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Make it Instagrammable: Millennials’ Greatest Interior Design Tips


Designing an apartment is often considered a big challenge, especially if you want everything to look aesthetically pleasing. Being a millennial is also a difficult ship to navigate in today's climate, and if one thing millennials know how to do, it's designing their apartments to reflect their preferences, and sometimes even political/social affiliations.

Social media is a huge aspect of every millennial's life and in order to make space come to life, it's also important to make it Instagrammable and fun, so for that reason, here are some top interior design tips made by millennials, for everyone else:

It's not all about likes and shares 

​Just because it says Instagrammable, that doesn't mean that the apartment should be designed in order to gain likes and shares. Being Instagrammable is about creating a certain atmosphere made of elaborately chosen decor details that evoke certain feelings related to idly browsing your Instagram when everything feels good and comforting. Every millennial knows exactly what is it about — making your home pop using personal preferences without spending a fortune. Whether it's palms and succulents placed all over the place or tribal-looking rug accompanied by pillows made of same patterns, the key is to make your home look attractive and Instagram-worthy with only a bit of effort.

No need to give up on your tastes 

​Anything goes on Instagram, that's a solid fact, meaning that you can use anything and everything to make your place look great. Social media platforms welcome many users with different tastes and quirks, so if you truly believe that your place will look wonderful with floral wallpaper and vintage-inspired furniture, then so be it. Your personal tastes and preferences are valid and in today's era of acceptance and self-love, there's no need to sacrifice your own ideas in order to comfort to someone else's vision of beauty. That's the characteristic of generations before, better known as baby boomers and gen X-ers. Millennials are all about loving yourself and respecting your lifestyle choices, including interior design.

Smaller living spaces are more popular than ever

​Capturing a wonderful photo for any social media is about finding a perfect angle and coordinating the colors, shadows, and hues in such a way that inspires a positive reaction from others. Therefore, if you live in a tiny, cramped apartment, fear not, because, having an Instagrammable home isn't about a lavish, luxurious space filled with overpriced items. Nowadays, living in a well-designed studio apartment can make for a very sophisticated experience, considering that small homes and apartments are quite trendy right now both among millennials and older generations. Being millennial means being authentic and true to yourself, and looking up unrealistic lifestyle standards promoted by celebrities and society won't bring you any happiness.

Minimalism is more popular than ever 

​Social media photos are all about clean lines and unique details, so minimalist home decor can be a perfect way to showcase some art and decor ideas. Rather than overfilling your space with unneeded clutter that doesn't contribute at all, it's better to focus on simple solutions and monochrome decor that will truly make your home come to life in a different manner. Besides, minimalism generally promotes more sound-making life choices and being appreciative of everything you've got so far.

Yet, feel free to go a bit overboard 

​There are people who prefer maximalist details in their living space, so if you're not the one who likes bare walls and less furniture, you can go a bit overboard. Still, it's essential to learn the balance between maximalism and unnecessary clutter, because having too many things can create confusion and take up too much space. But, having a fun gallery wall can actually make a stunning focal point and add a touch of elegance to your home. Don't be afraid to experiment, and play with different ideas, especially if you have issues settling only for one particular style.

Get some eco-friendly solutions 

​Millennials are the generation gravely concerned with global warming and the effects it will have on the future. There are legitimate reasons for that, so finding some eco-friendly home solutions can greatly help the environment and save you a lot of money in the process. Using LED lightbulbs, composting and recycling can significantly reduce your energy waste and help you live a more quality lifestyle. Nowadays, there are a lot of eco-friendly communities where you can find inspiration and advice.

​Even though social-media presence and a lot of followers signify success among many millennials, that should never be your motivation for your home decor choices. You can use social media (including Instagram) to get inspired and find various hacks, but opting for the most popular solutions, just because they're on social media isn't something worth doing. Rather, take some time to browse different styles and ideas until you finally find something that reflects your personality.

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