worldwide travel adaptor guide
Travel The World And Charge UP!

Traveling internationally can be an enriching experience, but it also comes with its challenges, one of which is keeping your electronic devices charged and ready to go. A worldwide travel adapter is an essential tool for any globe-trotter. With numerous options available, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. This guide will walk you through the main points to consider when purchasing a worldwide travel adapter, ensuring you stay connected wherever your travels take you.

In all practicality a travel adapter now acts as a charger unit in one. I remember the days of travelling with a travel plug adapter and then a charger into that and then the cable. Todays products are extremely convenient! So this guide is going to help you charge up abroad hassle free.


When buying a travel adapter for fast charging devices including a laptop, look for one with a high power output (at least 45W) and multiple ports (USB-C for laptops and USB for other devices). Ensure it's compatible with international voltage standards (100-240V) and has built-in safety features like surge protection. Compact design is a bonus for portability. Check device specifications and adapter compatibility before purchase to guarantee efficient and safe charging during your travels. Finally check the country you will be visiting to ensure you get the right wall socket configuration.

Universal Vs Specific Country Adaptor

Whilst universal adaptors are best of you are visiting multiple countries if you only ever visit few countries then getting an adaptor specific to that country will ensure a more solid product and fit. 

Types of socket


Socket TypeCountries
Type A United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan
Type B United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan
Type C Europe (except the United Kingdom, Ireland, Cyprus, and Malta), South America, Asia
Type D India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Namibia
Type E France, Belgium, Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Tunisia, Morocco
Type F Europe (as with Type C), Russia, Central Asia
Type G United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta, Malaysia, Singapore
Type H Israel, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip
Type I Australia, New Zealand, China, Argentina
Type J Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Rwanda
Type K Denmark, Greenland
Type L Italy, Chile
Type M South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland
Type N Brazil
Type O Thailand

Buying Guide for a Worldwide Travel Adapter

When preparing for international travel, one essential item that often gets overlooked is the travel adapter. A reliable travel adapter is crucial for staying connected, whether you're a business traveler, a globetrotter, or just taking a vacation. With a myriad of options available, choosing the right one can be daunting. This guide aims to simplify your decision-making process, highlighting key considerations and top choices based on popular Amazon UK listings.

Key Buying Considerations

When selecting a travel adapter, consider the following essential features:

Number of AC Ports Choose adapters with multiple AC ports for charging several devices simultaneously, a necessity for tech-heavy travelers.
Number of USB Charging Ports Multiple USB ports are advantageous for charging devices like smartphones and tablets, reducing the need for carrying extra chargers.
Compatibility Ensure the adapter supports your device's power requirements, especially for high-powered gadgets like laptops.
Size Compact design is key for travel convenience; however, it should not compromise the adapter's charging capability.
Power Supply Options An adapter should offer diverse power supply options, including both USB and AC outlets, to accommodate various types of electronic devices.
Power Output An adapter with a minimum of 45W power output is recommended for efficient charging of larger devices without risk of overheating.
Safety Features Choose adapters with safety features like a 10A dual fuse to prevent overcharging and ensure fire resistance, thus protecting your devices.
Price While affordability is important, it's crucial to balance cost with the quality and range of features offered by the adapter.

Extended Analysis of Key Features

To further guide your choice, let's explore these features in more depth:

  • Number of AC Ports: The more AC ports available, the more devices you can charge. This feature is particularly beneficial in hotel rooms or airports where socket availability is limited.
  • Number of USB Charging Ports: USB ports are universal and can charge most modern devices. Adapters with multiple USB ports allow for charging phones, tablets, and even some cameras without the need for their specific chargers.
  • Compatibility: Check the voltage compatibility, especially when traveling to countries with different voltage standards than your home country. This ensures your devices can be charged safely without damage.
  • Size: A bulky adapter can be a hassle to pack and carry. Look for one that's compact yet robust enough to handle your charging needs.
  • Power Supply Options: The variety in power supply options caters to the needs of different devices, from USB-powered gadgets to those requiring direct AC power.
  • Power Output: A higher power output means faster charging times, especially important for devices like laptops that require more power. The more items you charge at once the more power you need.
  • Safety Features: Safety cannot be overlooked. Features like surge protection, short-circuit prevention, and temperature control are essential for the safety of your devices and yourself.
  • Price: A higher price often correlates with better quality and more features. However, it's possible to find a reliable adapter without breaking the bank. If you are organised then charging at a slower speed means you can elect for a low power model such as a 12w output.

Trends in Travel Adaptors

The cheapest travel adaptors are readily available from $10-15 and  can output around 18w. This is not sufficient to conveniently charge a laptop but will charge your mobile at a moderately fast pace so long as the other output isn't being used at the same time. 100w adaptors are now coming into trend becuase they can rapidly charge multiple devices at once. This is great news for families on holibobs. Look for Gan technology which is a more efficient means to get better power through circuitry which means less heat loss and smaller design spaces are needed. This will cause a trend of higher power adapters to emerge. The middle happy ground may be the 45watt adapter.

Top Travel Adaptor Recommendations

Last updated 29th February 2024 - we may make a tiny amount through these links which doesn't affect the price you pay!

Based on current best-sellers on Amazon, here are some noteworthy options:

  • Universal Travel Adapter Travel Plug: This adapter offers worldwide compatibility with 4 USB ports and a 3.0A Type-C fast charge. Perfect for the tech-savvy traveler.
    world wide travel adaptor
  • Universal Travel Adapter Worldwide by Laffair: An all-in-one solution for over 150 countries, equipped with both USB-C & USB ports. Ideal for extensive international travel. This is a low cost 15w adaptor. Not ideal for a family.
  • kwmobile Travel PLUG ONLY Adapter USA Type B (Pack of 2): Designed specifically for Type B, American 3-pin sockets. It's compatible with various countries, including the US, Canada, and Mexico.
    usa-uk-adapter.png you can travel in the USA Canada and Mexico Caribbean. The limits with simple plugs are you then have the need to take a charger plug too and you have just one device. These type change just the pin configuration. No power output change happens, check your appliance can be used in the voltage and current of the country you are in before operating it.
  • Editors Choice - Great for families and digital nomads needing juice! If you have the desire for the best adaptor then this 120w beast will rapid charge laptops and mobiles all over the world. A macbook pro 16 charges in 90 minutes from zero! Check out the MOMAX Universal Charger on Amazon UK or Amazon USA

History of Travel Adaptors

Travel Adaptors first emerged as simple plug configuration changers. The ones that just modify the plug configuration. There was simply no cuircuitry inside and we share one example in the links below as they are still popular for some. The more convenient multi output variety we see in most travel adaptors came about through the lack of sockets in hotel rooms and the need to charge or power simultaneously. The ubiquity of the USB connector also caused this new type of innovation. Manufacture techniques also allowed complex moulds to produce the mechanical pins which can be moved to provide all the socket options to cover most of the world.

Data Visualizations

To better understand the travel adapter market, let's look at two data visualizations:



Choosing the right worldwide travel adapter is essential for a hassle-free international travel experience. By considering the key features outlined in this guide, you can select an adapter that is not only compatible with your devices but also convenient and safe to use. Whether you're a casual traveler or a frequent flyer, the right travel adapter will keep you connected wherever you go.