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Top 6 Mediterranean Travel Destinations that Combine Luxury and Adventure

When it comes to summer holidays, the Mediterranean has always been among the most sought-after destinations. From blissful sunshine and golden sands to calm seas, historic architecture, as well as some of the most well-known landmarks in Europe, this region truly has something to offer for any type of traveler. However, if you're on the lookout fo...
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My Top 3 Travel Locations That You Can't Miss

Vacation time should be fun and I do not take anything less. Having said this, I had to traverse a few spots to really discover my favorite vacation locations and I'm glad I did. The amazing thing is that I did not have to travel very far to find some of the most heartwarming retreat locations. Although it is hard to narrow my favorite spots to three places, I have compiled a decent list of some of the most breathtaking places that appealed most to me and the following is a highlight.

The Island of Cyprus

Never before had I witnessed such exotic beauty of virgin lands like I did in Cyprus. As a mysterious spot located right above Egypt and at the south tip of Turkey, it is a dynamic unspoiled haven that gives you a dramatic Mediteranean experience like no other. Apart from the long warm beaches, the inviting historic appeal will have you digging into the rich culture. One unique thing you can do in spring is picking of wild flowers. As a lover of flowers, this was my climax as I got to pick and adore wild orchids that spoke to my senses. Those who enjoy hiking, skiing, snorkeling and turtle watching are also guaranteed maximum fun. I'm artistic as well as a history junky and therefore I could not resist a visit to Paphos which plays host to the famed Villa of Theseus. It is a mosaic marvel that will usher you into the corridors of Greek mythology.


The one and perhaps most important reason why I fell in love with Dublin is the rewarding bus tour. Among the exciting stops that impressed me most are the Nationally Gallery and Museum, Trinity College, St Patrick's Cathedral and the Guinness Storehouse. The first time I took a bus here was amazing because the tour guide made my stay homely. His explanations of the rich history and culture of the area was demystified in a practical manner. For example, the Guinness Storehouse left an impression not forgetting the drink from the Gravity Bar at the house. There is no question that the beer enjoys a large following around the globe. It is therefore important to taste your own drink here to really appreciate it. After this delightful tasting session, it wasn't quite as easy to find our hotel as it was when we booked it online!

The French Riviera

After assessing the list of my favorite vacation spots, I had to include the French Riviera on my list. With gorgeous crystal blue waters and soothing stretches of beaches, this was an ideal location for me to unwind and enjoy magical nature at its best. I'm not surprised that this location draws tones of people each year from around the globe. Apart from spoiling myself at the beach I also loved hiking at the marvelous Marseille town. The charming and calm surroundings were just what I needed in my tour. The view from the old harbor was a climax as I enjoyed the majestic Notre Dame De La Garde.

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