Decorating Your Home like a Professional

There is a lot more to decorating a home than you might think. That is why there is an actual profession for people who have a knack for decorating homes. If you are not an interior decorator, though, do not stress that you cannot ever achieve the look of a professionally decorated home. Hiring an interior decorator to design your home can be expensive, but that is not your only option if you want a beautifully decorated home. If you are decorating on a budget, trust your creativity to turn décor that you already have into modernized pieces that bring your home décor style together. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to remember when decorating your home.

Cleaning and organizing

First and foremost it is important to clean and organize your home so you know what space you are working with. Interior Design Info suggests that you work from room to room getting rid of unnecessary clutter and freeing up space. Clutter is never appealing, and you cannot achieve the look of a professionally decorated home with clutter looming everywhere. Getting rid of clutter makes a home feel more relaxing and stress free, and allows you to enjoy the décor style rather than be distracted by the mess. Once you are free of unnecessary clutter, use stylish baskets, bins and drawer organizers to keep items organized and easy to find. Deep clean your home and dust the shelving so your new home décor is not covered in dirt and grime. Cleaning and organizing your home will help you easily determine where new décor is needed.

Quality home décor

If you want your home to stand out, avoid purchasing the cheap and mass produced home décor that you can find at major retailers. Shop antique stores and other small shops for unique items that can bring character to your home. Purchasing quality décor typically means that it will last both in structure and in style. You will probably spend a little more, but it is definitely worth it. If you cannot afford the expensive pieces, get ideas from these types of stores and then shop around thrift stores to find similar décor that you can spruce up and make it look like you paid top dollar for it.

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How To Use LED Strip Lighting For Parties

A description of how LED lighting is the safe and green way to provide instant lighting for parties and Christmas. Includes information about how LED lights can be installed Let There Be Light Want to make a splash at your party? Feel like lightening the atmosphere at Christmas? There is a simple way to achieve an impact that is economical, green and easy to install. Sound too good to be true? Read on to discover how you can transform your living room for parties, without breaking the budget.LED Lighting Comes Of Age Christmas tree lights look lovely in windows and draped around a tree, but for a party, you need something a little more up to date. With tangled tree lights already an annoyance, you don't want more wires to add to your problems. A quick and easy way to liven up a party space is to use LED lighting. Today you can buy strips of LEDs for very little, and they will last you for years. They don't tangle, you can put them anywhere and they use very little electricity. How Do They Work? LED strip lighting consists of a tape containing tiny LED lights, which run on either a battery or mains power source. The beauty of this system is that the energy consumption of this lighting source is extremely low, meaning a battery powered light solution will last far longer. Although the lights are powerful, they use very little energy, which means you don't have to worry about your energy bills. UK LED strips are particularly energy efficient, and you really will not have to be concerned about changing batteries for many months. LED Drivers You need an LED Driver to use this lighting system, but don't be alarmed, they come as part of a strip lighting package. Most people are familiar with the use of transformers, and this essentially is what an LED Driver is. It is simply a means of regulating the current powering the lights, but all easy-install systems have a Driver supplied, so there is nothing technical to worry about.Funk It Up If you are having a party, why not use your LED lighting to match the mood. With the addition of a Colour Changing LED Strip Light Controller, you can make a visual light display, with strobing, flashing and fading options. The colour mixing LED light controllers are prized amongst those who have caught the LED bug. Known as RGB Light Controllers, they have the capacity to mix colours other than the standard red, green and blue. A wide range of colour combinations becomes possible with an RGB lightingcontroller. It is a good extra to consider for parties. Where Do I Position LED Lights If you are a party animal, install your lighting strips wherever you wish, and simply leave them in place. Favourite places to install extra lights include window surrounds, along coving and shelving units, under cupboards and plinths in kitchen and surrounding mirrors or pictures. Your whole house can be illuminated quickly and easily for a modern party atmosphere. Make sure you opt for UK LED strips for maximum energy efficiency and safety.Let Yourself Go! There is a tendency for people to become slightly addicted to LED strip lighting once they have seen how easy it is to install, and how pleasing the effects can be. It really is worth looking online for inspiration from others, and ideas about how you can adapt your own LED display for maximum impact.

Author Bio : James Holden is the digital content manager of Visible Lighting and has many years’ experience in the LED Lighting industry. To find out more information on James Holden, you can follow him on Google Plus.

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Victorian Decor.7 + Ideas for Your Home

As the name suggests, Victorian décor is greatly influenced by the Victorian Age, but today it is not an exact historical replica and emphasizes ornate, elegant, formal, but rich details. Today decoration of this kind is one of the most intricate and secret hides in fabrics, colors, decorations, furniture and many other things, which are full and elaborate. 

Walls & Curtains 

Paint is the basis of any Victorian décor scheme. The colors should be deep and rich, but not vibrant, modern-looking or bright. They are toned-down, muted and look like old-fashioned ones. In Victorian times the most popular colors were dark green, gold/amber and deep red. Today any deep color will work great. 

For walls you can also choose dark pink, purple, burgundy or mauve. One more great idea to complement the Victorian décor is to add wallpaper borders and crown molding. Using more than one color while decorating is also a good idea. 

Floral damask as well as flocked velvet wallpapers is considered to be a perfect choice to enhance the walls of rooms featuring the décor of the Victorian Age. 

Windows, Floors & Rugs 

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Transform your bedroom into a summer oasis

Why not celebrate everything the summer has to offer with redecorating your bedroom to give you the same feel you would get on a tropical holiday abroad? Even a few little pieces can transform the feel of your bedroom. Follow these easy steps for a bright summer change.


Little and simple accessories such as freshly cut flowers in a plain white or glass vase can add just the summer feel you are looking for, and with the fresh smell it gives off it will be a pleasure to wake up to on a sunny morning. A fringes throw in a soft pastel colour is a great accessory to make your bed give off a summer feel, and paired with oversized euro-pillows it will make your bed look more finished and comfortable. These pillows are great to prop you up whilst reading you favourite summer book too!

2. If you are thinking about adding new furniture to your bedroom, or even a lick of paint make sure you go for light materials in natural colours. These will look the best for the summer. Lightweight textured materials, like rattan, wicker and bamboo, work great for summer furniture.

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Home Improvement 101 - Tips for Purchasing Furniture for a Home Office

There was a time when home-based businesses were not taken seriously. But now, running an office inside your home has emerged as a perfectly acceptable and profitable venture, perfectly suitable to fulfill your income and entrepreneurial needs. In this article, you will learn how to purchase the best office furniture for a home business.

Type of Business

This is the first thing that you need to consider when purchasing furniture for the home office. If you are purely dealing on the telephone and the internet, then you can easily pick out something that suits your taste and provides comfort.

However, if you will have clients coming in, you should remember that furniture is also part of the first impression. So not only will you need to bring in additional pieces, you will also have to ensure that they reflect the overall image of your business.Accounting is often the kind of business that is associated with a home style smartness for want of a better word. So if you are looking to furnish for an Accountants then the classic is large leather sofas , standing lights etc. Legal Offices in smaller towns also seem to use town houses for business. 

The Placement

You will also need to ensure that the furniture is placed where you can get adequate lighting either from bulbs or from the windows. The same goes for air conditioning and heating. So instead of purchasing furniture and then trying to squeeze it in your home office, make a detailed plan and then head out to the market.

Take Measurements

This follows from the previous point. Unless you are good at purchasing furniture, you should have the specifics of your room at hand. Otherwise, you will have a hard time explaining the details of your house and the kind of furniture you require. If you can accurately convey the details of your office, the seller will even recommend you the best type of furniture for your office.

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Buy Sofas Online for the Biggest Range of Options for Your Home

Buy Sofas Online for the Biggest Range of Options for Your Home

Many items of furniture are considered a necessity in the home today; after all, they are the items that make a place really feel like home. Sofas are often a focal point. They are often the largest piece of furniture in the living room and offer a place to get comfortable and relax with those you share your home with after a hard day. A sofa can help you achieve the look and feel you want in a room as well as incorporating your own personality.

Image thanks to


Retro features and design is the in fashion for furniture right now in the uk - see the 70's legs on AV units and sofas and general style - I like it myself.

Sofas are big to the point that they could be intruding in a room, so they need to be visually appealing for you to really enjoy them and of the appropriate size. They can be pretty much anything you want them to be today (a bigger more dynamic range exists today) and can certainly transform a room. When shopping for furniture such as a sofa, you will be limited to what you can see in terms of variety if you just head out in your car and you will be accosted by salesmen !! This is why it's important to shop online first to get a feel for what you want without intrusion.

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How to Save a Small Fortune by Repairing Your Oven with Oven Spares

 Whenever something decides not to work, there is always the decision of whether to repair it or replace it. Many people opt for replacing the appliance, but given the state of the economy there is every reason why you should try to save a bit of money first.

Why replace your oven if you actually only need to replace a little part? There are more options available to every than simply having to spend on new appliances, so make to most of every possibility and prolong the life of perfectly good appliances.

If you have found that your oven doesn't seem to be working properly, or there is something that you would like to replace to make it simply look newer or nicer; the first port of call is the web. Try diagnosing the issue yourself first and see what information you can find. Researching online can bring you more than enough information to help you do this, then all you need to do is find quality oven spares online from a good provider and you will have your appliance up and running again. If you are upgrading your oven for decoration purposes, then see what you can do with spare parts before you send money on a brand new one.

If you can fix the problem yourself, then you can save hundreds of pounds and prolong the life of your appliance. You will no doubt find the process a lot easier than you might have thought originally. Oven spares are relatively easy to find online, it’s more about finding the right supplier for the spares you are looking for. The supplier you choose should be a reputable one that specialises in spare parts. You can be sure that you are paying for quality products by researching what previous customers have to say.

If you cannot fix your appliance up as you need yourself, then you can see if a friend can fit any new oven spares for you. Alternatively, you can always get a professional to carry out the repair. Sites online that sell the spares often offer a repair service as well so you can still save a lot of money. You should always call out the professionals if you are faced with a repair that is beyond the skills you have. Either way, there is still money to be saved by repairing your appliance instead of replacing it in the first instance.

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A Good Design of Cupboard Helps to Save Space in Bedroom

Simplicity is the key for modern decor. Be it a large traditional house or a contemporary small apartment, everybody wants to give it a beautiful look. To do so, things should be arranged in orderly manner. In modern cities shortage of space is most challenging for building a well-decorated home. Before, one could afford space for building large walk-in closets and storage rooms but now-a-day it is difficult to find out some extra storage space. Designing and set up of a good cupboard in the bedroom can be a good way to solve the problem of storage.

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And The Interior Decorator Said, Let There Be Light

This article discusses the importance of natural light in the homestead both aesthetically and in terms of vitality. Read on to discover some hints and tips of how to fill your home with life and sunshine.

The amount of natural light in a household is one of the most sought after features for prospective home buyers. This is for good reason, as there are several benefits which come from allowing natural light to flood through your home or workspace. Sunshine creates a fantastic ambiance, bringing an aesthetic glow to interior designs and furniture. A home which allows the sunshine to radiate also uses less energy for electric lighting which will save you money and help to protect the environment. Did you know that the amount of natural light also has a dramatic effect on a person's mood? Sunlight boosts Vitamin D and Serotonin, keeping stress levels down and helping you live a healthy and happy life. Here are some tips to increase the amount of sunshine in your life.WindowsWindows are the portal for natural light and choosing the right windows can make all the difference in your home. It is essential to make sure that windows are not blocked by trees, climbing plants or any overhead structures. Tall windows, bay windows and vertical sliding windows allow light to flood into a building, even enlarging a small window by a few square inches can make a huge difference to the light levels in a room.Georgian Style Windows

Image courtesy of

A vertical sliding windowa or a traditional Georgian window is a fantastic sunshine portal. They require limited panes and, for large windows, are relatively easy to open, allowing in a lot of fresh air. This style of window dates back to the eighteenth century and have been in popular use ever since. This is unsurprising as Georgian architecture is characterized by proportion, balance and simple mathematical ratios which are used to determine the optimum size and width for a window depending on the size and shape of the room. In other words they were designed with light in mind. Although Georgian design may have stayed in fashion, this does not mean you have to put up with Georgian technology. There are several companies offering great modern vertical sliding window products which are inexpensive and easy to fit.Getting The Interior Colours RightThe colours in a room can have a massive effect on the light levels and the general daytime ambience. White, cream, pale yellow and light pastel colours can help to reflect light around a room and allow natural shadows to form across furniture and interior decorations. This does not mean that all colours in a room have to be light, but it is important to be strategic with colour, especially in a room with limited windows. For example, a light wall or pale coloured sofa positioned opposite Georgian or vertical sliding windows will go a long way towards radiating warm, healthy sunlight around a room.AUTHOR BIO : Joana Lobo has been an interior design consultant and homes expert for over 30 years. She regularly writes for online blogs, books and magazines. She uses websites such as for the latest modern window designs and products.

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Some ideas on how to improve your home creating storage

When it comes to our homes we are always looking for ways to change and improve both the inside and the outside of our properties. Summertime sees us turning our attention to the garden while spring sees us smartening up the inside of our rooms to chase away the gloom of the winter months.
One of the most simple things to do to a home is redecorate. A lick of paint and any room looks bright and new. Wallpapering is a bit more of a task and involves a little more skill and also an eye for what looks good. Small rooms don't benefit from big bold patterns, light colours give an illusion of space, whilst a deep colour on a feature wall can create warmth.

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Ten Incredible Interior Decoration Tips That Will Make Your Home Standout

Interior designing is easy and difficult; easy when you have answers to all the questions and difficult when you have no idea what to begin with. Nevertheless, no not need to worry because we are going to make it easy for you.

Given below are some tips that will help you buy the right items and use them in the right fashion to help your house standout.

1.       The Right Flooring

Flooring is generally the first thing a guest would notice upon entering your house. If you forgot to incorporate marbles or tiles the right way then do not worry because you can always use carpets to add that attractiveness to the floor. However, make sure you always buy high quality carpets.

Additionally, you may also use wool rugsin an intelligent way. They come in different styles and colours and can add value to your house.

2.       Small Things Matter

In interior designing, everything matters. Something as minor as a light bulb can make a lot of difference. Many interior designers are of the view that small things are what matter the most in home decor. Everything from lamps to vases should be neatly chosen keeping the relevant details in mind.

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The best types of lighting for your home

There are various types of lighting available for your home. The trick is to create the right ambience for different rooms. To do so, you need to know more about what kind of lighting achieves which effect. This article explains how to do this.

Task lightingAs the name suggests, this type of lighting enables you to carry out tasks such as cooking, reading, shaving or applying makeup. When choosing task lights, you need to make sure that they are at the correct brightness. You do not want a light which glares too much, or your eyes will become tired and sore. In the kitchen, go for lights which light up different areas of the room, especially near the stove and the area where you chop food. Bathroom lights should allow you to see your reflection in the mirror clearly. Adjustable spotlights and LED lighting can be a good option and can help create an effective and attractive display at the same time.Artistic lightingIf you are creative, you can choose lighting which highlights a particular area of your room. Spotlights are good for this: you could place them around the room and direct them at different walls, or even at different objects in the room for example. To buy a larger quantity of lights online lighting suppliers are a good place to look. They are likely to have the model you need in stock and ensure rapid delivery times. Decorative ceiling lights and interesting lamps with coloured shades can also add to the aesthetic effect you may wish to achieve.Ambient lightingIf placed correctly, ambient lighting can give a room a warm, pleasant and inviting feel. It should create a glow, without producing too much shadow or brightness, for that matter. Many lighting suppliers offer lights with dimmers, allowing you to set the mood in your room by adjusting the intensity of the glow. A wall light can produce a positive effect and can create a nice ambience by directing soft light upwards. Another advantageous way to change the mood in your home is with well-placed table or floor lamps, which can be switched on or off depending on what is needed.Accent lightingThis type of lighting is useful if you have particular qualities you wish to accentuate in your room, such as an interesting architectural feature. Here, you need a light which you can direct, such as a table lamp with an opaque shade. Depending on how close you place the light to the area you wish to illuminate, the contours of the beam will be more or less sharp. You could also use a halogen spotlight, which is easily adjustable and ensures an even distribution of luminosity.Considering which lighting to use in your home is an all-important part of the home planning process. Research your options well and you can be sure to create a modern, inviting and effective look for your home.AUTHOR BIO : Diyana Levi is an expert in the interior design industry and specialises in luxury projects with an emphasis on bright colours. She loves creating beautiful spaces accentuated by the right kind of light and is a frequent visitor to lighting suppliers around the country.


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Roll Up Blinds – An Ideal Solution For Window Furnishing

Windows have become a popular target for homeowners seeking to improve the looks as well as value of their home interiors. There are quite a number of additions you can purchase for your windows, ranging from vanity curtain rails and rollers to high end draperies. However, not many of these additions can measure up to a new set of roller window blinds. If you have been searching for the ideal window treatments to improve your home decor, it is high time you gave these blinds a second glance. However, do not purchase them if you are yet to appreciate their countless benefits.

Elegant Materials

One of the most important benefits that accrue when you purchase roll up window shades is that you get to choose from a wide variety of elegant materials. This is a sure way to spruce up the looks of your interiors by choosing a unique material from what all other houses have. Lower end shades are available in thin plastics that are easy to roll. However, for a step up in terms of quality, try out the fabric-coated plastic sets. If you really need your living areas to stand out with the best material, bamboo and heavy duty fabric are amazing options. Always ensure the material and color you choose blends perfectly with your interior decor.

Controlled Lighting

Nobody loves staying in the living room when the sun is shining brightly in the afternoons. Luckily, roll up window shades offer you the freedom to control just how much lighting you need in the living room. At dawn and dusk where the lighting is poor, simply roll the blinds up for better illumination. However, when the light filtering in is a little too much for the eyes, simply lower them to the desired height. Not many window shades can afford you this much freedom.

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