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Fashion Choices from Young Famous Faces

Today we celebrate Baby Day! Yep that’s right; there is a day aside from our youngster’s birthdays that we get to celebrate their existence and the miracle of life itself. Although it’s not exactly an official holiday like Christmas, people do tend to celebrate it on the 2nd May each year. As you will be aware, babies don’t stay babies for long which is why we must try and capture every precious moment, whether it is by taking photographs or saving your babies first tooth. Photos are a great for looking back, reminiscing and reflecting on past eras and assessing the choices we made, especially the fashion ones!

We all have a celebrity that we look up to and admire in some way, and usually they are drop dead gorgeous! Here we take a look at some of the famous faces of the 21st century and look back on their fashion choices from when they were children. 

Ryan Gosling


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Showing off his silver chain and colour-coordinating style, you can just tell Ryan Gosling has always been destined to be a charmer with his cheeky smile. Last month the 32 year old actor spoke out about being so naughty as a child that his mum had to quit her job to home school him - we would never have guessed with a smile like that! 

Kristen Stewart


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Kristen Stewart has always had a slight awkwardness about her and here at aged 12 her stance is proves that she was simply born with it. Not usually rewarded for her fashion choices, the young actress opt for a long black coat and black tights teamed with a pair of trainers. You can tell she had no stylist on hand for this ensemble! However, she is sporting a lovely big smile which we rarely see these days.

Sarah Harding


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Part of one of the most successful girl bands in the world, Sarah Harding looks adorable with her curly golden locks. However, her choice of clothing looks more like something from a circus act than anything else! Sporting what looks like pink towelling dungarees and a diamond patterned jumper.

Sarah Jessica Parker


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Our style icon of the 21st century, Sarah Jessica Parker, hasn’t always been so glam. Here we picture the actress aged 15 with voluminous hair instead of her usual tamed mane. Her fresh face and great smile makes us shrug off her hair and style choices. 

Today we have tonnes of great designers that have delved into the childrenswear industry to help prevent future fashion disasters with the likes of Little Marc Jacobs delivering some of the cutest outfits we have ever seen!

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