What to Do in Dubai - Places to Go

What to Do in Dubai - Places to Go


There are two to choose from, both offering an action packed day out with a variety of features. We personally chose to go to the Aquaventure, located within The Atlantis Palm resort, as it was closer to our hotel and gave us the opportunity to see part of The Palm up close, as well at the renowned Atlantis Hotel. The other park is called Wild Wadi.

We booked our day out through our hotel's Tour Manager, for a slightly reduced rate of 260 Dirhams each, which included entry into the aquarium (inside the hotel) called 'The Lost Chambers'. I would advise pre-booking, as it really reduces your wait time when you arrive. *Note that transport is not included, but from JBR a taxi costs around 40 Dirhams, so is relatively inexpensive.

Lockers can be hired for 40 Dirhams, with the small locker being perfectly sized for a large rucksack and small handbag. If you are travelling with a member of the opposite sex, then you will need to decide which of you has the locker wristband, as the locker rooms are split for men and women. The wristband issued has a barcode on it, which when passed across the reader in the centre of the lockers will designate you a locker number. It will then open that locker and once you have loaded it, you push it to lock it. All very straightforward and efficient – plus the air-con in that room is a real bonus for a few wonderfully cool minutes!

You can hire towels there for a nominal fee, but we took our own as we were going door to door by cab, so it really was not a hassle.

The rides on offer cater for all, with everything from the lazy river, rapids and torrents, a near vertical drop slide and several tube slides with a mix of twists and turns and total darkness. If you are there for a full day, you would easily be able to do everything more than once. We went in August and did exactly that, plus spent most of our time 'commuting' from ride to ride on the lazy river.

One tip – find a sun lounger by one of the lagoons as soon as you arrive and leave your towels and any other non-valuables there. It gives you a base to return to and catch your breath for 5, or to sit and eat an ice-cream/have a drink or to have some time relaxing in the sun.

Another tip – if you choose to buy one of the refillable drinks cups, note that only the larger food outlets and restaurants can refill them. The smaller kiosks do not, which was a bit of an annoyance in 45 degrees when you're THIRSTY!

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Huerta and Goischke: The Spirit of Silk in Peru

By Barbara de Mul

I always thought that silk was just for pyjama's and maybe the occasional scarf, so I was quite thrilled to stumble upon Huerta-Goischke, a full-fledged collection of luxury poncho's, necklaces, shoes, wallets, in a happy marriage between colourful pre-Columbian and luxurious Asian silk. 

Want to see your memories of your flight over the Nazca lines eternalized on your favorite scarf when you wear it to the office? Do you work with Peruvians and want to send an appreciative message by offering a personalized (business) gift? Do you wish to convert your tie into a conversation starter?

If your answer is yes to one of the three questions, chances are you’ll want to add Huerta-Goischke to your shopping address book. Expect to see the famous Nazca condor in a bright sky blue flying over a desert yellow tie, a series of tumi’s (ceremonial sacrificial knives) adorning a shawl, or fun espadrilles with drawings from the Chimu found in the famous adobe city in Chan Chan.

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Make the most of your wardrobe with these inspirational tips

We all know that feeling only too well. The frustration of not being able to find anything in your wardrobe. Of forgetting entirely that you own something. Of wearing the first thing you spot and for your mind to just go blank when morning comes and you have to get ready for work (or college) in a jiffy!

Getting up at 6am to sort your look out for the day is not your cup of tea. You are barely able to drag yourself out of the bed in the morning and don't quite wake up till you have turned your computer at work on.

You are not really lazy, you just seem to lose sight of a few things in the daily rut of life. So what can you do so that your wardrobe becomes an active ally of yours, instead of it just being a place where you hang everything you own and which gives you a mild panic attack every morning?

Don't worry, we can sort you out on that front. In fact, that's exactly what we are doing with this post. We are quite sure that after reading this you won't ever struggle with wardrobe woes again in your life!

Set up the wardrobe to support you

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How to Buy an Engagement Ring - The Definitive Guide

How to Buy an Engagement Ring - The Definitive Guide

There are some occasions in life you will never forget and several of them revolve around your wedding day. The proposal and actual wedding day are moments you will likely cherish forever, and one of the biggest reminders of both of these occasions is the wedding ring. Certainly you’ll want to make sure that you’ve done your homework, whatever ring you choose. Here are a few suggestions to help along the way.

Decide On a Budget

One of the first things you’ll need to do is decide just how much money to spend. Many people say that your budget for a wedding ring should be two month’s salary. Whether you spend more or less is up to you, but it is a purchase that you hope will last a lifetime, so you should be certain you have thought it through. After you have made this decision, you shouldn’t deviate far from your budget. Paying more money than you’re able doesn’t mean you love your sweetheart more! Of course, this is no time to start skimping, either. The important thing is that you make a good choice based on what you can afford.

The Four C’s

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Top 5 things you need to carry in your handbag

Does your handbag have a permanent weight of 20 pounds? It is definite that it contains surplus things that you will never need at all. If you look inside your handbag, you can find things like dried pens, stray earrings, used tubes of emollients, crumpled papers and shopping bills, and many more things that remain dumped in your handbag and add to its weight. So, it is high time that you clean your bag and throw away the unnecessary things. But you must be equally aware of the things that are essential in a handbag. 


You cannot move an inch without money. So, the first thing that needs to be put inside your handbag after cleaning it is your wallet. If your handbag contains additional patch pockets in its internal portion, you can pick up one of them as the safest place for your money filled wallet. Putting the wallet is such as easily searchable yet concealed part of your bag will be helpful as you do not have to search the entire bag every time you need to take out money from your wallet for paying the taxi fare or shopping bills.


Your handbag is the safest place for keeping your cellphone as you can remain assured that it will never get misplaced. So, this is the second most vital thing you should keep in your bag. But in case of your cellphone, an external pocket in your handbag with closure will be ideal. This is because you can take it out instantly as soon you hear it buzzing and keep it away when you are done. When you keep the cellphone in such a position of your handbag, you will never miss any calls even in a noisy place.

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