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Bride's Guide To Choosing Wedding Flowers

Bride's Guide To Choosing Wedding Flowers

As a future bride who is planning her dream wedding you have to create your wedding bouquet, decorations for the lapel, arrangements for the hall and the church. Here are a few steps that will help you in choosing flowers for a wedding and hopefully ease the task a little.

Discover your own style

Close your eyes and imagine what your ideal wedding should look like. Will it be formal or casual? Spelled out in detail or simply? Will you use neutral or bright colors? Are you a traditionalist and do you want the basis of your wedding flowers to be roses or lilies, or are you more contemporary and have nothing against fruits, herbs and spices? Flowers for a wedding are not just decorations, it is the basis of the whole event. Discovering the style of your wedding is a step in the right direction of finding the style of your wedding flowers. You want to choose flowers that will match the level of formality of your wedding.

Choose a color palette

Your color scheme could directly result from the style of your wedding. Today as far as the flowers for the wedding are concerned almost everything acceptable, from flowers in traditional white and pastel shades, to the dramatic dark tones and vibrant colors of nature. Flowers in the same hues or contrasting shades are breathtaking. However, take care that your wedding flowers fit the overall style of the wedding (a color palette of available flowers can be seen here) . At the meeting with the florist take samples of fabric that will be used (edge silk, linen napkins and other details) and an invitation. In this way, the florist can easily find flowers that will perfectly complement the ambience.

Seasonal wedding flowers

When you decide on the colors of the flowers for the wedding it is time to tackle the selection of flowers. Our advice is to choose seasonal flowers (it is much more durable and cheaper). In spring apples, cherries, daffodils, hyacinths, lilies, iris, lilac, lily of the valley, peonies and tulips are in bloom. In summer you will find: beautiful calla, dahlia, daisy, geranium, iris, roses and sunflowers. Autumn flowers that you can choose from include gerbera, marigold, roses and sunflowers. Winter wedding can be brightened with amaryllis, anemone, camellia and not forgetting holly, jasmine and orchids. 

Hire a florist

Even for talented brides with a sense of aesthetic knowledge and skills florists will still be necessary. Your wedding day will be very busy and you do not want to waste your precious time on decorating the venue, assembling bouquets, making arrangements. At the flower shop you do not need to spend too much money. A good florist like The Flower Man will be able to work with any of the flowers for the wedding that you choose within your budget. 

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