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What Causes Breast Veins

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What Causes Breast Veins and What to Do About it?

A woman's chest is something that she wants to be proud of. Regardless of the size, if you want to look good at the pool or in a sexy dress, you don't want unsightly veins popping out. There are several causes of visible veins on the breasts:

  1. Hormones - as women know well, they experience hormone changes throughout the month and throughout their lives. These fluctuations can cause veins to sometimes appear on the surface of the skin, and even bulge out at times. Hormonal vein changes are usually temporary.
  2. Weight change - both weight gain and weight loss can affect your veins and your breasts. Weight gain can stretch your skin, making the veins more visible. While weight loss, can decrease the fat layer that usually hides your veins.
  3. Pregnancy - a woman's body is very busy during pregnancy, so much so that the blood volume in the body increases by 20-40%. All this extra blood can leave the body, especially the breasts looking veiny. This decreases after breastfeeding is done.
  4. Breast surgery - breast augmentation is meant to make a woman look sexier, but one unsexy side effect is increasing the visible veins. Breast implants push veins up towards the skin, and can make them more apparent.
  5. Age - as we age, our skin becomes more transparent. Also, with aging the fat on the breasts decreases because of decreasing hormone levels. This combination can lead to more visible veins on the aging breasts.
  6. Other health conditions - while rare, there are certain health conditions that can also increase the visibility of veins on the breast. These conditions can include, mastitis, mondor's disease, and inflammatory breast cancer. If you suspect any of these reasons, see a doctor immediately.

Once you figure out what is causing your "blue boobs", there are treatment options. In some cases a quick fix can be exercising regularly to stimulate blood flow or changing the size or style of your bra. A tight fitting bra can constrict the circulation to the breasts, and cause the veins to swell. If these solutions don't work, a top vein doctor can help.

A vein doctor near me can determine the best course of action for you as an individual. One of the leading treatments for breast veins is sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy is a formulated liquid that is injected into the vein. The chemical begins to then irritate the walls of the targeted veins causing them to collapse and eventually be absorbed and "disappear" on the surface of the skin.

For more information, visit www.veinspecialistcenters.com

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