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Victorian Decor.7 + Ideas for Your Home

As the name suggests, Victorian décor is greatly influenced by the Victorian Age, but today it is not an exact historical replica and emphasizes ornate, elegant, formal, but rich details. Today decoration of this kind is one of the most intricate and secret hides in fabrics, colors, decorations, furniture and many other things, which are full and elaborate. 

Walls & Curtains 

Paint is the basis of any Victorian décor scheme. The colors should be deep and rich, but not vibrant, modern-looking or bright. They are toned-down, muted and look like old-fashioned ones. In Victorian times the most popular colors were dark green, gold/amber and deep red. Today any deep color will work great. 

For walls you can also choose dark pink, purple, burgundy or mauve. One more great idea to complement the Victorian décor is to add wallpaper borders and crown molding. Using more than one color while decorating is also a good idea. 

Floral damask as well as flocked velvet wallpapers is considered to be a perfect choice to enhance the walls of rooms featuring the décor of the Victorian Age. 

Windows, Floors & Rugs 

The floors of your living room can be either wall-to-wall carpeting or hardwood floors. It doesn’t matter much which type of flooring you choose. What really matters is having an area rug, which is fashioned in an oriental style. It will complete the authenticity of the decorating look. 

Rugs that are chosen for Victorian décor should always be sophisticated and very elegant. Most of them feature ornate, scroll patterns and small flowers. Their colors are either rich or muted. Such rugs are available in a huge variety of sizes. Anyone can choose from pretty small to room-sized ones. 

While decorating windows, make them elaborate with swags, braided tiebacks and draperies. The most popular fabrics to give your preferences to are velvet and brocades. 

Furniture & Decorations 

If you have chosen Victorian décor, don’t spoil the atmosphere with modern style furniture. Choose the pieces with the traditional look and style of that age. Today there are many great reproductions. You can also find good furniture on flea markets and in antique stores. Victorian furniture is characterized by a finished and nicely carved style. Besides, it is decorative.

You can pick rich wooden furnishing like sofas or chairs. The backs, arms and legs of such furniture are carved to stand out. The upholstery is normally brocade, embroidered fabrics or velvet.  

Give preference to dark woods (teak, mahogany, oak, rosewood or walnut). Wicker furniture is another great option, especially when it is painted. It mixes well with painted wood or old pine. Such pieces can be easily accompanied by pillows made of similar fabrics and trimmed with frills, lace, bows, ribbons and beading. 

Decorations for Victorian décor are usually placed on tables. These can be crystal lamps, candleholders, vases with dried flowers, porcelain figurines, etc. They are set on embroidered doilies to add affect. 

Paintings are perhaps the central figures in such décor. These are in wooden or golden frames. To the list of other important decorative pieces belong porcelain dolls, decorative plates as well as grandfather clocks, family portraits, etc. 

Victorian décor is widely known for being pretty cluttered, but it is still formal. To achieve the best effect, display brass lamps, old-fashioned books, metal and wooden picture frames and old photos. This all will make your place unique, a bit old-fashioned, but still appealing and attractive.

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