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5 reasons that explains Rolex’s popularity

5 reasons that explains Rolex’s popularity

Many people decide to own a Rolex watch. Despite them being more expensive when compared to others, owning a Rolex watch is what people across the world yearn to do. The same also applies when the decision has been made to sell Rolex watches because demand is high. There are various reasons that are behind why a Rolex watch remains very popular and shows no signs of abating:

Recognised around the world

There are many brands whose popularity hasn’t been affected no matter what happens. Along with Nike, Levi, McDonalds, Cadbury and Coca Cola, Rolex is an infamous brand. Although other watch manufacturers i.e. Cartier, are also recognisable, they are not as well-known as Rolex. The reason that explains why is largely attributed to the consistent high quality of every model.

They become more valuable

Many Rolex models don’t retain their value. In fact, some models become increasingly valuable over time. When a Rolex watch is purchased and kept in its original box in a safe, it can be worth far more in the future. Many people decide to buy a Rolex watch because they view it as an asset. Parents even purchase a valuable model so that it can be left to their children in their Will.

Only high quality materials are used

Substandard materials aren’t used to make Rolex watches. In fact, stainless steel and precious metals such as gold and silver are instead used for each Rolex watch. Low quality materials are often used in other watches but the opposite applies with Rolex watches. Although a Rolex watch can be serviced, it probably won’t have to on account of its high quality parts - years can pass before a Rolex watch has to be serviced. Even when a Rolex watch has to be serviced, its owner won’t necessarily be liable for a huge bill. This is because official repairers can charge very reasonable rates.

Celebrity endorsements

Rolex has employed famous celebrities for their advertising campaigns and many others simply own them such as Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Harrison Ford and Jennifer Anniston. Not only have American Presidents worn Rolex watches but also various Apollo astronauts – even James Bond wore a Rolex watch. As it has entered the public imagination, Rolex watches have become infamous in their own right.

Does more than tell the time

Owning a Rolex watch also has a practical use. The GMT Master displays two time zones which is very convenient for those who want an accurate time piece when travelling abroad. Business professionals also own the Rolex Day-Date because the time changes automatically. When attending a meeting in a different time zone, a business professional won’t have to change the dial on their Rolex watch because it does so automatically. Not only can a businessman own the GMT Master or the Day-Date but also a parent who wants a reliable watch. If either of these models is owned, it will be relatively easy to sell Rolex watches because demand will understandably be high for them.

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