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Transform your bedroom into a summer oasis

Why not celebrate everything the summer has to offer with redecorating your bedroom to give you the same feel you would get on a tropical holiday abroad? Even a few little pieces can transform the feel of your bedroom. Follow these easy steps for a bright summer change.


  1. Little and simple accessories such as freshly cut flowers in a plain white or glass vase can add just the summer feel you are looking for, and with the fresh smell it gives off it will be a pleasure to wake up to on a sunny morning. A fringes throw in a soft pastel colour is a great accessory to make your bed give off a summer feel, and paired with oversized euro-pillows it will make your bed look more finished and comfortable. These pillows are great to prop you up whilst reading you favourite summer book too!

2. If you are thinking about adding new furniture to your bedroom, or even a lick of paint make sure you go for light materials in natural colours. These will look the best for the summer. Lightweight textured materials, like rattan, wicker and bamboo, work great for summer furniture.

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8 tips for building your dream home | Architectural Design Companies Near Me

brown-and-white-wooden-house-164558 Building A Dream Home

Building your own cozy home is a dream of many. You sure have a certain perception and vision of what your dream home must ultimately look and feel like. But designing a home is a lot more than just buying a piece of land and handing over the construction responsibilities to a construction firm. At every step, you have to be a part of the construction to make sure you are getting what you have planned for. Here are some home design tips that will help you

  1. Make sure you have done enough research before starting your home project. Have a look at the many existing models available in market today. Seek out the features you like and want in your house.

  1. Prepare a blueprint of the home design and check it's feasibility with a professional. You don't have to own a construction degree to plan your own design. You just need to have a good observation skill and creativity to do it.

  1. When designing your home, it's important you plan for the future. Do you plan to have children in the near future? Do relatives frequently visit your house and stay during vacations? Do you have aging parents? Design accordingly.

  1. Keep functionality in mind when designing your home. Place bedroom away from the communal areas to reduce noise. Have a mudroom adjacent to your garage if you and your family loves spending time outdoors.

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