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5 Classic and Sporty Wall Decor Ideas For Sports Lovers

Emirates Stadium Blueprint - Thanks to Stadium Blue Print Company

Home decor is not about style anymore, it's more of a personal reflection. People use so many innovative ways to do up their homes. Some use creative ways while some modern to make a difference in decor.

From the past few years, wall decor trends have caught attention. A wall can speak for itself and make your room look cozy.

The best part is with wall decor you can be as creative as you want to. Most people style their walls using unique concepts and a sports theme is one of them.

A sports wall decor theme is also a bonus for people who live by sports. Do you want to try sporty wall decor on your walls, then here are 5 classic decor ideas.

1. Retro gallery theme

You can choose a retro sports gallery theme for your wall to make it look amazing. Use retro frames of all the famous sportsmen from the past and make a cluster of frames.

The retro sports gallery frame gives you an amazing vibe. It takes you back to the era of famous sports personalities. This will highlight the whole look of your room.

With the retro theme, you don't need anything else as a part of your decor. You can keep all the other walls empty, highlighting only the galley wall.

2. Vintage sports painted letters

Letters and quote walls are quite a fad. If you like lettering on walls, then you can choose one such decor idea for your bedroom wall. Choose your favourite letter or name and paint sports letters on it.

If you want to highlight your name on the wall, then you can choose cricket or football pictures to accentuate its look.

This gives your wall a quirky feel and changes the whole look of your wall. This will help to give you walls a makeover of sorts that you'll surely love.

3. Soccer player wall sticker

If you are a soccer lover, then you should use this wall decor. It is easy to install as you can directly apply it to your wall. A soccer player wall sticker is available in different sizes and types.

The most common one is the shadow sticker where a person is kicking the ball. You can use this sports theme sticker as a contrast.

On a white bedroom wall, a black soccer sticker will look amazing and unique. The best part about this wall sticker is, it's easy on the pocket so you don't spend much.

4. Sports blueprint art

Have you tried the blueprint sports wall art yet? It gives a great style to your walls and makes them stand out from the rest of your walls in your room. You can choose a football stadium blueprint to make it more definitive.

Sports blueprint art is perfect for modern and contemporary room decor. It is a great feeling for a sports lover to use the art as a decor on the bedroom wall.

5. Sports quote wall art

A simple sports quote on the wall can also make a huge difference in the beauty of your room. Choose a sports quote you stand by and stick it on your wall in the form of a sticker. This also makes your room lively.

To conclude,

Well, choose sports art that compliments your liking. Make your walls look lively with the above options. If you like sports you might like this:

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