you look at the entire house from a central point, and more than one room falls in the way, they all must have some sinse belonging. This means that they should some common factor which would tie all the elements of different rooms together. The colors can vary in larger or smaller degrees from one room to another hence developing a relation between all the rooms as a part of one bigger whole.

Add Depth With Finishes

This is done to complete the look of the house. Every design needs a finish to add brilliance to it. Wall art with paints and team from a trusted brand like Berger Paints can help you with this task. The walls can painted in two or three colors to bring out a design one them so that stand out. However, in small space, just one wall is usually painted in this manner to turn it into a focal point and draw attention towards it.

kids bed spaces cubby holes and bedroom design
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This is a space I am going to post to over the coming year as I find this a very exciting area of interior design that is accesible to many parent. It's fun to get your childs bedroom just so and they will love you even more for it.

mia-wardrobe-review 9
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Its that satin white shabby Chic look but with cute hearts cut out of the panels to give your toddler's room design class. I am pleased with it given some things to check in the full review ! Read on..

Leucos Aro hanging lamp
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Minimalism is the face of modern interior design. Perhaps it’s a reaction against the over-crowdedness of the modern world and the mass production that’s given birth to consumerism. Or perhaps it’s the result of artistic influence stemming from the likes of Frank Stella and Carl Andre that’s propelled minimalism to the forefront of modern interior design. Regardless of what’s behind minimalism being so influential and popular today, that it dominates the best interior designs cannot be disputed. Here are a few minimalistic interior design tips.

If It’s Clutter, Get Rid

The first thing you need to do in order to make a room minimalistic, is remove all clutter. This is probably the most mundane and least fun part of achieving a minimalistic interior, however it is probably the most necessary.

The key is to have practically nothing in sight. Of course, you won’t actually want your house to be completely bare and so the trick is to store items behind cabinets and in boxes and baskets.


painted-pine-wardrobe stylish huh !
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Pine wardrobes posses beauty, simplicity, durability, warmth, and versatility. They can truely get the most of out your bedroom because not only are they stunning but they bring out the best in your other furniture pieces as well.


Kitchen work by Suzie Brown - https://insidespacedesign.wordpress.com
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Everyone wishes to have an attractive house. Actually, how you decorate it is often what makes more of a difference than how it is built. Blemishes can be concealed with intelligent decoration.

What is a micro home?
What is a micro home? Featured Hot
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A brief look at the Micro-home or Compact home

Outdoor chairs – add elegance and class to outdoor living
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For a contemporary world that is dominated by the presence of concrete structures, there is an urgent need for places to relax, lounge around and enjoy.

Moss Gardens
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Moss gardens can be created beautifully in yellows, browns, greens and white. These gardens add vibrant covering to large areas of a garden. Moss gardens are popular in Japan for various reasons.

Concrete and Bamboo: Two Great Flooring Options
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Bamboo and polished concrete are relatively uncommon in the field of indoor flooring. Both are sturdy, low-cost, and visually appealing. The following is a closer look at these two smart flooring options.

When To Start Home Remodelling?
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Comfort and practicality should be the basic principle in any home remodeling ideas. When you feel your home can be improved drastically you venture into a complete revamp, while keeping alive the essence of the home. Remodeling is a major decision and requires a great deal of planning because you just cannot conjure up ideas and make it work. The way you rebuild your home will determine your character and your relationship with the members in your family. So make sure your home exudes peace, love and harmony. Just by looking at it people should get positive vibes.

How To Choose The Right Garage Doors?
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Most people give little thought to their garage door. All we expect it to do is close securely and keep the contents safe. Many people are looking for ways to make extra money at home but do not have the workspace they need. To use a garage, when weather permits, is not feasible without leaving the door open for lighting. For this reason, people could consider the installation of a perforated roller door from garage doors Melbourne.

The Most Popular Vines that Grow Well on Pergolas
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A garden Pergola can really bring a home design together and add a layer of sophistication to any outdoor space. While many modern pergolas are simple and open on all sides, traditional pergolas are known for the vines that cover them.

Coffee Tables Revisited
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A coffee table is an integral part to making your living room come together and look like a home. My ex partner hated them for some reason and we didnt have one for years. I missed the utility of it and welcome it back. It's a focal point and one you need to get right. 

Not only does it provide a great place to put drinks or your laptop, but it can also serve as a game table with your friends or kids. Coffee tables are commonly used as both work and play surfaces so it's important to buy a coffee table that will stand the test of time and still look great.

Even though you need a durable coffee table, there's no reason to pay full price. There are a number of places to get an inexpensive coffee table, but checking out you local Goodwill or Salvation Army is a great place to start to find one that will fit your needs. If they have any available, they will definitely be low cost and will most likely be something durable for your home. The RSPCA also do furniture in my local town check social media for groups too. Coffee tables can be an expensive item to purchase from new.

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