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Celebrity Kids in designer fashion campaigns

Recently young Romeo Beckham was featured in the most current Burberry campaign out shinning Burberrys regular models and fitting right in like a true model. The 10 year old Beckham has taken a lot of buzz from the media. But this little guy isn't the first child celebrity to be featured in a campaign to promote Children's Designer Fashion. Here are some other child start who have taken the fashion world by storm.

Just last year, Cindy Crawford's daughter, 10 year old Kia modelled the new Young Versace Spring 2012 collection and looked adorable and very grown up at the same time. Just like her mother, Kia has the gift, and already shows potential to rise to the same heights as her famous mum.

Three Year old, Curtis "C.J" Conway is the grandson of famous boxer Muhammad Ali and starred next to his famous granddad in a Louis Vuitton ad campaign in 2012.

 Actor and politician, Arnold Schwarzenegger's 17 year old son, Patrick Schwarzenegger is the new face of Hudson Jean's latest ad campaign. The young model appears in magazines and huge billboards, mostly around L.A., in Hudson's fall-winter 2011-'12 collection. Patrick, in addition to his fast-rising modelling career, is also dabbling in clothing designs with his Project 360 label.                             

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Going Green for 2012

Green is the new black, green with envy, going green. Whatever you wanna say green is the color for 2013, emerald green to be specific. Who came up with it, well the jury is still out on that one, but the color is popping up everywhere and it’s endorsed by E! Channel. Celebrities are embracing the color and incorporating it in all aspects of fashion. From red carpet gowns to cute casual dresses, green is everywhere.


Emerald Green by sugarnstyle-visuals featuring emerald diamond earrings

Emerald green is of course gorgeous as a natural gem, so anything emerald green jewellery is definitely a yes. Nothing is off limits for this new it colour. If you're a little scared of looking like the green giant in a full emerald green ensemble, try incorporating the color in a more subtle way. Add green pumps, a green clutch or even hair accessories to pull off the trend. If that’s still a bit too much try a nice green nail polish. Love it or hate it, emerald green is here to stay for 2013. So embrace the new it color and rock it with confidence. The gorgeous hue can be taken from night to day and is versatile enough to be incorporated in any outfit. Add an emerald green belt to that little black dress; rock a large emerald ring, or cute emerald earrings.

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First Lady Fashion

Elegance, sophistication, class, trending...these are just a few of the words that are used to describe the leading ladies, which are Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton. Both the first lady, wife of President Obama and the Duchess of Cambridge, wife of Prince William, make a statement whenever seen in public.

Michelle Obama can be dubbed a style icon. Her well fitted, well tailored clothes always reflect a level of style and sophistication. Kate Middleton reflects same. The Duchess has been revered for her affordable style. Girls everywhere scramble to emulate her looks which are many times affordable to the general public. Important to note is also the fact that Kate ignores stereotypical fashion don’ts by wearing the same outfit more than once.

The bottom line is both ladies make a fashion statement no matter what the event. Whether formal or fun, their outfits are always age appropriate and on trend.


kate by sugarnstyle-visuals featuring j brand jeans


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