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Off-the-Beaten-Path Destinations for Meditation Lovers

places-to-meditate Where better to relax?

In these modern times when the rhythm of life is rapidly increasing the numerous daily obligation are weighing us down to what seems like a bottomless pit of stress. Although it has been proven that mindfulness and meditation promote our well-being in many ways, there are still many people who think of it as mumbo-jumbo. The others who are into meditation are looking for remote isolated places where they can perform it in peace. Both of these approaches are quite wrong. Reaching a meditative state doesn't require strict sitting position nor the constant repetition of the mantra. The real harmony comes from being in peace with your surroundings. And you can't achieve this isolated between for walls. You need to feel grounded wherever you are so you need to explore new lands in order to connect with different, cultures, traditions, and people. We're not talking getting calm for a couple of days, but bringing it back into your life to stay. If you're looking for true inner peace we've put together a list of destinations that will enable you to reach it.

Proud Mountains And Calm Sea in Cape Town, South Africa

Calm waters have always provided us with a peace of mind, their quiet flow portraying a natural cycle of life. On the other hand, proud tall mountains have the ability to boost our physical and mental strength and independence. Between those two there is a lush forest, but what's more important, there is a city of Cape Town. This South African destination offers the perfect combination of nature and city, providing you with ideal meditation retreat but preventing isolation. This city is full of different classes that will broaden your meditation practices, such as Qigong.

The Festive Revival of Spirituality in Bali, Indonesia

If you're looking for a place to meditate you'd think that the holiday season is definitely not the time to do it. But the New Year celebration in Bali, Indonesia will definitely prove you wrong. While New Year's Eve in most counties means simply „having a hell of a party" in Bali it is one of the most sacred times of the year and represents a perfect chance to sink into their deep-rooted spiritual traditions. If you're thinking about large parades, firecrackers, laughter, and singing these festivities are just an introduction to a quiet celebration. And when we say quiet, we mean it. This day is called ‛Nyepi' by the locals, which means ‛The Day of Silence'. This means literary 24 hours of total quiet. It's not just about nobody talking, but nobody is working, there's no driving on the roads, and the electricity shuts down on the whole island. There are no better circumstances for cleansing and self-reflection. If you imagine Indonesia as one big jungle without any peace and comfort you should know that you can find great accommodation at Bali Villa Escapes that will provide you with a perfect sanctuary. Mediating in a pavilion surrounded by a naturally flowing river and lush gardens will erase every thought of shutting yourself between four walls again.

Back to The Roots in Grumeti Reserves, Tanzania

You'd think that the company of roaring animals has nothing to do with meditation. It is wildlife after all, and you're looking for a ‛tame' place. But hyenas, gazelles, even lions are not like in the movies when they're in their natural habitats. Of course, these are still wild animals, but looking at them in their natural routines will make you feel truly alive and it will make you remember what it means to be - this will sound a little contradictory - truly human. We're all the children of nature, and these reserves will allow you to fully immerse into your roots again. You'll be surprised how being surrounded by wildlife can provide you with quiet and peace.

The Slice of Heaven in Halibut Cove, Alaska

We've said that isolation is a bad thing, but if you're located between untamed wildlife and extreme ice roads it's not the same if you're between four walls. You are surrounded by the immense power of nature without actually being exposed to extreme conditions. And this is precisely what you get in this pearl of Alaska. Looking at the thick pine forest will be as looking at the shadows of our ancestors and an extremely still and peaceful lake makes the breathtaking sense of spirituality complete. The whole place breathes with something like an ancient wisdom, especially when you stare at the snow-capped mountains in the distance. Don't make a mistake thinking that this description seems lifeless - sitting on the water edge, depending on the season, you can spot bears, puffins, see whales, moose, seals, bald eagles, and sea lions.

The Primal Beach on Half Moon Caye, Belize

We know what you're thinking - if you wanted beach destinations you would have typed ‛best places for a summer holiday'. But in the case of this little island off the coast of Belize, you couldn't be more wrong. It is so hidden that you'll have the impression that no human foot has ever stepped on its soft golden sand. The tents and cabins are just a stone's throw from the water's edge, creating the feeling of a clean start in life. Although this unique natural setting that allows you to relax and step back from the world can seem pretty disconnecting, you'll actually feel very connected to the primal things, like the world was created only yesterday. And after a swim in the famous Blue Hole, you'll definitely feel reborn.

As you can see, meditation is not about shutting yourself out of the word. It is a spiritual festivity deep inside your being, providing you with the strength of the mountains, the calmness of the sea, and leading you straight back to your roots. All you need to do is set on a journey and find the perfect spot.

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