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Adding Style With Sophistication

tartan-waistcoat Tartan Waistcoat

When it comes to dressing in a smart and sophisticated manner, there are many ways pieces you can add to your look to help you do so. Looking elegant and stylish helps you to feel confident, now who doesn’t want that? If you are in need of a wardrobe overhaul and want to add some sophistication to your look, then follow some of these style tips and your look will be dapper in no time.

  • Suit Up – Like Barney from HIMYM always says, “Suit Up!” It is the easiest way to look smart. That simple jacket, trouser, shirt and tie combination will always add up to an instant style hit. If you are unsure of style and colour, opt for a simple black one. If want to be a little more adventurous then why not go for a pinstripe or check pattern with an added waistcoat and a pair of brogues.
  • Accessorise – Adding smart touches to an ordinary daytime outfit, will make your appearance look a lot smarter. Formal shoes, a tie, a bag or even a waistcoat added to your casual outfit will give you a much more sophisticated look. A nice watch will complete the look also. Choose from designer collections such as Diesel (chunky watches) Fossil, DKNY, Casio or Armani Exchange watches for smart time pieces.
  • Be confident – There is no point wearing a suit if you are going to slouch in it. Stand up straight look forward and show off your new found confidence. Let your smart attire improve your stature. A smart look will add to improved confidence, an improved level of confidence will then trickle into other areas of your life. Thus meaning just a simple suit could alter your lifestyle for the better.
  • Be you – Don’t wear a suit you don’t feel comfortable in. Try out many different styles and find the one you like best. Always be yourself when it comes to fashion. Your clothes on the outside show who you are on the inside. Wear what you want to wear and stick to what suits you.

Hopefully thee small hints have given you what you need to dress sophisticated and feel good about yourself. 

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Monday, 06 July 2020

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