The Ultimate Guide to Engagement Ring Styles


What do love and engagement rings have in common?

They can both be really confusing! Not only are there a ton of metals and bandsto choose from when picking the perfect engagement ring, but there are also countless styles and stones available as well! If you’ve been looking online to figure out what sort of engagement ring you or your sweetheart might like, here’s an easy breakdown to make communication with the jeweler easier once you make up your mind.

Styles of Rings


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How to Buy an Engagement Ring - The Definitive Guide

How to Buy an Engagement Ring - The Definitive Guide

There are some occasions in life you will never forget and several of them revolve around your wedding day. The proposal and actual wedding day are moments you will likely cherish forever, and one of the biggest reminders of both of these occasions is the wedding ring. Certainly you’ll want to make sure that you’ve done your homework, whatever ring you choose. Here are a few suggestions to help along the way.

Decide On a Budget

One of the first things you’ll need to do is decide just how much money to spend. Many people say that your budget for a wedding ring should be two month’s salary. Whether you spend more or less is up to you, but it is a purchase that you hope will last a lifetime, so you should be certain you have thought it through. After you have made this decision, you shouldn’t deviate far from your budget. Paying more money than you’re able doesn’t mean you love your sweetheart more! Of course, this is no time to start skimping, either. The important thing is that you make a good choice based on what you can afford.

The Four C’s

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