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Natural Inspirations Influencing Modern Design

Design and style within the home is something many of us consider important. Your interior design choices help create a home that reflects your personality andtastes, as well as helping to make it feel welcoming to others.

Each room should take on its own characteristics, including the bathroom, which is often a neglected space (just because this room is highly functional doesn’t mean it has to sacrifice style.

Just ask Bella Bathrooms; they understand how important it is to have a stylish, yet functional space. You don’t have to focus on the bog standard white suites, neutral colour palettes and basic furniture. You need to inject your own style. After all, the kitchen is highly functional, but it is no longer a neglected space. Surely the same should also apply to the bathroom?

Nature has always been a key inspiration and there is no better place to include the theme than in the bathroom. The space can easily handle multiple textures and materials and support the need for practicality whilst being effortlessly stylish.

Typically, bathrooms can appear stark and cold. Adding natural elements can add a touch of warmth to the space.

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Creating a Stylish Bedroom Look on a Budget

Decorating on a budget doesn't mean sacrificing style. We've got some great tips to help you put together a bedroom fit for a queen, no matter what your taste or budget.Create an Expensive LookJust because you've got a keen eye for a bargain and have treated yourself to some cheap duvet sets doesn't mean your bedroom needs to look like it was done out on a budget. Learning some designer tricks of the trade to dress up your bed will make every bed linen set you put on it look like a million dollars. So how can you dress up your bed with cheap duvet sets? Here are some ideas: Use Pillows ordinary house cushions, that you'd normally find in the living room, look just as good when they're piled on the bed. For maximum impact, layer them to dress up cheap duvet sets.Use Bed Runners It's such a simple idea and takes but a moment to throw one across the foot of the bed after making it in the morning, but it really gives the bed a sense of style and up-market chic. Make the Bed yes, seriously. Just make the bed. In a busy day it's easy to forget the simple task of straightening the covers each morning. You forget until the next time you walk into the bedroom and then a muddle greets your eye. Plump up the pillows, straighten the duvet, then lay the pillows neatly on top. Coordinate Fabrics matching curtains can make all the difference in a bedroom. Curtains are a large expanse of fabric, just as the bed is. Choosing matching fabrics draws the two together and presents a unified appearance. Getting Stylish With Colour And PatternRegardless of your taste decor, by learning how to coordinate your bedding with your room's style, you'll find that everything looks better. Colour has the most impact when the palette you choose from is small. Using too many colours at the same time creates a chaotic effect, which is the last thing you want in the bedroom, where you're supposed to relax. The same thing goes with patterns. If you have patterned wallpaper in the bedroom, coordinate the colours in the paper with the colours you put on the bed, but instead of going for fussy patterns on the linens, choose block colours or symmetrical patterns that are soothing to the eye. One way to learn about colour use is to look at a colour wheel and figure out how to use it. Choosing colours that are next to each other or opposite each other on the wheel will give you the most pleasing effects.Digging Out The Best DealsSometimes you have to shop around to get the best deals on anything and while there are good deals to be had on the High Street, most people agree that the very best prices are to be found online. Because online retailers often have lower overheads than sellers in physical shops, they can keep their prices down. This often results in a win/win situation for shoppers because buying cheap doesn't mean buying something of an inferior quality. You'll find you can get cheap duvet sets from Value Interiors, along with other online outlets that will surprise you with their quality. AUTHOR BIO:Anthea Long writes on budget interior design. She likes to get cheap duvet sets from Value Interiors in order to compare values and keep up to date with current linen trends.

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Transform your bedroom into a summer oasis

Why not celebrate everything the summer has to offer with redecorating your bedroom to give you the same feel you would get on a tropical holiday abroad? Even a few little pieces can transform the feel of your bedroom. Follow these easy steps for a bright summer change.


Little and simple accessories such as freshly cut flowers in a plain white or glass vase can add just the summer feel you are looking for, and with the fresh smell it gives off it will be a pleasure to wake up to on a sunny morning. A fringes throw in a soft pastel colour is a great accessory to make your bed give off a summer feel, and paired with oversized euro-pillows it will make your bed look more finished and comfortable. These pillows are great to prop you up whilst reading you favourite summer book too!

2. If you are thinking about adding new furniture to your bedroom, or even a lick of paint make sure you go for light materials in natural colours. These will look the best for the summer. Lightweight textured materials, like rattan, wicker and bamboo, work great for summer furniture.

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