temptation cruises
temptation cruises

Temptation Cruises are adult-themed cruise lines that cater to travelers looking for a more intimate, sensual and downright EXCITING vacation experience!
*NEWS* 5th Cruise added from Miami for 2024 going to Jamaica click here to learn more >>

These cruises typically feature a range of activities and entertainment options designed to enhance the passenger's experience, including themed parties, live performances, and group excursions. The atmosphere on these cruises is often more relaxed and free-spirited than on traditional cruises, and they are marketed toward individuals and couples who are looking for a more sensual, adult-oriented vacation experience.


It's important to note that these cruises may contain nudity, sexual content, and other adult themes, and they are not appropriate for everyone. If you're considering a Temptation Cruise, it's important to research and understand the type of atmosphere and experience you can expect on board.

Latest Tempting Offers

Desire Europe 2024 569USD pp per night!

Stops included Georgetown and Key West departing from Miami for Feb 2023. There are further evenings at sea. Ships from Celebrity Cruises such as Celebrity Summit

Learn More With Some Tempting Video

Here are some common questions people ask online about Temptation Cruises:

  1. What kind of activities and entertainment are offered on Temptation Cruises?
    Look forward to workshops and seminars led by leading sexologists, an R-rated Red Room, topless pool parties and events, theme nights, and live DJs

  2. What's different between Temptation Cruises Vs Desire Cruises? Singles of any persuasion are encouraged to board temptation cruises. Desire is heterosexual couples only. A key difference.

  3. Are Temptation Cruises only for couples or can single individuals go on them as well?

    This would depend on the specific Temptation Cruise in question. Some Temptation Cruises may only be for couples, while others may allow single individuals to join.

  4. What is the dress code on Temptation Cruises?

    Themed dress is usually encouraged over and above plain nudity, which is just a better way to go no?

  5. Are there age restrictions for passengers on Temptation Cruises?

    You must be 21 or over to enjoy a temptation sail.

  6. How does the pricing for Temptation Cruises compare to traditional cruises?

    Temptation cruises don't offer the cheapest cruises but there are affordable cabins from 1600 dollars and up.

  7. What's included on a Temptation Cruise?
  8. What type of amenities are available on Temptation Cruises, such as dining options, spa services, and cabins?

  9. Are Temptation Cruises safe and secure for passengers? Yes as safe as any other cruise of course normal safety concerns apply.

  10. Are there opportunities for passengers to interact with each other on Temptation Cruises, such as group excursions or parties? Yes most deffinately the excursions and onboard parties are designed to help sexy adults comingle!

  11. Are there health and safety protocols in place for passengers on Temptation Cruises, such as COVID-19 measures? There are no current C19 restrictions as in other crusies currently and there are unlikely to be any in future.

  12. How does the atmosphere on Temptation Cruises compare to traditional cruises, and is it appropriate for everyone? You should perhaps be ready to encounter sexy scenarios but you could always not join in if you choose not to. This cruise is not for shy people but it is difficult to say with certainty if this is a cruise for YOU.

If you're considering a Temptation Cruise, it's important to research and understand the type of experience you can expect on board. You may also want to consider reaching out to the cruise line directly or reading reviews from previous passengers to get a better idea of what to expect. Let's see who temptation cruises suit best:

Who would suit a Temptation Cruise?

Don't worry if you don't fit the following profile 100% each of us are different but if you lack a lot of the following you may not be the right profile.

  • Open minded and adventurous
  • Tollerant
  • Curious and willing to try new things
  • Well informed cultivated cultured and yet trendy
  • Enjoy their sexuality
  • Look for sensual ambiances
  • Enthusiastic about sexual topics (workshops blogs, classes etc)
  • No inhibitions
  • High social skills
  • Gourmands will enjoy the food


New Cruise! Number 5 Miami > Bahamas > Ocho Rios Jamaica > Miami

Setting sail February 24 – March 1, 2025, onboard the Pearl, a Norwegian Cruise Line super ship.

This temptastic six-days, five-night cruise will set sail from Miami, Florida, in direction of the beautiful island of Ocho Rios, Jamaica, an amazing stop in Stirrup Cay, Bahamas, Norwegian’s private, paradisiacal island, with 2 amazing days at sea, before heading back to Miami.

What’s Included on this sailing:

  1. NCCL Unlimited open bar beverage package
  2. included dining venues
  3. Pre-paid gratuities
  4. Signature theme nights
  5. Topless optional Areas
  6. Playroom onboard
  7. Pumping pool parties
  8. Workshops & seminars
  9. Main pools and jacuzzis
  10. NON-STOP FUN!!

Temptation Resorts in Mexico

Under the same brand, 'Temptation Resorts' find resorts in Mexico and The Dominican Republic, you can expect hot fun.
Temptation Cancun Resort and Temptation Miches Resort.

Temptation Cancun Resort Reviews

If you are not open minded or don't want your guy to see breast this resort is not for you. This is truly an adult only resort. Be ready to party starting at noon and going until 2 a.m. Their staff will spoil you starting with your arrival Henry the bell boy will take care of your bags, Natali in the morning with your coffee, and then Alberto for breakfast. At night Alexa or Isabel will have your drink full all night. They spoiled us, so we spoiled them. If there are any problems Alex or Nancy will take care of them at the front desk. Sit back and relax and go with the flow. Remember plenty of sun screen all over your body. There are going to be parts that have never been tanned before. This was our second trip to this resort and planning our 3rd already for January. For the real adventurous couples boob cruise on Mondays and Fridays, and relaxing massages on the beach the other days. Just enjoy.- Lee C Trip Advisor

@najahminaj Boy did we have a time!!!!!! I only had so much footage because you fo sign a privacy policy which endures you wont record while people are topless. We also did the boobs cruise. We would definitely reccomend this resort to the adventerous people of the world #temptation #temptationresort #temptationcancun #cancun #blackgirlstravel ♬ Peaches & Eggplants (feat. 21 Savage) - Young Nudy

Review 1

Review 2 Bliss Cruise Vs Temptation Cruise

Review 3

Review 4

Review 5

Review 6

Desire Cruises

A different but similar option for worldwide crusising of the sexual fun variety is offered by Desire Cruises.

Key Selling Points

When and where will Desire cruises go?

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