Great Kids Party Themes for Summer Birthdays

Great Kids Party Themes for Summer Birthdays

Are you trying to come up with some great kids party themes for summer birthdays? If so, it’s worth thinking about how you can make the most of the outdoors through your garden, parks and beaches, while also considering different venues for themed parties. Organising your kids party through a professional company can also make it easier to put together a great day during the summer, and can help turn a good kids party theme into a truly great one.

Some of the more popular themes that you may want to try out during the summer include having a garden party with a Hawaiian or fiesta theme; the latter can involve using ribbons and pinatas. Animal themes may also be used with pony rides in your garden (if you have the space), or through a trip to a local petting zoo. Most zoos will also offer birthday party packages for children. You might also want to create a simple camping theme in your garden with a BBQ, tents, and games. Useful activities and party games for a summer themed birthday party can include water slides, bubble and balloon games, as well as painting and drawing on canvases - there hopefully shouldn’t be too much of an issue with mess. Mini science experiments might also be set up, and can be enhanced through the use of instructors. Similar activities might involve a trip to the beach or to local playing fields for sports days.

Sports and beach parties can also be carried out through themed parties organised by professionals like DNA Kids party specialists. These parties can be ideal for 5-11 year olds, and can be put together in local parks or indoors, where teams can be created to play football, cricket, netball, hockey, and other sports; other sport themed games might include Olympic trials and relay races. Party food and special prizes can also be given out as part of a day.

Other ideas for themed summer parties can include hosting a beach party, which can involve games such as hula and limbo, as well as volleyball and treasure hunts. Going with a professional party entertainer can also allow you to put together parties around jungle themes, as well as school discos and dance parties using UV lights and light shows. It’s worth balancing out the cost of a summer themed party by looking into options for renting private space in a local park for the day, which might end up being cheaper than you think compared to a hall or venue. Booking a kids party specialist can similarly mean that you gain the peace of mind of a CRB checked entertainer, as well as different options if the weather changes and backup party plans have to be explored.

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Mark Warner Levante Beach Resort Review

We stayed for a week at the 5 star rated Mark Warner exclusive resort in Rhodes Greece during the beginning of June in 2013. We have previously gone with Mark Warner for the childcare we received while skiing in Les Deux Alpes, and were eager to get some time for ourselves again – this being a big feature of their products. TheThe Levante resort on Mark Warner's site Levante resort on Mark Warner's site.


I am more into watersports than the mountain biking and tennis though I did briefly use the tennis courts when on the first day the water was too rough to be open to use even as swimming which is rare. Had we the option of staying longer I would have loved to do some Mountain Biking Tours of the local area.

The welcome was typical Mark Warner friendly and informative and the welcome meeting really puts you in the right place in your mind as if you are like me you may still be in work mode at least still wanting to unwind from the days travel with children in tow. We were introduced to the various section leaders and encouraged to contact even senior management in the event of any need. I can personally say that Sue (Resort Manager) is good to her word and she really does listen and take the time out of her long day to meet and help you.

Our Room

The room was actually a suite and almost fully lived up to the 5 star rating though only a couple of times have I had the pleasure before.




Its short comings were some trim came loose around the sliding door separating the two main spaces and the lack of English speaking channels that were missed if only slightly. A children’s channel in any language would have been great in fact. The other factor was energy saving door cards that turned everything off if I went for a run – Emily and Summer left with no power ac fridge etc. The fridge really needs full time power and in high summer you would like a constant air con in action for 5 star rating. But those things didn’t detract from our enjoyment. A safe that was big enough to hold my laptop would also have been great – or a drawer that we could have locked ourselves.

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Celebrity Child Lookalikes

Nowadays, celebrity kids have become just as sought after for the press as their famous parents, but have you even noticed how similar some celebrity kids actually look as their parents? It’s a good thing these kids have an amazing gene pool to which have sprouted from. Find fantastic designer kids clothing at Base Fashion. Here are some of my favourite celebrity kid’s lookalikes:

Reese Witherspoon and her mini-me daughter Ava show that glamour runs in the family.

Uma Thurman and daughter Maya prove that genes can be strong. These two really are the spitting image on one another.

Tina Fey’s daughter, Alice looks so much like her mum that the little tot even played “young Liz Lemon” in a recent episode of 30 Rock.

Kate Hudson and mother Goldie Hawn not only share golden but also fantastic acting talent. To me, it is an honour," Kate once said of looking like her famous mom. "She's the epitome of beauty: She's beautiful aesthetically, but she is a beautiful mother too."

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Fashion Choices from Young Famous Faces

Today we celebrate Baby Day! Yep that’s right; there is a day aside from our youngster’s birthdays that we get to celebrate their existence and the miracle of life itself. Although it’s not exactly an official holiday like Christmas, people do tend to celebrate it on the 2nd May each year. As you will be aware, babies don’t stay babies for long which is why we must try and capture every precious moment, whether it is by taking photographs or saving your babies first tooth. Photos are a great for looking back, reminiscing and reflecting on past eras and assessing the choices we made, especially the fashion ones!


We all have a celebrity that we look up to and admire in some way, and usually they are drop dead gorgeous! Here we take a look at some of the famous faces of the 21st century and look back on their fashion choices from when they were children.


Ryan Gosling

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Cute Kid's Spring Fashion

When it comes to spring finally showing its sunny rays we want to dress for the occasion, and we want our kids to look the part too. Luckily this season is full of adorable and very stylish spring fashion choices for every boy and girl out there, so no matter what their mood, they wont throw tantrums over wearing some of the pieces we have in store for you.

Cute patterns, floras designs, pastel colours and clean cut shapes are what this season is all about, and that goes for both adult and kid fashion alike.

This colourful and stylish polo shirt from Ralph Lauren is the perfect choice for a spring day picnic out with the family, or even just a casual day playing with friends in the park. Both stylish and relaxed, this Ralph Lauren polo shirt is a great choice for boys.

For girls you will not find anything more adorable than this colourful striped dress from Ralph Lauren. It’s a fantastic little dress to put on your little girl for a sunny day out, or while she is playing in the garden. Paired with cute little white sandals and some tinted sunglasses, your little girl will look spring/summer ready! Base Fashion offers loads of spring ready items such as this from Ralph Lauren! What will your kids be wearing this spring?

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Top kids clothing ranges

Little Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs’s designs are loved all over the world and now the kids can enjoy his enervative and unique style too, with his childrenswear brand, Little Marc Jacobs. With his trendsetting style he has redefined the luxury fashion market, and paved the way for other designers to follow. His children's line Little Marc Jacobs offers fashion forward collections for the stylish youth of today.

Armani Junior

Armani is known for its sophisticated simplicity of sleek tailoring and unfussy tones, stone washes and gabardine denims. The children’s collection, Armani Junior mimics the adult lines in its monochrome colours, “optic whites”, pools of blue and inky blacks. Including everything from tailoring to jersey basics, blazers and smart suiting can be mixed with easy shirts and trainers to complete the polished Armani style.

Paul Smith Junior

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How To Choose The Right Girls Swimwear


Finding the ideal girls swimwear is about picking the most flattering swimwear for one's body shape. However, shopping for swimsuits can be a hassle as there are many things to look at among them color, price, style, material, shape and trend. However, the most important thing is to find the one that highlights your best features and hides what you dislike about your body. The secret in choosing the perfect swimsuit is being aware of some few important things. Remember, the best swimwear is that which will enhance what you have got and draw way attention from the particular areas that you are not proud to show off. Eventually, it is all about what you are most comfortable in.

Get accurate measurements. Before getting set for a swimsuit shopping, you should visit a local tailor or a lingerie shop to get hip and bust measurements. You can take these measurements on your own if you are confident enough. This is particularly essential if you are browsing through a catalog or shopping online.

If you are a girl with a small bust, there are swimwear options that can help you increase your bust size. Although many women honor a big chest, regard yourself lucky, since this feature makes it easier for you to get a swimsuit, since women who have heavier chests must look for adequate support prior to any other feature. You can make your bust appear larger by considering bikini top styles like push-up, triangle and bandeau tops. Extra pudding can offer instant curves. Besides, you can emphasize your curves with details like ruffles, ruching, or even higher necklines. Diagonal stripes, bright colors or prints can visually boost your chest. 

If you want to reduce that tummy, consider buying a one piece swimwear. Color block or a vertical stripes suit can offer the illusion of a slender midsection. If you want to purchase a bikini, go for the high-waisted bikini bottoms. If you are a girl with a flat bottom, choose kids swimwear with floral patterns and ruffles on the bottom piece as this will visually raise your butt.

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