Travelex Multi Currency Cash Passport DUBAI is it any good?

Travelex Multi Currency Cash Passport DUBAI is it any good?
BEST CARD FOR TRAVEL MONEY? Background: I am an ex backpacker from the UK and through the times of cash travellers cheques and cards have tried to minimise the waste when going to get cash in foreign countries. For a good while the nationwide built a reputation for the best debit bankcard going and they are happy for you to think this however today...
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Find out what the sparkling streets of Gangtok has to offer for your travel escapade

gangtok at night
Some destinations are plain as it seems while some are packed with surprises! Not many places in India will you find what the small city of Gangtok offers you. The city has a perfect blend of natural beauty and modern amenities. This article will guide you through your trip to Gangtok and give you an insight on the places you can hang out. ​ The tr...
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Malta is an excellent city or short break destination

Malta as an alternative sun destination ?Malta is an excellent city or short break destination | Hiking in Malta is scenic though it didn’t involve much climbing.

They say some things spoil Italy – take those away and you might have Malta. You wont get charged extra to have a seat while you enjoy your coffee.

For a family I might just recommend Malta but I heard that Gozo might be better in the beach holiday regard. I only had 3 nights on the island of Malta but saw an experienced a lot to tell you about.

In short there are some nice points to consider:

Malta has a lot of historyMalta has an attractive capital Valletta.Malta has great weatherMalta has perhaps the best diving in EuropeMalta has some nice beaches (check proximity to hotel and reviews carefully I don’t think it has the number that say Greek islands have)Malta has a great nature reserve where you can go for a hike.Malta has the Popeye film set for kids.Malta is one of the cheaper European destinationsMalta has an excellent area for cinema and nightlife including bars and nightclubs called Paceville sounds like patch-a-vil.

For people interested in a winter home away from the U.K. many love it. The British ties to Malta make things easy I met and spoke at length about this with one couple who were very happy in Mellieha.

I really wanted to have a great SPA experience in my hotel in Malta and was disappointed. Malta more than made up for it but I suspect they (my hotel at least) have little experience or have been left behind with what a good SPA offers. So really do your homework if this point is really important for you.

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Verona Tips and Travel Guide

Verona a quick guide 

Verona is one of the most beautiful cities in northern Italy. The city is only two hours away from Milan and one hour away from Venice, therefore Verona is the perfect place to be visited by those whose Italy travel plan passes through Milan-Venice route.

There are a lot of places to visit in Verona city center. For starters, let us remind that the fame of this city arrives from the incredible literary work of Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet. In fact, one of the most visited touristic spot in Verona is the house of Juliet which is located in the historical city center. You need to pay a little fee if you want to visit the interior of the house which theoretically belonged to Juliet, however just visiting the small yard in front of Juliet’s house and stopping by the souvenir shops are some other options as well.

If you get out from Juliet’s house and turn to your left, you will arrive to Piazza Erbe in less than five minutes. This square is surrounded by nice cafes and shops. Here you can also find a lot souvenir stands where you can buy various gifts which are unique to Verona and Italy in general.

If you turn back towards the direction of Juliet’s house again and follow Via Mazzini all the way through, you can enjoy the most famous shopping street of Verona. On this street you can find a lot of luxurious brands in addition to Disney shop and others. Once you finish Via Mazzini, you will arrive at Piazza Bra. This is a big square surrounded by nice cafes and the gorgeous Arena. The Arena, which is smaller compared to its big brother in Rome, hosts numerous concerts, theatrical works and operas throughout the summer season. During the day, the Arena is open to the vists by the tourists.


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Exploring magnificent China with these tips!

China is really one of the earliest cultures of earth and it has a lot to offer when it comes to art, culture, architecture etc. It's a fantastic vacation destination. Do you need to investigate as the next destination? Read to discover more for amazing trips to China.

You need to have a rest from your busy-work schedule, pack your bags and see another area which has everything to assist you to unwind and refresh to leave behind your stressful life and problems?

China is really one of the earliest cultures and has a rich history linked with it. It's a nation which went through many encounters. Also it's among the quickest growing economies now. It's made the world discover China to the world map. All of this makes China, a nation worth finding. For detailed information visit chinatourstailor.comIt got a rich tradition and is quite different in the west in relation to culture, language, customs and cuisine, if you're still looking for reasons to see China. Chinese food is obviously well-liked and adored in many states and individuals are fairly comfortable by it.

What's the easiest method to see China? It may be fairly disorderly to see China by yourself because China has quite a different culture, thoughts and language. To make your trips to China easy, trouble free as well as comfy, it's better to pick a travel agency who'll organize everything for you as well as direct you in your visit, so you really do not need to confront any difficulty because of language or culture differences and you will relax and learn more about the nation. Having a tour you too can see the leading attractions in a small period of time and also would not need to be worried about how and where to go. By visiting you can get amazing travel packages.

It is necessary to think about what amenities they're offering with regard to transportation, lodging and meals while selecting a travel agency. It is best to have your own visit organized through a company having significant expertise in China Travel. They can have complete wisdom and can make your journey a really suitable one.

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Chasing Irrawaddy Dolphins in the Mekong River at Kratie, Cambodia

By Andrew Kolasinski 

Our boat had motored out two kilometers from the dock. Now, in the intense mid-day sun we drifted through a cluster of grassy sand islands mid-stream in the Mekong.

The day began in Kratie, on the east bank of the Mekong, 350 kilometers from Phnom Penh. The previous day I rode the bus ride for almost seven hours through pepper farms and rubber plantations.

Kratie, a city of 13,000 has dozens of hotels and guesthouses, all offering tours to see the dolphins.

Kampi, fifteen kilometers north of Kratie, is the port for the dolphin viewing fleet. This riverside village is near the dolphin's feeding grounds. A dozen twenty-foot wooden, double enders are powered by long-shaft engines. Luckily they have awnings to protect against the doubly bright, river glaring sun.

Our young Khmer skipper said there are 20 dolphins, but the pod is healthy and they are now protected by law. They are found in other parts of the Mekong River with a neighboring pod of 35-50 dolphins living among the 4,000 Islands of southern Laos.

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© Andrew Kolasinski

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The perfect summer picnic locations

When it comes to picnics people tend to talk about them to put them off as it can seem more hassle than its worth. All the preparations, deciding where to go, driving there can all seen daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. It can be an exciting and fun activity for the whole family, and one which every member can participate in, the perfect summer get together.

With miles of beautiful countryside to choose from around the UK, we have dwindled them down to the top 3 places to visit for your family picnic. For those whose picnic preparation isn’t quite up to scratch, there are also plenty of ways to make it extra-special with the delicious seasonal food on offer at the many cafés and shops which surrounds some of these beautiful areas.

Aberdulais Tin Works and Waterfall.

Set in a steep gorge, this place demonstrates the power of water and its impact on industry. Our film 'Reflections on Tin' traces its 400-year history, from 1584, including a visit by the famous artist JMW Turner. An early water-powered tin works was the last industry here. Today the waters of the River Dulais are used to make Aberdulais Falls self-sufficient in environmentally friendly energy. It has the largest electricity-generating waterwheel in Europe. Lifts enable you to access the cinema and the upper levels for excellent views of the falls.

High Force Waterfall.

Discover the force of nature at High Force, one of the most spectacular waterfalls in England, located at Forest-in-Teesdale, Co. Durham. Raby Castle is situated 20 miles further east at Staindrop. High Force will be operating Summer opening hours daily from 25th March onwards. The walk to the waterfall, the car park, and all visitor facilities such as the shop and toilets will be open. Car parking charges and admissions to the waterfall walk will apply, see below for details.

Mottisfont Abbey.

Ancient trees, bubbling brooks and rolling lawns frame this lovely old house. Crafted from a medieval priory, it is full of surprises, with art that intrigues and delights. Come back throughout the year to see different exhibitions in the gallery and the latest installations by our artists in residence. Carpets of spring bulbs, a stunning walled rose garden, rich autumn leaves and a colourful winter garden make Mottisfont a feast for the senses all year round.

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Your Essential Hiking Accessories

When heading out for a hike you will need a number of professional hiking accessories to help keep you safe and protected whilst out and about.


When you are hiking good quality walking boots are essential, trainers are guaranteed to give you sore feet and blisters, so if you are aiming to hike for long periods of time, invest in a pair of comfortable and sturdy walking boots. Make sure your boots support your foot and ankle equally to avoid slips or falls.


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Day 14: Blogging España Style!

Well, it’s time to sign out from Spain. Two weeks is just not enough in this awe-inspiring country but I will return to bring more news next time of the fashion, food, lifestyle, and culture out here.

So, with a heavy heart, I’ll board the aircraft to London soon, hoping it’s not struck by lightning this time!

On a final note, stay tuned to Style Review, as I’ll be reviewing Fast & Furious 6 next week and getting up close and personal with one of the actual cars used in the film (one of the few that survived the crashes I assume).

Hasta la proxima!


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How to Make the Best of a Layover in London

stopover in london

How air passengers with layovers at London airports such as London Stansted can make the most of their flying visit to the big city thanks to transfers and taxis.

Making the Most of a Flying Visit to Englands Capital

London is not only an exciting city, it is also a vast one and those landing for a stopover at any one of its several major international airports will need to be quick on their feet if they want to take in at least some of the cityys legendary sights such as Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, London Bridge and the Houses of Parliament.

Which Airport do You Land At?

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Day 13: Blogging España Style!

I’ve been in the ‘bubble’ of marina life for two weeks - much disconnected from the realities of working Spain - but just up the road here is the city of El Ejido that is worth a visit for a bit of local culture.

More a town than a city in size, it’s furiously hot and dusty in the summer and scares many tourists away with its unattractive industrial outskirts and ‘plasticos’ - a sea of greenhouses supporting the thriving local fruit and vegetable industry.

And yet, if you look under the surface, the city is rich in culture.  There is an abundance of restaurants and bars, and if you’re lucky, you might catch some Andaluz flamenco music, unforgettable and authentic.


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Day 12: Blogging España Style!

Today, under unusually leadened skies and after a strong ‘café con leche’, I took a stroll around the local flea market run by a German chap. The stallholders hailed from diverse backgrounds: local Spanish and Moroccan, plus German and English nationals. There’s a bizarre mix of stuff on offer from some fairly exotic-looking furniture and antiques, to DVDs, bohemian jewellery, books, tools, and television sets. A good place to get a bargain and brush up on the haggling skills.


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Day 9: Blogging España Style!

This marina is used frequently by research vessels monitoring the health of the seas and also investigating the whale, dolphin, and turtle population of the Alboran sea.

A great organisation called Promar have a strong presence here and are dedicated to the conservation of marine wildlife.

Leaving you with tonight's sunset:


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Day 8: Blogging España Style!

In Spain, be sure to check out 'chiringuitos', beachside bar-restaurant-cafés. These great local places serve up excellent tapas and 'raciones' for good prices and with attentive staff, so you will be served whether there are two clients in the establishment, or hundreds!

Favourite dishes of mine are grilled sardines, chipirones (fried baby squid), and lomo (thinly sliced pork).


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Day 7: Blogging España Style!

It's amazing the wildlife you see in and around a marina.  Yesterday it was a small viper, and swifts darting around, and today a special treat, about 30 Honey Buzzards migrating above our heads from North Africa into Europe.

What will tomorrow bring?


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Day 6: Blogging España Style!

The wine available in the supermarkets here in Spain ranges from 99 cents to 4 euros and above. Generally, I go for a Spanish-produced red in the 1,30 - 2,00 euro bracket, such as the vino tinto Tempranillo pictured.

Now, I can just hear the cries of derision from Brits claiming, "It must be rubbish at that price!” - something I have heard many times before. And therein lies a deep naivety, since the Spanish people do not accept junk. Generally, they have refined pallets, do not overindulge, and certainly know about quality in the food and drink department.

The quality of my ‘budget’ wine is usually far superior to the processed screw-topped equivalents in British supermarkets, off-licences, and certainly wine bars and pubs.

Something to ponder when you're next spending £6, £11, and £20 on your bottle of wine in the UK.

On a final note, please opt for real cork stoppers, since cork production is a sustainable industry and the cork oak forests provide vital habitat for globally endangered species.

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How about learning to windsurf in Bonaire | Stylish Travel

How about learning to windsurf in Bonaire | Stylish Travel

This travel short is a great idea for those of you with an adventurous tooth. For those of you that need a bit more from your hard won 2 week break.Week 1 : Learn to windsurf

Week 2 : Learn to Scuba DiveThe where is Bonaire

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Day 4: Blogging España Style!

This photograph is evidence that you can ski in the morning and chill out on the beach in the afternoon here in Andalucía.  The snow capped peaks in the background are part of the Sierra Nevada range.  One of the southernmost in Europe, the ski resort is near the beautiful city of Granada and offers some great conditions, often in the sunshine.

In winter and spring, the windsurfers here in Almerimar sail in the bay whilst looking up at the snow covered mountains above.  It is a great setting, and mostly undiscovered by travellers who dismiss it as a wind-blown desert.

So,that's enough talk, where's my board and sail?


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My Top 3 Travel Locations That You Can't Miss

Vacation time should be fun and I do not take anything less. Having said this, I had to traverse a few spots to really discover my favorite vacation locations and I'm glad I did. The amazing thing is that I did not have to travel very far to find some of the most heartwarming retreat locations. Although it is hard to narrow my favorite spots to three places, I have compiled a decent list of some of the most breathtaking places that appealed most to me and the following is a highlight.

The Island of Cyprus

Never before had I witnessed such exotic beauty of virgin lands like I did in Cyprus. As a mysterious spot located right above Egypt and at the south tip of Turkey, it is a dynamic unspoiled haven that gives you a dramatic Mediteranean experience like no other. Apart from the long warm beaches, the inviting historic appeal will have you digging into the rich culture. One unique thing you can do in spring is picking of wild flowers. As a lover of flowers, this was my climax as I got to pick and adore wild orchids that spoke to my senses. Those who enjoy hiking, skiing, snorkeling and turtle watching are also guaranteed maximum fun. I'm artistic as well as a history junky and therefore I could not resist a visit to Paphos which plays host to the famed Villa of Theseus. It is a mosaic marvel that will usher you into the corridors of Greek mythology.


The one and perhaps most important reason why I fell in love with Dublin is the rewarding bus tour. Among the exciting stops that impressed me most are the Nationally Gallery and Museum, Trinity College, St Patrick's Cathedral and the Guinness Storehouse. The first time I took a bus here was amazing because the tour guide made my stay homely. His explanations of the rich history and culture of the area was demystified in a practical manner. For example, the Guinness Storehouse left an impression not forgetting the drink from the Gravity Bar at the house. There is no question that the beer enjoys a large following around the globe. It is therefore important to taste your own drink here to really appreciate it. After this delightful tasting session, it wasn't quite as easy to find our hotel as it was when we booked it online!

The French Riviera

After assessing the list of my favorite vacation spots, I had to include the French Riviera on my list. With gorgeous crystal blue waters and soothing stretches of beaches, this was an ideal location for me to unwind and enjoy magical nature at its best. I'm not surprised that this location draws tones of people each year from around the globe. Apart from spoiling myself at the beach I also loved hiking at the marvelous Marseille town. The charming and calm surroundings were just what I needed in my tour. The view from the old harbor was a climax as I enjoyed the majestic Notre Dame De La Garde.

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Tips on Fulfilling your Dreams

We all grow up with a set of ambitions in mind but only a small minority of us will actually fulfil them in our life time. There is no time like the present to strive towards your goals and achieve them by finding the motivation to do so. Whether you are a student, employee or stuck in limbo, there has never been a better time to reach for your dreams. Here are a few tips on helping yourself get closer to fulfilling your ambitions.


The Bucket List

If you haven’t already, make a list of the things you want to achieve and give yourself a deadline to accomplish them. This way you will have a timeframe and will be able to get the ball rolling with the added pressure. Having an organised list will give you the chance to schedule your goals and achieve them one by one. Of course, make sure your goals and time scales are realistic so you can actually accomplish it.

Part of the Team

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