The Ultimate Guide to Engagement Ring Styles | Engagement ring shopping

 What are the different Diamond Cuts?

What do love and engagement rings have in common?

They can both be really confusing!

Not only are there a ton of metals and bandsto choose from when picking the perfect engagement ring, but there are also countless styles and stones available as well! If you’ve been looking online to figure out what sort of engagement ring you or your sweetheart might like, here’s an easy breakdown to make communication with the jeweler easier once you make up your mind.

Styles of Engagement Rings


This is one of the most classic styles of engagement rings. Solitaire rings carry one single diamond, typically on a fairly simple band. They are known for their simplistic elegance and named after the French word for “alone.” Usually, this style of ring stations the gemstone up high, granting it maximum exposure to sparkle in the light.

Solitaire with Side Accents

This type of engagement ring is very similar to the traditional solitaire setting. The only difference is that it includes two small stones or details in the band on the sides of the diamond in order to add a little more visual appeal.

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Some special valentines day ideas


What should I gift to my love on this Valentine’s Day? It’s a very common question many people ask themselves when the valentine day (14th February) approaches. Especially, this comes to mind as we completely get bombarded by advertising from various businesses and presents that seems to get bigger and highly expensive as the year passes. However, not always the valentine day gift needs to be expensive or bigger. The main thing is that it is given with consideration and intent as a symbol of your love. After all, it’s your thoughts and commitments that matters.

Valentine Coffee in Bed

The simplest, yet impressive and affordable way to start your valentine’s day is by giving your beloved a fancy espresso with milk pattern in the shape of heart created by yourself. It isn’t hard to make one, search the YouTube for inspiration.

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