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Top kids clothing ranges

Little Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs’s designs are loved all over the world and now the kids can enjoy his enervative and unique style too, with his childrenswear brand, Little Marc Jacobs. With his trendsetting style he has redefined the luxury fashion market, and paved the way for other designers to follow. His children's line Little Marc Jacobs offers fashion forward collections for the stylish youth of today.

Armani Junior

Armani is known for its sophisticated simplicity of sleek tailoring and unfussy tones, stone washes and gabardine denims. The children’s collection, Armani Junior mimics the adult lines in its monochrome colours, “optic whites”, pools of blue and inky blacks. Including everything from tailoring to jersey basics, blazers and smart suiting can be mixed with easy shirts and trainers to complete the polished Armani style.

Paul Smith Junior

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Is celebrity kid’s style cooler than their parents?

Recently we have seen celebrity kids alongside their celebrity parents dressed in clothing which we can only dream of. Top designer labels from head to toe, just like their parents, but was is it about these cute kids style that is so much cooler than their parents? Kids’ designer clothing, including boys Armani jeans can be found at Base Fashion.

Well firstly, innocence is confidence. When these kids are out in the public eye they are not fazed by it, they have grown up around it, and they are used to the paparazzi, the cameras the masses of crowds. They ignorance towards them makes these kids cooler than a cucumber. They know they have nothing to worry about when out with mummy and daddy, they are safe and protected by them and their huge entourage. Ignorance really is bliss.


Secondly their style. Yes, it is the parents who pick out their clothes, but the kids are so used to wearing everything beautiful they wear it like its nothing new. When we get a pair of designer shoes we flaunt about in them trying to avid any puddle or bit of dirt on the floor in case they get dirty. These kids jump into puddles wearing £500 booties, and good on them. If their parents decide to put them in them, don’t expect them to be pristine at the end of the day. The lack of understanding of money gives kids a cool edge over any adult.

Another great thing about celeb kids and their style, is that they can wear bright colours and bold patterns without looking like coco the clown. Kids are expected to wear fun styles and colours, so they can get away with a whole lot more when it comes to fashion than their stylish parents.

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