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Innovative Suggestions for Your Kid’s Birthday Celebrations

A child has a lot on mind for his birthday. Parents try to make their kid’s birthday as special and memorable as can be. However, it is a mammoth task to get your child a unique birthday party every single year and this is worsened by the repetition of ‘character theme-based’ party year after year. If your child is still very small and wants something new for his birthday, you can make use of any of the following innovative ideas.                                                        

 Kids Always Expect Something Unique for Their Birthday

‘Make-Believe Sleepover’ Theme for Birthday:

This idea works great with kids who have not yet attained the age to enjoy ‘full-night’ sleepover parties and is ideal for your child if he is just about to leave his crib to start sleeping on the bed. You will need to plan out the party for evening time just some time before your child is put to sleep for the night.

Invite the guest using ‘teddy bear’ or ‘pillow’ shaped cards and make sure you ask the guests to come with their stuffed toys, sleeping bags and pajamas for the night. You will have to initiate the party in your kid’s new bedroom or in the drawing room’s central part. You can also include activities like ‘musical sleeping bag’, ‘manicures’, ‘facials’ or ‘movie-watching’.

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Iconic Collections from Vivienne Westwood

Today we celebrate the 72nd birthday of the quirky fashion designer, Vivienne Westwood. The world renowned fashion creator is notoriously known for her vivid designs and huge personality which has truly transformed the fashion industry of the 21st century. Here we take a look at some of her most influential collections that have inspired other designers and made fashion what it is today.



In 1981 Vivienne Westwood took part in her first catwalk show with a collection that she named ‘Pirates’. The range included extensive research into historical dress, inspiration taken from Native Americans and a variety of ethnic cutting techniques.


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