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I wanted a container to dump shirts and t shirts that I like and want. Simple as that no editorial fluff - it's all just the shirts.

Cruise are a company that hold a lot of designer brands clothing online - take this tile pattern T for example. It's not cheap but I love it.

Dolce Gabbana T Shirt



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Getting to Know Stefania Di Ghionno

Getting to Know Stefania Di Ghionno

1) In a couple of sentences can you describe your clothing brand for us

SDG East London is the creation of Italian designer Stefania Di Ghionno. SDG was born in 2010, the clothes are handmade in East London studio, the aim of the brand is create clothing to be worn in different ways, good fabric, simple shapes, easy to wear, the most are in limited editions or unique.

2) What makes the Spitalfields Saturday Style Market a unique place in your view?

Unlike the shops you can find unique pieces, handmade made by different artists and cultures.


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3 Must Have Underwear Brands for Men

Over the past few years it has become noticeable that men are taking much better care of themselves than they use to. This includes using skincare products, dressing smartly and wearing designer pieces of clothing – all within their means of course. Whether we get to see them or not, men seem to have some kind of obsession with buying designer underwear from premium brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein. Here we take a look at three of the must have underwear brands that all men should own.


One of the biggest designer brands in the world, there is no surprise that Armani is within our top three underwear brands for men. The style is often kept simple and most commonly follows a black and white colour scheme with a branded waistband. With some of the globes most successful figures gracing the adverts such as Mr and Mrs Beckham, Rihanna and Cristiano Ronaldo, there is no wonder everyone wants a piece of Armani! 

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 Calvin Klein

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Iconic Collections from Vivienne Westwood

Today we celebrate the 72nd birthday of the quirky fashion designer, Vivienne Westwood. The world renowned fashion creator is notoriously known for her vivid designs and huge personality which has truly transformed the fashion industry of the 21st century. Here we take a look at some of her most influential collections that have inspired other designers and made fashion what it is today.



In 1981 Vivienne Westwood took part in her first catwalk show with a collection that she named ‘Pirates’. The range included extensive research into historical dress, inspiration taken from Native Americans and a variety of ethnic cutting techniques.


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Top kids clothing ranges

Little Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs’s designs are loved all over the world and now the kids can enjoy his enervative and unique style too, with his childrenswear brand, Little Marc Jacobs. With his trendsetting style he has redefined the luxury fashion market, and paved the way for other designers to follow. His children's line Little Marc Jacobs offers fashion forward collections for the stylish youth of today.

Armani Junior

Armani is known for its sophisticated simplicity of sleek tailoring and unfussy tones, stone washes and gabardine denims. The children’s collection, Armani Junior mimics the adult lines in its monochrome colours, “optic whites”, pools of blue and inky blacks. Including everything from tailoring to jersey basics, blazers and smart suiting can be mixed with easy shirts and trainers to complete the polished Armani style.

Paul Smith Junior

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Adding Style With Sophistication

When it comes to dressing in a smart and sophisticated manner, there are many ways pieces you can add to your look to help you do so. Looking elegant and stylish helps you to feel confident, now who doesn’t want that? If you are in need of a wardrobe overhaul and want to add some sophistication to your look, then follow some of these style tips and your look will be dapper in no time.

Suit Up – Like Barney from HIMYM always says, “Suit Up!” It is the easiest way to look smart. That simple jacket, trouser, shirt and tie combination will always add up to an instant style hit. If you are unsure of style and colour, opt for a simple black one. If want to be a little more adventurous then why not go for a pinstripe or check pattern with an added waistcoat and a pair of brogues.Accessorise – Adding smart touches to an ordinary daytime outfit, will make your appearance look a lot smarter. Formal shoes, a tie, a bag or even a waistcoat added to your casual outfit will give you a much more sophisticated look. A nice watch will complete the look also. Choose from designer collections such as Diesel (chunky watches) Fossil, DKNY, Casio or Armani Exchange watches for smart time pieces.Be confident – There is no point wearing a suit if you are going to slouch in it. Stand up straight look forward and show off your new found confidence. Let your smart attire improve your stature. A smart look will add to improved confidence, an improved level of confidence will then trickle into other areas of your life. Thus meaning just a simple suit could alter your lifestyle for the better.Be you – Don’t wear a suit you don’t feel comfortable in. Try out many different styles and find the one you like best. Always be yourself when it comes to fashion. Your clothes on the outside show who you are on the inside. Wear what you want to wear and stick to what suits you.

Hopefully thee small hints have given you what you need to dress sophisticated and feel good about yourself. 

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Celebrity Kids in designer fashion campaigns

Recently young Romeo Beckham was featured in the most current Burberry campaign out shinning Burberrys regular models and fitting right in like a true model. The 10 year old Beckham has taken a lot of buzz from the media. But this little guy isn't the first child celebrity to be featured in a campaign to promote Children's Designer Fashion. Here are some other child start who have taken the fashion world by storm.

Just last year, Cindy Crawford's daughter, 10 year old Kia modelled the new Young Versace Spring 2012 collection and looked adorable and very grown up at the same time. Just like her mother, Kia has the gift, and already shows potential to rise to the same heights as her famous mum.

Three Year old, Curtis "C.J" Conway is the grandson of famous boxer Muhammad Ali and starred next to his famous granddad in a Louis Vuitton ad campaign in 2012.

 Actor and politician, Arnold Schwarzenegger's 17 year old son, Patrick Schwarzenegger is the new face of Hudson Jean's latest ad campaign. The young model appears in magazines and huge billboards, mostly around L.A., in Hudson's fall-winter 2011-'12 collection. Patrick, in addition to his fast-rising modelling career, is also dabbling in clothing designs with his Project 360 label.                             

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