Choosing an Appropriate Wedding Venue

Forget the wedding DJ or the cuisine, perhaps the most important decision one makes when they are organizing a wedding is that of the venue. It is through the venue that one can be able to set the scene and make other wedding related decisions. Furthermore, when considering budgets, the venue will either be the leading or second most expensive item...
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4 Reasons Why You Want a Sarasota / Bradenton Beach Wedding

If the sand and surf are calling your name when it comes to your wedding, there are many venues throughout the U.S. to choose from. However, not all beaches are created equal, and there are none so beautiful as the ones that line the shores of Sarasota and Bradenton, Florida. From private beaches with pure, glittering white sand to stunning sunset views of Sarasota Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, these beaches are the perfect backdrop for any beach wedding. From Lido Key to Siesta Key, there are four main reasons why this coastal city has everything you need for the beach wedding of your dreams.

1. The Wide Selection of Beaches

Sarasota boasts a large number of beaches that range from private to public, and no matter what type of beach setting you're looking for, you'll find it in the Sarasota Keys. From Greer Island Park, which has secluded beaches hidden away near the Longboat Pass Bridge, to the Lido Key beaches that range from those with snack areas, picnic tables, and trendy shops to those that are completely secluded, you're sure to find a beach that suits your ceremony's theme. Keep in mind that some of the more secluded beaches, especially those that are on Greer Island Park, can be a challenge when it comes to public access and parking, so this is something you'll have to deal with if you choose a beach in this area.

2. The Selection of Beachfront Resorts

If you want to add five-star service to your beach wedding and accommodate your guests in the best way possible, then a beach wedding in Sarasota is the right choice, thanks to the huge number of resorts in the area. Whether you want a room with a balcony and a commanding view of Sarasota bay or a beautiful open-air locale in which to have your reception, you can find them all here. There are a number of resorts that will even assist you with your wedding, providing you with affordable wedding package that include everything you'll need for your beach wedding and the reception, including food and access to quality sounds systems so that you, your, spouse, and your guests can dance the night away after the ceremony.

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Making your Wedding Frames Perfect - Wedding Photography Checklist

Making your Wedding Frames Perfect - Wedding Photography Checklist

Your D day is without doubt the most important day in your life which you want to cherish forever. And as they say it, a camera can literally still the world and capture much beyond than just what we see. Weddings are meant to be absolutely beautiful and in order to capture those special frames of your important day; you need a certain someone who not only is adept at clicking perfect frames, but also captures the best of you. Your wedding photographer should be able to capture the true essence of the wedding and every bit of grandness your wedding showcases. Although you wedding is the most memorable day in your life, it only lasts a day and what lasts forever are memories, perfectly caught in your wedding frames. Hence, if you want to feel like a bride all over again while turning pages of your wedding album, it is extremely essential to book a good wedding photographer.

Wedding photography these days, image by Amy Bramley

Since picking a good wedding photographer is one of the most essential parts of a wedding it is important to pay attention to few points. Now, for the ones living in Perth, you are in luck sincewedding photography Perth is quite exceptional courtesy the ace wedding photographers. Find below few tips to help you choose the best wedding photographer Perth.

Time is money: Be very particular about the number you hours or days you want to engage the photographer. For instance do you just want your wedding to be covered or do you want other days on the list as well such as your engagement day, your pre wedding shots, post wedding shots etc. The cost of the photographer can vary according to the time devoted by him; hence talk to him clearly and well in advance.Develop a detailed shot sheet: If you are particular about few must click pictures, it is a good idea to communicate that to the wedding photographer Perth WA, so that he can perform his job well. Develop a detailed list of shots and hand it to the photographer and he can incorporate that in his own list.Usage of photos it important: Be sure as to how you are going to use your wedding photographs. For instance, do you want them in a printed album or soft copies or just the negatives? Communicate it to the photographer, since cost can vary accordingly.Budgeting is crucial: This is one of the most essential determining factors of choosing your wedding photographer. Different photographers have varied budgets, depending on their experience, style of work and published work. You can pick according to your budget constraint. Now, compromising on quality isn’t advised, however keep a pre fixed budget in your mind with a upper and lower limit. Make it a point not to cross the upper limit.Liking in person is important: You must be able to gel well with the wedding photographer on a personal level, since he can only capture the personal candid snaps if he understands you well enough.Keeping track of all the photographers: Make a detailed note of the photographer you have talked to, the costs involved, their style of work etc for future reference.References do work: Don’t forget to ask for references and take a look at their port folio.Lock and seal, once sure: Finding a perfect wedding photographer can be tricky. Thus once you have found him/her, don’t delay and lock him.Sign a contract: Carefully read the contract and sign it once sure.Litmus test: As a litmus test, you can ask you wedding photographer to click a few snaps before your wedding to see how good he/she is.


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Create Great Wedding Photos Tips

Create Great Wedding Photos Tips

The job of a wedding photographer might only seem like it is one of the easiest and most relaxing in the world. It is definitely a beautiful job, full of opportunities to be creative and meet wonderful people, however, the amount of stress that comes with it can sometimes be overpowering. Here are a few tips how to minimize the fuss and create beautiful photographs which will live up to your clients’ expectations.

- Chances are, the most nervous person at the wedding will be the bride. She will also be the one to judge your photos in the least of details so make sure you pay the most attention to her. Search fashion magazines for interesting and stylish poses and instruct her carefully.

- Before the wedding, ask about the venue and, if possible, go visit it. Look for some interesting places to take photographs at. You will usually want to look for long lines which will add to the overall look and feel of elegance in your photos.

- Do not plan weather dependant photo sessions. The weather is fickle, it changes before you know it. Think of a theme which can be adapted to different conditions.

- While horizontal and vertical photos are the norm, consider experimenting, tilting your camera every now and then. It adds the motion to your photographs and looks great in photo book albums, where it destroys monotony.

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4 Things You Should Know Before You Choose Your Flower Girl

Having a flower girl is the best way to make that little one in your family feel special on your big day. They are the first ones to appear on your wedding aisle and announce your arrival. In fact the flower girl and the ring bearer are going to be the cutest members in your wedding party. Traditionally, all the flower girls were meant to wear white and replicate the bride, but not anymore. You can make them look cute and adorable in classic ivory tutus, satins and silks, with a big bow sash that matches your wedding theme.

Here are a few things to consider before you go out to choose your favorite flower girl.

Her Age

Flower girls are generally 3 to 8 years old. Consider her age before you choose a flowing gown for her. Also a young flower girl will always add to the charm and create some awe amongst the guests. Make sure she is old enough to understand your instructions and perform her duties well. Her age will define what she can do, whether its petal toss or banners or something more.

If you can't resist having a young flower girl who is less than five years old, make sure you have an adult supervising them all the time. You may have great ideas to deck them up in beautiful tutus or flowing gowns but will they be comfortable in such clothes, is the question.

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How to Buy an Engagement Ring - The Definitive Guide

How to Buy an Engagement Ring - The Definitive Guide

There are some occasions in life you will never forget and several of them revolve around your wedding day. The proposal and actual wedding day are moments you will likely cherish forever, and one of the biggest reminders of both of these occasions is the wedding ring. Certainly you’ll want to make sure that you’ve done your homework, whatever ring you choose. Here are a few suggestions to help along the way.

Decide On a Budget

One of the first things you’ll need to do is decide just how much money to spend. Many people say that your budget for a wedding ring should be two month’s salary. Whether you spend more or less is up to you, but it is a purchase that you hope will last a lifetime, so you should be certain you have thought it through. After you have made this decision, you shouldn’t deviate far from your budget. Paying more money than you’re able doesn’t mean you love your sweetheart more! Of course, this is no time to start skimping, either. The important thing is that you make a good choice based on what you can afford.

The Four C’s

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Bride's Guide To Choosing Wedding Flowers

Bride's Guide To Choosing Wedding Flowers

As a future bride who is planning her dream wedding you have to create your wedding bouquet, decorations for the lapel, arrangements for the hall and the church. Here are a few steps that will help you in choosing flowers for a wedding and hopefully ease the task a little.

Discover your own style

Close your eyes and imagine what your ideal wedding should look like. Will it be formal or casual? Spelled out in detail or simply? Will you use neutral or bright colors? Are you a traditionalist and do you want the basis of your wedding flowers to be roses or lilies, or are you more contemporary and have nothing against fruits, herbs and spices? Flowers for a wedding are not just decorations, it is the basis of the whole event. Discovering the style of your wedding is a step in the right direction of finding the style of your wedding flowers. You want to choose flowers that will match the level of formality of your wedding.

Choose a color palette

Your color scheme could directly result from the style of your wedding. Today as far as the flowers for the wedding are concerned almost everything acceptable, from flowers in traditional white and pastel shades, to the dramatic dark tones and vibrant colors of nature. Flowers in the same hues or contrasting shades are breathtaking. However, take care that your wedding flowers fit the overall style of the wedding (a color palette of available flowers can be seen here) . At the meeting with the florist take samples of fabric that will be used (edge silk, linen napkins and other details) and an invitation. In this way, the florist can easily find flowers that will perfectly complement the ambience.

Seasonal wedding flowers

When you decide on the colors of the flowers for the wedding it is time to tackle the selection of flowers. Our advice is to choose seasonal flowers (it is much more durable and cheaper). In spring apples, cherries, daffodils, hyacinths, lilies, iris, lilac, lily of the valley, peonies and tulips are in bloom. In summer you will find: beautiful calla, dahlia, daisy, geranium, iris, roses and sunflowers. Autumn flowers that you can choose from include gerbera, marigold, roses and sunflowers. Winter wedding can be brightened with amaryllis, anemone, camellia and not forgetting holly, jasmine and orchids. 

Hire a florist

Even for talented brides with a sense of aesthetic knowledge and skills florists will still be necessary. Your wedding day will be very busy and you do not want to waste your precious time on decorating the venue, assembling bouquets, making arrangements. At the flower shop you do not need to spend too much money. A good florist like The Flower Man will be able to work with any of the flowers for the wedding that you choose within your budget. 

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Different Types of Titanium Rings

Titanium rings are sleek, modern, jewellery rings that are growing in popularity due to their durability, platinum/white gold look, and the fact that they are hypoallergenic and will not turn in colour due to exposure to salt water or chlorine. They are also very lightweight which makes them comfortable and easy to wear. Titanium rings make wedding bands for both men and women. However, they are largely popular for men as wedding or engagements bands or as gifts. They can be customised with various types of finishes and engraving techniques.

Hammered Titanium Rings

Hammered Titanium Rings are created by simulating the technique of creating indentations in copper or any metalwork. Hammered titanium rings add texture to the traditionally smooth feel of the ring. They’re very unique in look and feel and are perfect for those who wish to add a hint of interest to their jewellery. The hammered texture is a little less informal than a wedding ring so they are more popular as a gift or a great addition to your ring collection. Take a look at our Neptune and Vega rings to get an idea of what the hammered detail looks like.

Dome Titanium Rings

Dome Titanium Rings are shaped much like a rainbow with edges curves in. The dome shape makes for an elegant and sophisticated look. They are the perfect setting to add a grooved design element as seen in our Ushakaron design. Dome titanium rings are great for both men and women especially as wedding bands. In its simplicity, dome profile rings may have a more feminine look particularly when they are smaller in width. The larger width rings with stripes or grooves appeal to the more masculine side.

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Choose the Ideal Venue for Your Wedding With These 3 Tips

So you’re finally engaged! You’ve told all your family and friends (and anyone else who cares to listen) about it, and you can’t wait to make all the preparations to ensure a blissful, beautiful wedding day. But once you begin planning everything, you quickly crash back down to reality and realise that planning a wedding is admittedly harder than you thought at the beginning.

But there’s no reason to panic or fret just yet. You can still have the wedding of your dreams as long as you plan everything carefully and choose wisely. One of the first things you should determine, once you have decided on your wedding date, is your wedding venue.

Granted, choosing a wedding venue can be difficult. You would want to know that the location for your wedding is perfect in every way. After all, your wedding is a special event that will change your life forever.


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Finding beautiful but cheap save the date cards for your big day!


Your wedding day is a dream you’ve probably dreamed about for years and years. It is a day you will remember for as long as you live. And it is a day you will only get to experience once (hopefully). You want to make sure that everybody you love and care about is in attendance. If someone you hold dearly cannot attend it can easily put a downer on the occasion. However, with all the planning and organisation that has gone into the wedding, you can’t simply change the date to accommodate people. This is why you need to get your save the date cards sent as soon as possible. This means that people will have no excuse for not attending because they will have been informed and will have the date marked off in their diaries.


You will need to give a lot of contemplation to the card you select. After all, you want it to make the right impression. You don’t want your card to be opened and then just shoved on the pile of letters, newspapers, and alike, that never gets touched again. This means you need to pay a lot of attention to the style of card you buy. Make sure from the cover that it is evident there is a wedding coming up. People know that weddings are monumental occasions and they will know it is an important event. Furthermore, they won’t simply dismiss your card as they will be excited to see whose wedding they have been invited to.


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The perfect Wedding shoes

Your wedding is going to be the most important, memorable and glamorous day of your life, so getting it right outfit wise is essential.

Planning a wedding literally takes over your life, you want to have exactly what you have been imagining this day to be all your life to go smoothly and without any glitches. The theme needs to be perfect, the dress needs to be exquisite, the groom your prince charming, and the shoes? Well the shoes need to be a reflection of the whole day in total! Yep, it’s not an easy task planning every single detail of a wedding, but when it goes right it’s worth it in every single sense.

Let’s talk about the Wedding Shoes, they’re a big deal in case you hadn’t realised. They are such a big deal in fact; that they get their own photo shoot at wedding, photographers have Wedding Shoe portfolios willed with gorgeous shots of wedding shoes. So, they are not to be taken lightly.

There are many traditions to follow when holding your wedding and one of them is having the wedding shoes match the wedding theme as best as possible. While in some ways this makes it easier to choose the right pair of brides wedding shoes for the occasion, it also means having to dig a bit more to get those shoes.

This is after all, your big day, and you don’t want people taking about how your shoes let the gorgeous ceremony down. However, you don’t have to spend a fortune on Wedding Shoes. There are online stores such as Shuperb which have great selections. Of course if you have the money and want to treat yourself, you can buy some beautiful designer Wedding shoes from top fashion houses such as Dior and the famous Christian Louboutin. Take the shoes as seriously as you do the ceremony and you are sure to look fabulous and have the fairytale day you’ve always dreamed of.

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Decking Out a Wedding Party in True Style

Decking Out a Wedding Party in True Style

The wedding season may traditionally be summer but the fact is the wedding season has expanded to dominate almost the entire year.  With the growing popularity of wedding themed reality TV as well as major movies, the pressure to put on a drop dead gorgeous wedding can be seen in almost every wedding party.  Some bride and grooms may not worry as much as others, but most of them want their entire wedding party to be as unforgettable as the wedding itself.

Decking out a wedding party should be done so that everyone is in line with the theme or style of the wedding itself.  In a place like sunny Australia this could mean everyone taking on a bohemian and beach look, or it could embody the upscale culture of Sydney.  No matter what the style, there are some easy ways to make sure absolutely everyone looks their best.

Think About Your Party's Natural Look

Some people have a certain look and whenever possible, this should be used as the basis for the look and feel of the wedding itself.  If the happy couple practically lives at the beach, why not use that as a way to distinguish them as well as their entire wedding party?  Light almost-white shades of blue coupled with tradition beach decorations can create a sun and surf feel.  Alternatively, a couple well known for their parties or fast paced lifestyle can showcase not only their preferred look but also their approach to life by using slick styling and modern fashion options.

Leaving Your Mark

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Some Tips on Wedding Planning | Is Your Wedding Hijacked?

wedding planning

Cover Photo Nao IsobeEveryone of us at least once came across a term wedding hijacking. This not so popular term is in a need of a brief explanation in order to be comprehensive to those who were lucky not to be involved in it or not to have witness one. In words, wedding hijacking means that a wedding will be subjected to different unpleasant situation usually created by the people you know, but sometimes by the people you have never seen before in your life, that are not intentionally planned, at least not consciously, and that will surely happen if one doesn’t choose wisely the organization team, the wedding venue, the designer, the food. That being said, it is important to take a closer look at those situations, in other words, to get an answer to a question: who are those people and what kind of situations can distract the attention from the wedding? I went to this beautiful wedding venue in Sydney only to find a bride crying. This is why?

Photo KristaHeffernan Instagram

Bridesmaid fashion obstacle

How to indulge every bridesmaid’s dress choice? Some people are lucky and don’t have any problems with it. Others are not. The answer to this obstacle is simple: just try to choose something that will be suitable than to force anybody to wear something not comfortable with. Think about it this way: you will have a special treatment at her wedding also.

Children's comprehension of the wedding day

It is not unusual that some choose not to invite kids to their wedding because they are kids at the end of the day and can cause a hijaking. Children go to a wedding assuming they play and perhaps get to eat cake- it feels like a party! And that is the truth because playing is their way of learning about life. One should always have that in mind regarding children. Imagine a situation where your future family refuses to come to your wedding because you decided not to invite children? There is always a solution that can indulge everybody. If you decide to have a garden wedding the children would be thrilled. On the other hand, since it is not recommended to insult VIPs or the business partners, the babysitter can become an honorary member of a “rescue team“. This extra expense is definitely worthy.

Long distance relatives you have never seen

If you have a huge family it’s a blessing, but it is also a problem considering guests list. In today's world one cannot achieve to maintain family links with everybody, but that’s not the problem, the problem involves the parents who tend to add every single person from your huge family to the guest list. This almost instantly lead to the question of the budget. On the other hand, if the budget is not the issue, the problem can be of a more personal dimension. Maybe one just doesn’t want “strangers” on their wedding. A very rational and serious talk with parents long before the wedding is more than a good option to resolve this unpleasantness. After all, parents are just trying to help and that should always be understood.

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