Get Yourself Ready for Spring

It's been a long time, that we have suffered winter and inches of snow. You have stayed in place and you don't happy with camping. But luckily it's spring coming. Get ready for to feel the warmth of the sun and popping up of flowers from the ground. The fresh season is about to start, so get rid of the old stuff and prepare yourself fo...
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Caps Made Life Easier and Comfortable in Winter

Caps are generally used to cover the head and are worn for various reasons like in winter for protection from cold, in rainy to be on safer side from getting wet, from dust while traveling. Sometimes they are also used as a symbol of religion and in present trend used as fashion accessory. The trademark of using hats or caps goes to men. They prefer to wear caps more than the women. Caps are designed in such a way that they cover the entire head region, so that the hair also is protected from the outer dust particles and even from the weather.

Seasonal caps: Caps are worn at any time. They can also be seasonal and are designed to in such a way that they protect from the harmful sunrays during summer, from rain and even from the cold during winter season. The main change found in these different types of caps is the material they are made off. There are many models available in market for men like ascot cap, service cap, cricket caps, Dutch cap, flat cap, etc. In summer it is advisable to use cotton caps likewise in winter, woolen caps are preferred. Not only for protection purpose, serves several other needs. Players also use cap as their athletic costume and boys of this generation use them to make a trendy impression. Caps are not only available for formal wear, but also used on casuals.

Winter caps: Winter caps for men are made of wool, which covers the head region and even the ears aswell. It is an advantage that the winter caps also cover ears as the cool wind may pass through the ears and attack the whole head part which causes headache and burning of eyes. The winter caps are also of different types like mufflers, monkey caps, etc. The monkey caps surround the whole facial region from the head to chin covering the ears and only parts visible and exposed are eyes, nose and mouth. They are the widely used caps among all. The caps are available in all the sizes as the head size may vary from an individual to other.The circumference of the cap is considered while making a selection.

Purchasing of caps is at ease these days. Winter caps are available everywhere during the season and can be purchased online irrespective to the season. Men winter caps online in India are available on different shopping sites with different models and various colors. Anybody can pick any type they desire for and can place the order online which will be delivered to the address shipped in the given time span. There are also many sites exclusively for the fashion wear and fashion accessories. In other popular shopping sites also they are available under the apparel zone. The payment is made by any means either by online banking or by cash on delivery options. Winter caps are even washable and can be dried easy when required which is not possible with any other caps.

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Top Tips on Matching Your Suit with a Shirt and a Tie

While a suit makes a man, his tie, unfortunately, can be his undoing. The suit-tie combination of a gent tells so much about him, his aspirations, priorities, and of course his style quotient.

It is imperative to find a perfect combination not just to project your personality and lifestyle but also to make sure that you avoid the formal wear faux pas many men commit. The good news is that you only need to understand the principles of matching and master some basic steps to play with colors, patterns and fabrics.

Principles of Matching

The Necktie

First thing first, the proportion of your neckwear must be apt for your body and its color and pattern must work well your suits and shirts. Necktie proportion is related to its length and width in regards to the wearer’s clothing style and body build. For example, a large man wearing a large suit that has wide front should opt for a wider than average tie to balance the look. In addition, the length of the tie must reach his belt buckle.

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Men’s Style Guide | Always In Black

Men’s Style Guide | Always In Black

Even though clothes don’t always make the man, it does take the right man to wear black clothing with style and dignity. Regal, debonair and always trendy, all-black outfits occupy a prominent place in the sophisticated fashion collection of any stylistically discerning gentleman, so you definitely should stack some in your closet, just to stay on the safe side.

Whether or not the all-black look is right up your alley, there are occasions where blacker-than-black attire is a true asset so check out some practical tips on how and where to wear your black suits and garments to a most befitting effect.

Paint it black: Business look par excellence

Though some fashion editors don’t regard an all-black office style with approval, black business outfits do have their upsides. Slick and super-simple to coordinate color-wise with almost any pair of shoes and fashion accessories you have at hand, a hefty stack of wardrobe pieces in black is a welcome staple for a hard-working lawyer, clerk or salesman looking to make a credible professional impression on their clients.

A pair of tight-fitting black trousers and dark brogues topped by a black collar shirt with metal cufflinks or a full-size black suit rounded off with a white pocket square or silk tie and a tasteful watch can do wonders for your business so go and order a handful of customer tailor suits ASAP if you want to climb up the corporate ladder fast.

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4 summer jackets to inspire you

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5 Tie Knots Every Man Should Know


Ties have been an important part of men’s clothing for a long time and they add elegance to the look of a man. In the earlier days, ties were generally considered to be an accessory to be worn with formal clothes at formal occasions. But the changes in the fashion world have revolutionized men’s ties as well and these are now worn with casual clothes as well.

Other than the pattern and the color of the tie, another thing that makes it look attractive is the way it has been tied. Here are five tie knots which every man should know how to tie in order to add a novelty to the way he wears his tie:

1. Four In Hand Knot: This is a classic knot which has not lost its popularity with the changing times. Men who are wearing the tie for the first time this is the easiest knot. It suits perfectly with all kinds of collars and shirts.


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Top Tips on Choosing Linen Shirts

When the summer sun is at its worst, the best way to beat the heat is to go the natural route with your fabrics and fibers. So, whether you are dressing for a formal event or a casual one, consider linen shirts. The key factor that makes most men think twice before choosing linen shirts is the fact that they wrinkle. But if you let this stop you, you are losing out on all that linen has to offer, from the wide range of textures, weights and forms to colors and even natural, undyed fabric. This is one fabric that is easy to care for and extremely comfortable to wear.

How to Choose Linen Shirts

The long and lustrous fibers of the flax plan have been processed into linen, possibly since the time man decided to wear clothes! These fibers are dirt resistant, free of lint and much stronger than cotton. The natural wax in this fiber gives it a luster, unlike any other natural fiber. Linen is the choice summer, given its highly absorbent quality. Best of all, manufacturers have responded to the consumer’s concerns about wrinkling by developing methods, such as fusing synthetic resins with the flax fiber, to keep linen shirts looking crisp, yet soft, even with wear.

Now that we’ve convinced you that linen shirts are the way to go this summer, here are some of the things to look for while making a purchase:

$1·         Check the stitching: One thing that you should know about linen shirts is that this fabric makes every seam stand out. Therefore, the stitching should be seamlessly (pun not intended) integrated with the pattern and weave of the shirt. Whether there are pin-tucks, welt pockets or stitched hems, the stitching should follow the inherent geometry of the design. They type of stitching also varies with the weight of the fabric.

$1·         Pleats: This is one fabric that gives beautiful pleats. If folded properly lengthwise or across the grain, the shirt will not ripple at the pleats. Pleating will affect the way the garment falls over your body. Make sure you iron the pleats well to keep them from splaying open when you wear the garment.

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I disagree with the teacher here - on some points Jeagings and swearings ok

I need to see this a few times and I will I enjoyed it so much. I want to comment but later...

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Pop Art and Men’s Fashion

Pop art and fashion have gone hand in hand for years, dating back to the 1950s. Men’s fashion has seen a steady increase graphic, printed and patterned clothing over the past few years, with pop art being at the forefront of this. Brands like FLY53 have had demonstrated their passion for pop art since the beginning.

Pop art takes the mundane and expresses this through fashion

We can’t discuss pop art without mentioning arguably the most famous artist of this genre, Andy Warhol. Warhol fused art and fashion to create pop art, to bring together celebrity culture, fashion, art, and advertising. Even in fashion today, Warhol’s work is featured on tops, bags, shoes, and anything else you can think of, with designers paying tribute to the man.

Whether it’s a printed t-shirt of comic strips, a jumper with a famous quote on, the layering up of a red jumper and blue shirt, men’s fashion is very much being influenced by pop art, and this is particular relevant right now, as fashion is becoming increasingly influenced by art to expand and develop new ways for people to express their personality through what they wear.

Being bold through the fusion of bright colours is very much the order of the day for men’s fashion at the moment. This type of striking symbolism is connected to pop art; just think about the Warhol soup cans, or the Marilyn Monroe print, both used a mixture of bold colours to stand out, and draw people in, so to that end, men’s fashion can very much relate to this technique of boldness through fashion.

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Men’s Fashion: From the Catwalk to the Computer Screen

With the men’s fashion market enjoying a midyear boom thanks to online sales, many retailers are taking advantage of new male focused fashion lines and showing men exactly how to style their look this summer. Trends may come and go but all top designers know that when it comes to making a statement, it’s the classic looks that will go the distance. Over the last few years the demand for stylish menswear has been increased thanks to the influence of icons such as David Beckham. Beckham’s take on classic men’s wear with a hint of modern style has led to the creation of his own menswear line for H&M, along with a horde of copycats looking to recreate the footballers look. The rise in online sales reflects the fact that shoppers and bargain hunters can now view a never ending stream of fashion updates and celebrity style spots. 68% of male shoppers now use their laptops to purchase clothing whilst a further 15% rely on their smart phones to make a purchase, ideal for those shopping on the go. Retailers such as Frank Wright have noticed a boom in the demand for stylish menswear, with style hunters choosing to stick with classic styles in on trend colours. Menswear used to occupy a secondary space in the industry however 2013 is set to be the year where men’s fashion leaps into the forefront. Unlike women’s fashion, the male market has less disposable fashion trends, highlighting the demand for classic looks with contemporary twists. With summer just around the corner, men’s fashion is set to become bigger than ever and we can’t wait to see what stylish looks will be coming off the catwalk and into our wardrobes.

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3 Must Have Underwear Brands for Men

Over the past few years it has become noticeable that men are taking much better care of themselves than they use to. This includes using skincare products, dressing smartly and wearing designer pieces of clothing – all within their means of course. Whether we get to see them or not, men seem to have some kind of obsession with buying designer underwear from premium brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein. Here we take a look at three of the must have underwear brands that all men should own.



One of the biggest designer brands in the world, there is no surprise that Armani is within our top three underwear brands for men. The style is often kept simple and most commonly follows a black and white colour scheme with a branded waistband. With some of the globes most successful figures gracing the adverts such as Mr and Mrs Beckham, Rihanna and Cristiano Ronaldo, there is no wonder everyone wants a piece of Armani!


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Blue Is In For Spring

The new season is upon us, so time to start thinking about adding some new styles to your wardrobe. The warmer weather is finally starting to arrive and now we can say good bye to the cold and dreary winter and hello to long days of much needed sunshine. The spring season is the perfect time to give your look a bit of a change. The nicer climate allows us to strip off a few layers and experiment with a little more colour. T shirts, thin blazers, plims and even a pair of shorts or two is the usually attire for the warmer temperatures. So if you are thinking of adding a few extra pieces to your wardrobe for spring, why not check up on the latest styles to see what’s hot for the new season?

There are plenty of new looks and trends to try out and one that seems to be sweeping the board is the colour blue. It’s everywhere this season. Navy, duck egg, ocean, midnight, name any shade of blue you want and I am sure you will find it in at least one of the latest collections from the top designer brands.

If you are thinking of incorporating some spring time style into your look, why not check out some of these blue pieces to incorporate into your outfits this season. 

Just a simple blue t shirt would brighten even the dullest of wardrobes. This piece from Armani Jeans is ideal for wearing with cargo shorts on your up and coming summer holiday abroad.

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St Patricks Day Outfit Ideas for Men

One of our favourite celebrations has finally made its way back around again – St Patricks Day. The special day sees the commemoration of the arrival of Christianity in Ireland, Saint Patrick and Irish culture in general. The Irish holiday has now become a celebration across most places in the UK, bringing together a variety of people for events revolving around Irish traditions.


Irish traditions include Irish folk music, the drinking of green beer and Guinness and spending the day attending parades and festivals. St Paddy’s Day lands on a Sunday this year which makes it the perfect time for a get together with your friends to celebrate the exciting event. Whether you decide to go on a pub crawl to your favourite pubs and bars throughout the day or fancy attending a local parade, you will need to make sure you are dressed appropriately and looking right on trend. Take inspiration from the men’s outfit ideas below featuring products from the Irish fashion store, Galvin for Men. 

If you are planning on going out to celebrate with your mates, then this outfit will certainly see you through the day. This casual yet bold look will help you look cool, comfortable and not to mention on trend. Add a sporty touch to your outfit with these basketball inspired trainers by Adidas Originals from Galvin for Men.

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Bags for the spring season

Now that the fashion weeks are over we can finally reflect on what we have seen from the New York, London, Milan and Paris catwalks and marvel in the beauty of the clothing and accessories from the worlds top fashion designers. You can find a host of designer bags as well as stunning designer fashion at Cavells. The catwalks showed us a varied mix of structured bags and while we did see some fantastic oversized styles, the focus was on clutches and small day bags.


This Diana Von Furstenberg bag has everything you may want from a small spring bag. It’s subtle pop of yellow shows a fresh and feminine side to a simple white bag, and the embellishments give the bag plenty of visual interest. The bag is only small, but big enough for anything you might need on a spring day out. DVF has once again hit the bullseye.   

Personally I love Marc Jacobs. He always manages to create a unique designer style which can be incorporated into your exciting wardrobe. His accessories are guaranteed to be the things which will stand out and be remembered on an outfit. This Marc by Mac Jacobs shoulder bag is exactly that accessory. Its vibrant colour is guaranteed to jazz up even the most boring of work outfits.      


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Adding Style With Sophistication

When it comes to dressing in a smart and sophisticated manner, there are many ways pieces you can add to your look to help you do so. Looking elegant and stylish helps you to feel confident, now who doesn’t want that? If you are in need of a wardrobe overhaul and want to add some sophistication to your look, then follow some of these style tips and your look will be dapper in no time.

Suit Up – Like Barney from HIMYM always says, “Suit Up!” It is the easiest way to look smart. That simple jacket, trouser, shirt and tie combination will always add up to an instant style hit. If you are unsure of style and colour, opt for a simple black one. If want to be a little more adventurous then why not go for a pinstripe or check pattern with an added waistcoat and a pair of brogues.Accessorise – Adding smart touches to an ordinary daytime outfit, will make your appearance look a lot smarter. Formal shoes, a tie, a bag or even a waistcoat added to your casual outfit will give you a much more sophisticated look. A nice watch will complete the look also. Choose from designer collections such as Diesel (chunky watches) Fossil, DKNY, Casio or Armani Exchange watches for smart time pieces.Be confident – There is no point wearing a suit if you are going to slouch in it. Stand up straight look forward and show off your new found confidence. Let your smart attire improve your stature. A smart look will add to improved confidence, an improved level of confidence will then trickle into other areas of your life. Thus meaning just a simple suit could alter your lifestyle for the better.Be you – Don’t wear a suit you don’t feel comfortable in. Try out many different styles and find the one you like best. Always be yourself when it comes to fashion. Your clothes on the outside show who you are on the inside. Wear what you want to wear and stick to what suits you.

Hopefully thee small hints have given you what you need to dress sophisticated and feel good about yourself. 

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