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Make the most of your wardrobe with these inspirational tips

We all know that feeling only too well. The frustration of not being able to find anything in your wardrobe. Of forgetting entirely that you own something. Of wearing the first thing you spot and for your mind to just go blank when morning comes and you have to get ready for work (or college) in a jiffy!

Getting up at 6am to sort your look out for the day is not your cup of tea. You are barely able to drag yourself out of the bed in the morning and don't quite wake up till you have turned your computer at work on.

You are not really lazy, you just seem to lose sight of a few things in the daily rut of life. So what can you do so that your wardrobe becomes an active ally of yours, instead of it just being a place where you hang everything you own and which gives you a mild panic attack every morning?

Don't worry, we can sort you out on that front. In fact, that's exactly what we are doing with this post. We are quite sure that after reading this you won't ever struggle with wardrobe woes again in your life!

Set up the wardrobe to support you

A wardrobe is like a smartphone – it may contain an endless number of features but if you don't set it up to support you, they are a bit of a waste. Similarly, merely scaling up to bigger, “better” wardrobes is not going to put you out of your misery. You will have set it up to support you.What do we mean by that?

Simply put: Categorize smartly.

We are referring to your likes, dislikes, moods, lifestyle, anything that you feel is top-of-the drawer concern or criterion for you when dressing up on a daily basis.

  • For example, what is something that you wear more than anything else? For some of us that would be our beloved collection of skinny jeans and woolen leggings.

So what we would do is hang them together and next to the tops, tunics, dresses, that go the best with these, so that you don't have to think twice about mismatches or the like. These are your go-to failsafe options that you know look good on you. These should not be lying scattered or miles away from each other in your wardrobe.

  • As for weekend wear, separate clothes that fit you like a glove from those that don't, ones that are sexy and those that are more cafe-worthy. Categorize based on occasions, your moods, as well as based on how a particular dress makes you feel. (This is also an excellent way to get to know your real fashion personality and you will soon start out-crowding ill-fitting dresses from your closet.)

Don't keep the accessories separate

Storing accessories separately is a norm and we can see the practical case for it. However, all that does is bring an array of accessories together and they really cease to stand out.Even so, they may look good on their own but that is not what you want. You want the accessories to look good on you. That will only happen when you include them in your outfit planning.

Put your smartphone to good use

Look up the best fashion apps to help you make the most of your wardrobe. Certain apps help you enter all your wardrobe-related data into it and then give you suggestions about which combinations to wear depending on the occasion. Tweak or play around a bit with these apps and you will be thrilled to find an app set up to help your combo suggestions easy.

Quick tips for you to maximize your wardrobe's potential to help you

  • Don't hang dresses in your wardrobe, hang outfits, down to the last accessory. One outfit for each day of your work week.
  • Shoes should never be an afterthought. Consider them as important as your clothes and create outfits with them in mind.
  • Plan on Sundays what you will be wearing for the rest of the week.
  • Anything will look good on you on a good day, the challenge is to make yourself look good on 'bad days' as well. So assume the worst for yourself when planning, not the best. By 'worst' we simply mean think of bad hair days, water retention, puffy eyes, etc., and not perfectly straightened hair and a sucked in stomach all day long when planning your outfits. Plan something which is practical, doable, and would go with a less than perfect hair-do. Anything that requires you to be in perfect shape, makeup, and hair for it to look good on you is not really a long-term solution. That is, in fact, akin to kidding yourself. For the days when the workload tends to be heavy, only choose bright and invigorating colors and clothes that are fitted but not tight. In short, give yourself and your body the consideration it needs and plan with bad situations in mind.
  • Keep enough space between the hangers. You don't want them to be clubbed together very closely or you will easily miss a few tops or shirts.
  • DON'T color-coordinate your wardrobe. All that will do is present you a block of color (or similar shades). They will all end up looking similar, which is not helpful when you are looking for something to wear. Keeping colors mixed will throw more ideas.
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