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7 Vital Tips for Your First Solo Camping Adventure

7 Vital Tips for Your First Solo Camping Adventure

​Hectic schedules and busy workdays have us all yearning for the great outdoors. One of the best ways to unplug from the stresses of everyday life is to go camping. However, what do you do if you're not a big fan of cooperating with other people but still want to enjoy all the benefits of camping? You go solo! Here, seven must-know tips to make your first solo camping adventure go smoothly.

Check the weather in advance 

​Before embarking on a solo camping trip, you want to make sure you know what to expect from the weather. While it's possible to camp in different weather conditions, spring is arguably the best time to go camping because it's when nature is waking up, the air is clean, and the temperature is optimal. Nevertheless, it's important that you have a look at the weather forecast for a week in advance so you're aware of what you're getting into. That way, you'll know how to prepare and pack properly.

Bring the appropriate outdoor gear 

Speaking of being prepared, you need to make sure that your backpack contains all the necessary gear that will allow you to camp safely. First, let's talk about the shelter. Since you're hiking alone, it'd be wise to opt for some lightweight versions such as a bivvy, hammock, or a tarp.

However, if the weather conditions are much harsher, stick with a smaller tent or a sleeping bag. If you're borrowing a tent, make sure that there's no mold or holes in it. As for the outdoor clothing, get a waterproof jacket and some comfortable footwear. Be sure to dress in layers, selecting breathable fabrics that dry quickly.

Create a list of camping essentials 

​Aside from packing the appropriate outdoor gear, you should also pay close attention to the camping accessories you decide to bring with you. In fact, what you bring (or don't bring) with you can make a difference between a positive and negative camping experience. The best way to ensure you've brought everything would be to create a list of essentials.In addition to waterproof shoes and a shelter, navigation tools such as maps and compass make for essential hiking accessories you shouldn't go without. The same goes for a first-aid kit, a water filter, a fire starter, a flashlight, a pocket knife, as well as the camping cooking gear.

Pack practical tools to make camping easier

​Spending some time away from the comfort of your home may be challenging. However, there are a lot of practical tools that can make your camping trip easier and ensure optimal comfort during your time in the wild.For instance, getting some quality caravan privacy screens might be a great solution for those times when you need to ensure protection from the sun. Plus, they can also come in handy when you're looking to catch a break. Some other practical tools that may make things easier for you include insect repellents, a solar battery charger, a smart outdoor watch, and a portable espresso maker to keep your energy levels up while you're exploring the great outdoors.

Bring some books to keep yourself entertained

​When planning a solo camping trip, you also need to think about entertainment. Surely, there's a lot of room for exploration when the sun is up. However, once the night falls down, you'll need to find a way to have some fun on your own.This is why it might be a good idea to pack a few books in your backpack. Reading is one of the most relaxing hobbies and it's a great way to slow yourself down and reduce stress so you can sleep more soundly.

Pick a place close to your home for your first solo camping trip 

​It might be tempting to try a new route or explore some distant areas that seem interesting to you. However, this might not be such a good idea when you're inexperienced. For your first solo trip, you're better off picking a place you have a feel for. Select a camping area you're familiar with so you can relax knowing you're close to home in case something goes wrong.Once you feel confident enough about your camping skills, it might be safe for you to head for some off-the-beaten-path destinations and explore faraway locations.

Know how to keep your mind calm

​Heading out for a camping trip on your own is exciting as you get to test your skills and see how capable you are. However, there might be times when you'll start to feel scared and worried, especially when the sun goes down. The sounds might seem louder and more intense, and negative thoughts might start to creep in.In these times, it's important to know how to keep your mind calm. Because of this, your camping trip can represent a great exercise for conquering negative thinking. In fact, managing stress is a big part of living a positive lifestyle and it's a life skill you can apply in everyday situations.


​From feeling much more connected to nature to expanding your knowledge of camping, solo camping has a long list of benefits and can be just as rewarding as camping with a group. Rely on the tips above to stay safe as a first-time solo camper and make the most of your camping adventure.

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