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Why Should Sajid Khan Stop Overdosing Self Complimenting Seriously?

Why Should Sajid Khan Stop Overdosing Self Complimenting Seriously?
Sajid Khan, the director of Himmatwala has already begun raving about the new film. Apart from making films of the slapstick type, Sajid Khan also loves promoting himself, which can make the audience nauseous at times. It is just not possible to prevent him from doing this. He makes claims of knowing how to control the minds of people. The recent claim is that he will refund all the money to people who don’t clap when Ajay Devgan makes an entry in the film Himmatwala. The fact remains not everyone will feel entertained by the first appearance of Ajay Devgan, except for a few diehard fans. So Sajid, its time, to put all those tall claims to an end now. b2ap3_thumbnail_Sajid-Khan_20130310-062200_1.jpg
Will Katrina And Hrithik, Liplock Once Again!
One of the best looking couples is of Katrina Kaif and Hrithik Roshan. In the film Zindagi Naa Milegi Dobara, both of them had sizzling chemistry. The audience has appreciated the film a lot. In a new film Bang Bang, both of them are to be seen together on screen, once again. Recent reports state that they will be doing a liplock, like the one in Zindagi Naa Milega Dobara. Both have agreed that the scene is crucial to the movie. b2ap3_thumbnail_Katrina-And-Hrithik.jpg
Abhishek’s Girlfriend To Face Aishwarya Rai Bachchan!
When Karisma Kapoor, ex-girlfriend of Abhishek Bachchan faced Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, it became a talk of the town sometime back. Very soon, in March actually, an awards function is to take place in Dubai and a similar kind of incident is expected to happen. At the awards gala, both Aishwarya and Karisma are expected to come face to face again and things are expected to heat up a bit. Movie bugs and shutter bugs are waiting for the great moment. So far Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has always tried to avoid Karisma Kapoor in public. People of the country are so obsessed about Bollywood that even the most minor issue becomes the talk of the town. b2ap3_thumbnail_Abhisheks-Girlfriend.jpg
Is TV Actor Mohit Raina Getting Married To Priyanka Chopra?
As reported recently, Mohit Raina, the TV actor was selected by Priyanka Chopra’s aunt as a suitable match for Priyanka. In the TV serial Mahadev, Mohit Raina the TV actor plays Lord Shiva’s role. Priyanka has always keeps saying that she is single and is waiting for have a partner to get married to. Her words were seriously taken by her family and in the form of a perfect match, they found Mohit Raina. PC’s aunt finds Mohit extremely honest, good looking, well behaved and a good actor as well. Speechless, is what Mohit became on being informed about this. He says that he feels extremely grateful to Priyanka’s aunt, for considering him!! b2ap3_thumbnail_Mohit-Raina-and-Priyanka-Chopra.jpg
Whose Mango Drink Will Sell More, Katrina Kaif’s Or Shahrukh Khan’s!
Frooti has released its latest advertisement, leaving people just mulling over one thought. Will Katrina Kaif’s mango drink sell more than Shahrukh Khan’s? People just need to have at look at the Frooti ad featuring Shahrukh Khan and compare it with the Aamsutra ad for Slice in which people loved the luscious lips of Katrina Kaif. King Khan’s manly pout has the feel and look of thirst and without having any drops seen on his parched lips, he gulps down the entire contents of the mango drink bottle. This is sure to appeal guys and kids who love playing out in the hot sun. Spanish music playing in the background keeps tastefully coaxing the audience till the end of the ad. b2ap3_thumbnail_Katrina-Kaif--Or-Shahrukh-Khan.jpg
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