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4 Things You Should Know Before You Choose Your Flower Girl

Having a flower girl is the best way to make that little one in your family feel special on your big day. They are the first ones to appear on your wedding aisle and announce your arrival. In fact the flower girl and the ring bearer are going to be the cutest members in your wedding party. Traditionally, all the flower girls were meant to wear white and replicate the bride, but not anymore. You can make them look cute and adorable in classic ivory tutus, satins and silks, with a big bow sash that matches your wedding theme.

Here are a few things to consider before you go out to choose your favorite flower girl.

Her Age

Flower girls are generally 3 to 8 years old. Consider her age before you choose a flowing gown for her. Also a young flower girl will always add to the charm and create some awe amongst the guests. Make sure she is old enough to understand your instructions and perform her duties well. Her age will define what she can do, whether its petal toss or banners or something more.

If you can't resist having a young flower girl who is less than five years old, make sure you have an adult supervising them all the time. You may have great ideas to deck them up in beautiful tutus or flowing gowns but will they be comfortable in such clothes, is the question.

Her Personality 

Every girl has her own personality and that is what makes her look different. It entirely depends on you, who you want to choose as your flower girl. It is evident that a young girl in frilly white tutu is always a pretty sight to look at. So make sure you know what your flower girl will look like in the dress you want her to wear and also will suit her personality.

The flower girl will be the first face on your wedding party, so make sure she is the most adorable and cheerful member among the crowd. Her presence will surely make everybody smile.

Her Comfort

You can ask the flower girl's parents to suggest you a dress type that she will be comfortable in. Or you can take the flower girls opinion on what flower girl dresses she will be comfortable wearing. This will help you choose the perfect flower dress that suits your flower girl. It’s also important that you make her feel comfortable about the prospect of becoming a flower girl at your wedding. Try talking to her and take her out for treats before you want her to walk for you. This will make her more comfortable with you and her duty.

While you talk to her, make her duties clear to her in an exciting way rather than sounding like an instructor. Talk about the great feeling of wearing the beautiful dress. Arrange her rehearsals with other bridesmaids and bridal parties so that she feels comfortable around them on the wedding day.

No matter how great your flower girl looks, if her dress or shoes makes her uncomfortable you better be ready for a tantrum to ruin your perfect day. Make sure you consider the season before you choose a dress for her. You do not want to see your little girls freeze in winter or sweating on a hot day.

Her dress

Once you have chosen your flower girl, the next big step is to find her a perfect dress. Now that you know her age, personality and comfort, you know where to look for. You can find a range of cute flower dresses on UK online stores, which will be a perfect fit for your little angels. Her age will be an important factor to consider while choosing the length of her dress. A small girl will look adorable in her cute tutu dress but if you keep it too long she may end up tripping. Also, if she is a little older an extremely short dress might not be a great choice for her. If you have multiple flower girls you can vary their dress type according to their age but use the same fabric or color shades to keep the harmony.

Choose a dress that matches your wedding theme. You can go for plain whites and ivory and add a sash to complete the look. Also pick some nice delicate accessories to match the dress, but do not overdo it. Remember to keep the fabric and the styling as light as possible as the little flower girls will also have to carry a basket.

It’s Her Big Day too

Yes it is true that it is your big day, but it is big for your flower girl/s too. Make them feel special, this will boost their confidence and keep them cheerful through the big day. Every flower needn’t be perfect, so it is okay if they make a mistake. If you try and make them feel comfortable by taking them to rehearsals they will surely be able to do a good job on the big day. The memory of dressing up in adorable cute tutus is something that every girl carries for the rest of her life. So make it as special as possible for her.

And lastly do not forget to appreciate her work. Gift her something that will make the day more memorable. A personalized photo frame or a gift basket can be a great idea. Most of the times, consider their age, interests and preferences when you choose a perfect gift for them.

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