Home Office Closet Redesign with The Container Store

Since my time home is limited, my home office is super important to me– it’s the only space I have that is dedicated to my travels and to my blog. But over the years, my office space had turned more into a unorganized nightmare than a creative space.

I had been dreaming of a wanderlust-filled, modern, and chic travel-inspired space to spark new ideas for the blog and my brand. So I knew I had to make some organizational changes!

Between my last few trips, I partnered with my good friend Jen– boss lady of Life In Jeneral, a professional organization company– and The Container Store’s elfa® shelving and drawer system to restore some order to my home office closet and get control of my office space.

Check out my home office closet redesign! My Closet Space Before elfa  My Closet Space After elfa (+ Jen)  Elfa Shelving & Drawers

The Container Store is the nation’s leading retailer of storage and organization products and is all about coupling their one-of-kind product collection with a high level of customer service delivered by highly trained organization experts in store and through their Contained Home service!

I had so many travel essentials from camera gear, to travel-sized toiletries, so I was dying to try out elfa for my closet space because my needs and travels change (daily), and it can be adjusted whenever I need it to be.

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How To Refinish Your Mirrored Closet Doors?

Are you thinking of getting your outdated mirrored closet doors refurbished? You are probably deciding right. If your closet doors (whether these are bi-fold doors or any other) no longer interest you or keep up their appearance in line with the overall decor of your room, then it’s time to have them replaced. You can opt for more modern choices while preparing a closet-door project.

While reworking on your closet doors, you will require these following materials and tools before proceeding with the renovation.

Medium density fiberboard strips (preferably three inches in size)Brackets for dowelsHeavy-duty panel adhesiveScrews and drillsOne eighth-inches thick plywoodPaintbrushesOil-based stainWater-based polyurethaneA standard paint rollerNeedle and thread (or a sewing machine)Skil sawWooden dowels and nail gun (five eighth inches in size)

Once you have collected these implements, follow the below given steps carefully to refurbish your closet doors.

First and foremost, remove the mirrored doors from their tracks and turn them over so that their back sides become the new front sides.Attach the fiberboard strips to these new front sides using the heavy-duty panel adhesive. Make sure you leave enough gap between the bottom strip and the frame so as to easily fit the dowel dabbed in fabric.Take the drill and fix the brackets towards the top portion of your newly mounted inner frame.Next, with the skil saw, cut out a mid portion of the plywood. Ensure that this portion is an inch wider in size as compared to the fiberboard frame.With the paintbrush, proceed to apply the oil-based stain to your newly made door skin. To provide it a perfect finesse, apply two coats of water-based polyurethane with the help of a standard paint roller.Now either with a sewing machine or a needle and thread, design curtain panels with finished edges on every side. Complete the task by adding rod pockets both at the top and the bottom. Make sure the panels are at least two to three times wider than the inside of your doors. By doing this, you will achieve a soft pleated look and these panels will no longer be transparent.As the next step, insert the dowel inside the top as well as the bottom rod pockets and fan out the panels uniformly. The dowels should be fitted into the bracket at the top and into the gap at the bottom. Secure the dowels in place using a nail gun.Lastly, firmly secure the plywood door skins to the fiberboard frame with the panel adhesive and the nail gun. Drill the nails at such an angle that they don’t puncture the door skins. Once this is done, you are ready to place back the doors into their tracks.

Redoing your mirrored closet doors is an easy do-it-yourself project. Just in case you think seeking professional help will be a better decision, then definitely choose to do so. All that matters is the task to be executed correctly and efficiently so that you can enjoy a brand new closet door look without much expense.

Do you have any opinions to share? Please leave them below for us.

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How To Save Money & Energy By Using Natural Lighting at Home


The old saying that natural light is best has never been more true than it is today. Natural light not only adds to the ambiance inside a home but also energy savings because it is free.

Natural light that flows in from windows, skylights utilizes the free energy that comes from the sun and can reduce energy costs substantially. Of course, having these openings also be energy efficient and tight from drafts is also important. What you gain in light can be eaten up in heating costs if equal attention is not paid to keeping out the cold. Today, thankfully, most new windows being manufactured do have energy savings and efficiency in mind.

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Natural Inspirations Influencing Modern Design

Design and style within the home is something many of us consider important. Your interior design choices help create a home that reflects your personality andtastes, as well as helping to make it feel welcoming to others.

Each room should take on its own characteristics, including the bathroom, which is often a neglected space (just because this room is highly functional doesn’t mean it has to sacrifice style.

Just ask Bella Bathrooms; they understand how important it is to have a stylish, yet functional space. You don’t have to focus on the bog standard white suites, neutral colour palettes and basic furniture. You need to inject your own style. After all, the kitchen is highly functional, but it is no longer a neglected space. Surely the same should also apply to the bathroom?

Nature has always been a key inspiration and there is no better place to include the theme than in the bathroom. The space can easily handle multiple textures and materials and support the need for practicality whilst being effortlessly stylish.

Typically, bathrooms can appear stark and cold. Adding natural elements can add a touch of warmth to the space.

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Lighting: The Essential Interior Design Element

Desktop lamps, free standing light sources, ceiling lights, small spotlights, there are so many different forms of lighting that can be perfectly incorporated into the home to create just the right mood. Whether it is a functional room or a place for relaxation, there are sources of light that fit every possible scenario and lighting makes up one of the most important areas of interior design that is often neglected leaving a space feeling bare and cold, eliminating the intended theme.

The Neglected Element

When designing a room or even an entire home, the biggest priority is usually the end result, the items and colours that will be combined to create a particular look that will hopefully reflect a specific mood. All too often, lighting choices are not taken into consideration and the result ends up looking very different to the original idea. Lighting is not a straightforward element that either brightens a room or doesn’t, it completely transforms the use, the feeling and the style of a space and it all begins with the type of lighting that is not only wanted but needed.

The Three Types of Lighting

Lighting falls into three categories that can fit any room with an intended theme and a specific purpose, whether it is a highly functional area that needs strong lighting or a space that requires relaxation and therefore requires softer light sources. When the theme of a space is decided, the format of the lighting needs to be considered…

General Lighting - A space is illuminated for visibility and safety and does not affect style considerations within a room. The use of up lights and down lights allow for a room to be flooded with illumination for no specific purpose or reason.Task Lighting- The intensity of the light is appropriate within this form, practicality is the overall purpose and a room that needs to be used for specific tasks such as a kitchen or study needs well positioned and brighter light sources to allow different functions to be carried out.Accent Lighting-Features within a room become prominent through the use of well-positioned lighting. Accent lighting needs to be significantly brighter than any other form and the need to reduce shadows and reflections is key to allow focus on certain areas.The Achievable

Lighting, whether it is artificial or natural, can change the appearance of a room in terms of the décor, the shape and the size. It can add to the ambience of a room and secure a desired design whether it is relaxed and restful or luxurious and structured. Spaces become open and inviting and the purpose of a space can be clear with the choices of lighting included. There are so many different types of lighting and accessories, which perfectly showcase the lighting format, that there simply is no excuse to neglect such an important part of interior design.


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Creating a Stylish Bedroom Look on a Budget

Decorating on a budget doesn't mean sacrificing style. We've got some great tips to help you put together a bedroom fit for a queen, no matter what your taste or budget.Create an Expensive LookJust because you've got a keen eye for a bargain and have treated yourself to some cheap duvet sets doesn't mean your bedroom needs to look like it was done out on a budget. Learning some designer tricks of the trade to dress up your bed will make every bed linen set you put on it look like a million dollars. So how can you dress up your bed with cheap duvet sets? Here are some ideas: Use Pillows ordinary house cushions, that you'd normally find in the living room, look just as good when they're piled on the bed. For maximum impact, layer them to dress up cheap duvet sets.Use Bed Runners It's such a simple idea and takes but a moment to throw one across the foot of the bed after making it in the morning, but it really gives the bed a sense of style and up-market chic. Make the Bed yes, seriously. Just make the bed. In a busy day it's easy to forget the simple task of straightening the covers each morning. You forget until the next time you walk into the bedroom and then a muddle greets your eye. Plump up the pillows, straighten the duvet, then lay the pillows neatly on top. Coordinate Fabrics matching curtains can make all the difference in a bedroom. Curtains are a large expanse of fabric, just as the bed is. Choosing matching fabrics draws the two together and presents a unified appearance. Getting Stylish With Colour And PatternRegardless of your taste decor, by learning how to coordinate your bedding with your room's style, you'll find that everything looks better. Colour has the most impact when the palette you choose from is small. Using too many colours at the same time creates a chaotic effect, which is the last thing you want in the bedroom, where you're supposed to relax. The same thing goes with patterns. If you have patterned wallpaper in the bedroom, coordinate the colours in the paper with the colours you put on the bed, but instead of going for fussy patterns on the linens, choose block colours or symmetrical patterns that are soothing to the eye. One way to learn about colour use is to look at a colour wheel and figure out how to use it. Choosing colours that are next to each other or opposite each other on the wheel will give you the most pleasing effects.Digging Out The Best DealsSometimes you have to shop around to get the best deals on anything and while there are good deals to be had on the High Street, most people agree that the very best prices are to be found online. Because online retailers often have lower overheads than sellers in physical shops, they can keep their prices down. This often results in a win/win situation for shoppers because buying cheap doesn't mean buying something of an inferior quality. You'll find you can get cheap duvet sets from Value Interiors, along with other online outlets that will surprise you with their quality. AUTHOR BIO:Anthea Long writes on budget interior design. She likes to get cheap duvet sets from Value Interiors in order to compare values and keep up to date with current linen trends.

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How to create a minimalist look in your home

Many people strive to create a modern and minimalistic feel in their homes. The clean look and tidy surroundings have made a 21st century impression on many people who despise clutter and visual distractions. The modern design has become a popular trend, especially on those whose main focus is the function of their home. It can be tough to create such surroundings, so we have put together a quick guide to what you may need to create this minimalistic feel.

The first thing you will need to consider is what kind of flooring you want in your home. For a minimalist look try not to use complex designs or patterns, a good quality wooden floor, such as the ones available at All Floors Express. Of course, you can use ceramic tiles, laminated flooring, Vinyl and create a simple and stunning look.

When it comes to colours, white is definitely the obvious choice, its clean and pristine looking. However, don’t think that white is the only colour you can use when creating a minimalistic look. A splash of vibrant colour will add warmth and a homey feel to every room. Bright colours, including white will also give the room a lighter appearance.

The biggest thing in any room is the furniture, so it is always best to simplify a room by looking at the furniture. The fewer pieces of furniture you have in a room the better. Think of which furniture can be eliminated without sacrificing comfort and liveability. Go for a few pieces of plain, simple furniture with solid, subdued colours.

The key to creating a minimal home is to use only items that are important and essential to you. Things and furniture that you need are the only ones that you should keep. If you think you lack some essential stuff, then you may also add some. But essentially, you need to do away with those you don’t really need.

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Transform your bedroom into a summer oasis

Why not celebrate everything the summer has to offer with redecorating your bedroom to give you the same feel you would get on a tropical holiday abroad? Even a few little pieces can transform the feel of your bedroom. Follow these easy steps for a bright summer change.


Little and simple accessories such as freshly cut flowers in a plain white or glass vase can add just the summer feel you are looking for, and with the fresh smell it gives off it will be a pleasure to wake up to on a sunny morning. A fringes throw in a soft pastel colour is a great accessory to make your bed give off a summer feel, and paired with oversized euro-pillows it will make your bed look more finished and comfortable. These pillows are great to prop you up whilst reading you favourite summer book too!

2. If you are thinking about adding new furniture to your bedroom, or even a lick of paint make sure you go for light materials in natural colours. These will look the best for the summer. Lightweight textured materials, like rattan, wicker and bamboo, work great for summer furniture.

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Home decorating trends for the coming year

  There is nothing like the warmer weather to inspire you to tackle those home improvements and give your rooms a fresh makeover. From the hottest colour trends to stylish furniture and funky accessories, it is easy to inject the wow factor into your home. Whether you prefer a traditional look or are looking for something chic and contemporary, home decorating trends continue to cross all style boundaries in 2013. If you have a flair for design and are willing to get stuck in with a paint brush, you can do the job yourself. However, if structural work is required, you may need to obtain quotes from one of the many architects and interior designers in London and other cities.

Latest colours Emerald green is the most talked about colour of the year, Worn by trendsetters and adorning stylish homes across the country. If a bold colour statement is a step too far for your walls, there are plenty of accessories available in this vibrant shade. Neutrals are also predicted to make a comeback this year. Although for most of us, they never left! This year grey is replacing magnolia as the neutral of choice. Sleek and cool, shimmering grey can offer the wow factor, but you'll need to warm up the space with splashes of colour. Neon is another shade that has been taking the fashion shows by storm. Shades of citrus, turquoise and hot pink can brighten up the drabbest room. Again, you can opt for the subtle approach and seek out neon accessories, rather than shock with floor to ceiling lime green. Furnishings and accessories Shiny chrome and silver have definitely seen their day, as the trend towards warm metals continues. Fixtures and fittings come in various metallic finishes from bronze and copper to brass. Animal and botanic prints continue to flourish. Although this year the birds may fly away to make way for winged creatures of a smaller kind! Expect to see insects creeping onto curtains, cushions and other soft furnishings. If the thought makes you shudder then ladybirds and butterflies could offer a friendly alternative. The trend for bringing the outdoors inside is likely to remain. Wood and other sustainable materials such as glass will offer a rustic feel that should appeal to nature lovers and those with eco-homes. Look on the beach for unusual stones or pieces of driftwood to make your own unique designs. 3D movies continue to dominate the big screen and many interior designers are looking to re-create the same effect in the home. Textured wallpaper, artwork and 3D tiles are making an appearance in the most stylish of homes. There is a wealth of ideas to transform your house into a home. Keeping an eye on the latest colour and home decorating trends could be the inspiration you need to leave your comfort zone and try a new look. Whether you are a budding interior designer yourself or are seeking to employ a professional company for structural work and design ideas, there are dozens of architects and interior designers in London and across the country who could help you to achieve the home of your dreams. AUTHOR BIO

Monica haubert is an interior designer who writes a regular blog on the subject. Visit the site to find more information .

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