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Best dressed men for this year

For yet another successive year, Esquire Magazine ranked the best dressed men. According to their January issue, here ranked seventeen sexy guys that women cannot take their eyes off. Each one of the men presented set standards for the proper outfit and makes a path for a style that is bolder, better and impressive. The seventeen guys are not ranked, as this is left to the readers who can vote for their favorites on Facebook. 

The first man on our list is Daniel Craig, who can dress smartly according to the occasion. When in the role of his most famous movie character James Bond, Daniel looks absolutely perfect and the suits really like him. When he is not working, he likes the casual style, but still his look is impeccable. Their Highnesses, Princes William and Harry are also part of that ranking. They showed the world that they know how to dress for the official occasions they attend, but also for the opening of the London Olympics earlier this year. Both costumes and casual clothes look perfect on them.

Another person that deserves our attention is Sean Parker, one of the Facebook founders. This man knows how to be stylish and he loves his suites, made by Tom Ford. Similar words could not be said for Mark Zuckerberg, sorry. Great admiration deserves the director of “Bridesmaids”, Paul Feig who loves to wear three piece suits from Savile Row. Another well-dressed man is Tom Hardy from “The Dark Knight Rises” who looks incredibly sexy in his trench coat. Here we should also mention Christopher Nolan, the film director of that blockbuster, who has shown an eye for the small details and looks perfect in his dark suites.

Another man who pays attention to the small details is Jamie Dimon, the CEO  of JP Morgan, as even his cuff links are inscribed with the presidential seal. Tom Kane, an American voice actor, is also part of the ranking for best dressed men for 2012. He always knows how to choose his tie. All of the celebrities have perfect white teeth and great smiles. If you want to have a perfect smile, check out the best teeth whitening method and feel like a famous star.

The style of Justin Theroux cannot pass unnoticed as well. He often dresses in straight jeans and biker jackets and he rides a motorcycle, so how sexy is that! Justin is perfect in wearing denim and leather and in picking beautiful women, too. Jack White is the next guy on our list who dresses like a rock star and everything that we wears looks good on him.HenrikLundqvist, the Swedish professional ice hockey goaltender for the New York Rangers, knows well how to dress and look smart, but not overdressed. Another sports professional that dresses smart is Victor Cruz, the American football receiver for the New York Giants. Luke Donald is another sportsman, an English golf player, who loves the Ralph Lauren trousers, as well as the blue and white color combination.

A perfect example of a guy who can dress casually, but classy and in black is Chris Bosh. Unlike him, the TV star Damian Lewis likes bold colors, and he looks fantastic wearing them.  Another movie star, Joseph Gordon Levitt finally started wearing classic suites on various official occasions like the red carpet for the Dark Knoght Rises and several other movies and they look nice on him. Famous for his dark suits, white shorts and dark ties is Jimmy Fallon, who is expected to be the future legend of the late night TV shows. Simple, but perfect.  


About the author: Sam is a blogger who loves to search for lifestyle stories and celebrities. She is also fan of the healthy food and fitness. Her favorite fruit is african mango because of its wide-ranging health benefits.


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