Home Office Closet Redesign with The Container Store

Since my time home is limited, my home office is super important to me– it’s the only space I have that is dedicated to my travels and to my blog. But over the years, my office space had turned more into a unorganized nightmare than a creative space.

I had been dreaming of a wanderlust-filled, modern, and chic travel-inspired space to spark new ideas for the blog and my brand. So I knew I had to make some organizational changes!

Between my last few trips, I partnered with my good friend Jen– boss lady of Life In Jeneral, a professional organization company– and The Container Store’s elfa® shelving and drawer system to restore some order to my home office closet and get control of my office space.

Check out my home office closet redesign! My Closet Space Before elfa  My Closet Space After elfa (+ Jen)  Elfa Shelving & Drawers

The Container Store is the nation’s leading retailer of storage and organization products and is all about coupling their one-of-kind product collection with a high level of customer service delivered by highly trained organization experts in store and through their Contained Home service!

I had so many travel essentials from camera gear, to travel-sized toiletries, so I was dying to try out elfa for my closet space because my needs and travels change (daily), and it can be adjusted whenever I need it to be.

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How To Refinish Your Mirrored Closet Doors?

Are you thinking of getting your outdated mirrored closet doors refurbished? You are probably deciding right. If your closet doors (whether these are bi-fold doors or any other) no longer interest you or keep up their appearance in line with the overall decor of your room, then it’s time to have them replaced. You can opt for more modern choices while preparing a closet-door project.

While reworking on your closet doors, you will require these following materials and tools before proceeding with the renovation.

Medium density fiberboard strips (preferably three inches in size)Brackets for dowelsHeavy-duty panel adhesiveScrews and drillsOne eighth-inches thick plywoodPaintbrushesOil-based stainWater-based polyurethaneA standard paint rollerNeedle and thread (or a sewing machine)Skil sawWooden dowels and nail gun (five eighth inches in size)

Once you have collected these implements, follow the below given steps carefully to refurbish your closet doors.

First and foremost, remove the mirrored doors from their tracks and turn them over so that their back sides become the new front sides.Attach the fiberboard strips to these new front sides using the heavy-duty panel adhesive. Make sure you leave enough gap between the bottom strip and the frame so as to easily fit the dowel dabbed in fabric.Take the drill and fix the brackets towards the top portion of your newly mounted inner frame.Next, with the skil saw, cut out a mid portion of the plywood. Ensure that this portion is an inch wider in size as compared to the fiberboard frame.With the paintbrush, proceed to apply the oil-based stain to your newly made door skin. To provide it a perfect finesse, apply two coats of water-based polyurethane with the help of a standard paint roller.Now either with a sewing machine or a needle and thread, design curtain panels with finished edges on every side. Complete the task by adding rod pockets both at the top and the bottom. Make sure the panels are at least two to three times wider than the inside of your doors. By doing this, you will achieve a soft pleated look and these panels will no longer be transparent.As the next step, insert the dowel inside the top as well as the bottom rod pockets and fan out the panels uniformly. The dowels should be fitted into the bracket at the top and into the gap at the bottom. Secure the dowels in place using a nail gun.Lastly, firmly secure the plywood door skins to the fiberboard frame with the panel adhesive and the nail gun. Drill the nails at such an angle that they don’t puncture the door skins. Once this is done, you are ready to place back the doors into their tracks.

Redoing your mirrored closet doors is an easy do-it-yourself project. Just in case you think seeking professional help will be a better decision, then definitely choose to do so. All that matters is the task to be executed correctly and efficiently so that you can enjoy a brand new closet door look without much expense.

Do you have any opinions to share? Please leave them below for us.

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How To Save Money & Energy By Using Natural Lighting at Home


The old saying that natural light is best has never been more true than it is today. Natural light not only adds to the ambiance inside a home but also energy savings because it is free.

Natural light that flows in from windows, skylights utilizes the free energy that comes from the sun and can reduce energy costs substantially. Of course, having these openings also be energy efficient and tight from drafts is also important. What you gain in light can be eaten up in heating costs if equal attention is not paid to keeping out the cold. Today, thankfully, most new windows being manufactured do have energy savings and efficiency in mind.

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How to create a minimalist look in your home

Many people strive to create a modern and minimalistic feel in their homes. The clean look and tidy surroundings have made a 21st century impression on many people who despise clutter and visual distractions. The modern design has become a popular trend, especially on those whose main focus is the function of their home. It can be tough to create such surroundings, so we have put together a quick guide to what you may need to create this minimalistic feel.

The first thing you will need to consider is what kind of flooring you want in your home. For a minimalist look try not to use complex designs or patterns, a good quality wooden floor, such as the ones available at All Floors Express. Of course, you can use ceramic tiles, laminated flooring, Vinyl and create a simple and stunning look.

When it comes to colours, white is definitely the obvious choice, its clean and pristine looking. However, don’t think that white is the only colour you can use when creating a minimalistic look. A splash of vibrant colour will add warmth and a homey feel to every room. Bright colours, including white will also give the room a lighter appearance.

The biggest thing in any room is the furniture, so it is always best to simplify a room by looking at the furniture. The fewer pieces of furniture you have in a room the better. Think of which furniture can be eliminated without sacrificing comfort and liveability. Go for a few pieces of plain, simple furniture with solid, subdued colours.

The key to creating a minimal home is to use only items that are important and essential to you. Things and furniture that you need are the only ones that you should keep. If you think you lack some essential stuff, then you may also add some. But essentially, you need to do away with those you don’t really need.

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Transform your bedroom into a summer oasis

Why not celebrate everything the summer has to offer with redecorating your bedroom to give you the same feel you would get on a tropical holiday abroad? Even a few little pieces can transform the feel of your bedroom. Follow these easy steps for a bright summer change.


Little and simple accessories such as freshly cut flowers in a plain white or glass vase can add just the summer feel you are looking for, and with the fresh smell it gives off it will be a pleasure to wake up to on a sunny morning. A fringes throw in a soft pastel colour is a great accessory to make your bed give off a summer feel, and paired with oversized euro-pillows it will make your bed look more finished and comfortable. These pillows are great to prop you up whilst reading you favourite summer book too!

2. If you are thinking about adding new furniture to your bedroom, or even a lick of paint make sure you go for light materials in natural colours. These will look the best for the summer. Lightweight textured materials, like rattan, wicker and bamboo, work great for summer furniture.

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A Good Design of Cupboard Helps to Save Space in Bedroom

Simplicity is the key for modern decor. Be it a large traditional house or a contemporary small apartment, everybody wants to give it a beautiful look. To do so, things should be arranged in orderly manner. In modern cities shortage of space is most challenging for building a well-decorated home. Before, one could afford space for building large walk-in closets and storage rooms but now-a-day it is difficult to find out some extra storage space. Designing and set up of a good cupboard in the bedroom can be a good way to solve the problem of storage.

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And The Interior Decorator Said, Let There Be Light

This article discusses the importance of natural light in the homestead both aesthetically and in terms of vitality. Read on to discover some hints and tips of how to fill your home with life and sunshine.

The amount of natural light in a household is one of the most sought after features for prospective home buyers. This is for good reason, as there are several benefits which come from allowing natural light to flood through your home or workspace. Sunshine creates a fantastic ambiance, bringing an aesthetic glow to interior designs and furniture. A home which allows the sunshine to radiate also uses less energy for electric lighting which will save you money and help to protect the environment. Did you know that the amount of natural light also has a dramatic effect on a person's mood? Sunlight boosts Vitamin D and Serotonin, keeping stress levels down and helping you live a healthy and happy life. Here are some tips to increase the amount of sunshine in your life.WindowsWindows are the portal for natural light and choosing the right windows can make all the difference in your home. It is essential to make sure that windows are not blocked by trees, climbing plants or any overhead structures. Tall windows, bay windows and vertical sliding windows allow light to flood into a building, even enlarging a small window by a few square inches can make a huge difference to the light levels in a room.Georgian Style Windows

Image courtesy of http://www.crystalwindows.co.uk/

A vertical sliding windowa or a traditional Georgian window is a fantastic sunshine portal. They require limited panes and, for large windows, are relatively easy to open, allowing in a lot of fresh air. This style of window dates back to the eighteenth century and have been in popular use ever since. This is unsurprising as Georgian architecture is characterized by proportion, balance and simple mathematical ratios which are used to determine the optimum size and width for a window depending on the size and shape of the room. In other words they were designed with light in mind. Although Georgian design may have stayed in fashion, this does not mean you have to put up with Georgian technology. There are several companies offering great modern vertical sliding window products which are inexpensive and easy to fit.Getting The Interior Colours RightThe colours in a room can have a massive effect on the light levels and the general daytime ambience. White, cream, pale yellow and light pastel colours can help to reflect light around a room and allow natural shadows to form across furniture and interior decorations. This does not mean that all colours in a room have to be light, but it is important to be strategic with colour, especially in a room with limited windows. For example, a light wall or pale coloured sofa positioned opposite Georgian or vertical sliding windows will go a long way towards radiating warm, healthy sunlight around a room.AUTHOR BIO : Joana Lobo has been an interior design consultant and homes expert for over 30 years. She regularly writes for online blogs, books and magazines. She uses websites such as www.eurocell.co.uk for the latest modern window designs and products.

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Some ideas on how to improve your home creating storage

When it comes to our homes we are always looking for ways to change and improve both the inside and the outside of our properties. Summertime sees us turning our attention to the garden while spring sees us smartening up the inside of our rooms to chase away the gloom of the winter months.
One of the most simple things to do to a home is redecorate. A lick of paint and any room looks bright and new. Wallpapering is a bit more of a task and involves a little more skill and also an eye for what looks good. Small rooms don't benefit from big bold patterns, light colours give an illusion of space, whilst a deep colour on a feature wall can create warmth.

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Ten Incredible Interior Decoration Tips That Will Make Your Home Standout

Interior designing is easy and difficult; easy when you have answers to all the questions and difficult when you have no idea what to begin with. Nevertheless, no not need to worry because we are going to make it easy for you.

Given below are some tips that will help you buy the right items and use them in the right fashion to help your house standout.

1.       The Right Flooring

Flooring is generally the first thing a guest would notice upon entering your house. If you forgot to incorporate marbles or tiles the right way then do not worry because you can always use carpets to add that attractiveness to the floor. However, make sure you always buy high quality carpets.

Additionally, you may also use wool rugsin an intelligent way. They come in different styles and colours and can add value to your house.

2.       Small Things Matter

In interior designing, everything matters. Something as minor as a light bulb can make a lot of difference. Many interior designers are of the view that small things are what matter the most in home decor. Everything from lamps to vases should be neatly chosen keeping the relevant details in mind.

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