The best types of lighting for your home

There are various types of lighting available for your home. The trick is to create the right ambience for different rooms. To do so, you need to know more about what kind of lighting achieves which effect. This article explains how to do this.

Task lightingAs the name suggests, this type of lighting enables you to carry out tasks such as cooking, reading, shaving or applying makeup. When choosing task lights, you need to make sure that they are at the correct brightness. You do not want a light which glares too much, or your eyes will become tired and sore. In the kitchen, go for lights which light up different areas of the room, especially near the stove and the area where you chop food. Bathroom lights should allow you to see your reflection in the mirror clearly. Adjustable spotlights and LED lighting can be a good option and can help create an effective and attractive display at the same time.Artistic lightingIf you are creative, you can choose lighting which highlights a particular area of your room. Spotlights are good for this: you could place them around the room and direct them at different walls, or even at different objects in the room for example. To buy a larger quantity of lights online lighting suppliers are a good place to look. They are likely to have the model you need in stock and ensure rapid delivery times. Decorative ceiling lights and interesting lamps with coloured shades can also add to the aesthetic effect you may wish to achieve.Ambient lightingIf placed correctly, ambient lighting can give a room a warm, pleasant and inviting feel. It should create a glow, without producing too much shadow or brightness, for that matter. Many lighting suppliers offer lights with dimmers, allowing you to set the mood in your room by adjusting the intensity of the glow. A wall light can produce a positive effect and can create a nice ambience by directing soft light upwards. Another advantageous way to change the mood in your home is with well-placed table or floor lamps, which can be switched on or off depending on what is needed.Accent lightingThis type of lighting is useful if you have particular qualities you wish to accentuate in your room, such as an interesting architectural feature. Here, you need a light which you can direct, such as a table lamp with an opaque shade. Depending on how close you place the light to the area you wish to illuminate, the contours of the beam will be more or less sharp. You could also use a halogen spotlight, which is easily adjustable and ensures an even distribution of luminosity.Considering which lighting to use in your home is an all-important part of the home planning process. Research your options well and you can be sure to create a modern, inviting and effective look for your home.AUTHOR BIO : Diyana Levi is an expert in the interior design industry and specialises in luxury projects with an emphasis on bright colours. She loves creating beautiful spaces accentuated by the right kind of light and is a frequent visitor to lighting suppliers around the country.


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Easy decorating with candles

Candles add that special touch to any room. The warmth and the aroma of a candle can cause a soothing effect. There are many ways in which candles can be used to decorate both interiors and exteriors. Candles can be bought in candle shops, specialized stores and nowadays in malls and even some supermarkets. But the best thing is that candle arrangements, centerpieces and many other decorating items can be made at home. Some easy decorating ideas with candles are given here.1. Make a candle/flower arrangement on your mantelpiece. This is best done using pristine white candles of uniform shape and size and flowers of a dark color, preferably red. Candles can be arranged in a neat row on the flat surface. Then the flowers can be intertwined using wires around the candles. 2. Among wonderful decorating ideas with candles, make use of colored glass pebbles and candles. Choose glass pebbles of three or more colors and varying sizes. The candles can be of the same color and same size. Make a circular arrangement with the candles on a plate or your mantle. Then arrange the glass pebbles around the circle. This can add quite a flair to your decoration. 3. Make candle arrangement with plants . This can look very beautiful and lively with a little bit of imagination. For this you need to use small potted plants or bamboo plants. Make sure that the foliage is less and does not mask the candles. First place the plants and then the candles in between them. Varying lengths of candles can be used of different colors. 4. During the summer months when you do not use the fireplace, light it up with candles. An empty fireplace can look a bit desolate. Place a few colorful candles inside and some streamers around them. Don't go overboard with colors as we do not want the room to have a party atmosphere all the time. 5. Candles arrangements with mirrors can look perfect in any home. Place a large ornate mirror on your mantelpiece. Now place the candles in such a way that the reflection looks great. Use colorful candles of different shapes and sizes. This will not only look good but also reflect the light and make it look great.6. As a centerpiece you could have a large bowl of water. Place some floating candles in. Also add some flower petals to fill up the space in between the candles. You can also add essential oils and fragrances.This arrangement will mesmerize your guests when kept in the hall. Smaller versions can be placed all over the house. 7. Make candle arrangement with wire and beads. Among decorating ideas with candles, this will require a lot of creativity on your part and you can keep the arrangement for a long time. Use colorful beads and candles for your decoration. The wires can be intertwined as required once the beads are placed in them. You can even use small bits of net to give the decoration a festive look.Decorating ideas with candles can be fun and make your home come alive. Guests will simply love the beautiful arrangements. You can try a new arrangement each time. Unleash your imagination and get going to create some wonderful candle decorations.

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