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Style 2014: The New Jaguar F- Type

Style 2014: The New Jaguar F- Type

The F-type from is yet another engineering miracle from its makers. Fast, powerful, and agile could perfectly describe this wonderful machine. Equipped with supercharged engines and lightweight aluminum body, this machine can provide you with all the thrills you expect from a wonder car like this. F-type is available in both coupe as well as convertible. It comes in three models, entry level F-Type, F-Type S and F-Type R. Though all the three models are similar in design, but engine wise there is a big difference.

It is a two seated setup. Equipped with leather interiors and its control buttons finished in aluminium. It has a touchscreen display planked with eight buttons in the centre. It provides you with full range of programs such as navigation, communication, car setup and indeed entertainment. Another display is present between the dials. Knobs and toggles are there for climate control. The interior is a perfect blend of intuitive technology with functional ergonomics. Every bit of the machine gives you the feel of a perfect sporting style. The cockpit is designed keeping in mind both traditional as well as trendy drivers.
Another important feature that F-Type comes in is the very light in weight aluminium body. This lightweight body combined with super powerful engine gives you a perfect torque to weight and power to torque ratio that you expect from such a mean machine. All the three F-Type use a QuickShift ZF automatic transmission which very fast and superbly refined.
Jaguar F-Type
Entry level Jaguar F-type fills the gap between Porsche Boxster as well as Porsche 911. It gives a perfect blend of strong performance match with good driving dynamics. It has a powerful 336bhp engine and an eight –speed QuickShift gearbox. It certainly is more grown than Boxster and also more financially convenient than 911. Though termed as entry level, it doesn’t compromises on any aspect. It is surely going to attract 80 percent of its buyer from other Jaguar rivals brand.
Jaguar F-Type S V6
Next in the line is, Jaguar F-Type S V6, it is more powerful and also offers a bit more performance wise. It comes with a 375bhp engine and move from 0 to 60 in less than 5.2 sec. On performance basis, if compared to entry level it has better suspensions, chassis, breaks and steering. Even the exhaust can be heightened by Dynamic Drive system which permits the user to tweak steering feel, gear change speeds and exhaust noise, all at a press of a button.
Jaguar F-Type V8 R
Now about the F-Type V8 R, this certainly is a hell of a car. Its makers claim that it can reach top speed of 186mph and go from 0 to 100 in less than 8.8 sec. Now that is super speed. This speed match with terrific beauty in its handling makes this a perfect car for its owners. It comes with a mighty 5 litre, V8 engine that is capable of producing astonishing 489bhp. This might not out of the class numbers, but when you consider that f-type is made up of complete aluminium body, you’ll realize the supremacy of the machine.

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Coventry, West Midlands, UK
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