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Find out what the sparkling streets of Gangtok has to offer for your travel escapade

gangtok at night
Some destinations are plain as it seems while some are packed with surprises! Not many places in India will you find what the small city of Gangtok offers you. The city has a perfect blend of natural beauty and modern amenities. This article will guide you through your trip to Gangtok and give you an insight on the places you can hang out.
The trickiest bit on deciding where to spend the precious days you saved from your leaves for a vacation is choosing the destination. You are always with two options - Visit a quiet hill station far away and soak in the natural beauty relax in the laps of mother nature, or visit the city you always wanted to and party your socks off. It is only natural to compromise one for the other. You may still find some parties in the case of the former, but no where in the scale you would like. Whilst, the latter may also have some gardens and parks but nowhere in comparison to stretches of scenic natural beauty. But what if there is one destination that could fulfill both? Seems unlikely? Well, head out there and find out yourself! I am talking about the small city of Gangtok in the state of Sikkim nestled away in the far northeastern region of India.

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Tourism in Sikkim is becoming a major player in its economy. What was once a small, scarcely known place is now receiving widespread coverage for its pristine untapped natural beauty. Gangtok, the capital city of Sikkim is a perfect representation of modernization along with preservation of natural beauty. Gangtok tour packages are available widely across many online travel websites and with the amount of money the Government has invested in its tourism department, your experience will not be a disappointment. Gangtok, one of the cleanest cities in India, is tobacco free; both chewing and smoking. You will not find anyone smoking in public in this city, no plastic bags for carrying things or paper/plastic wrappers on the street.

There is a deep sense of patriotism amongst the Sikkimese and they are very close-knit no matter where they go. They have a strong sense of belonging and they love their culture to the core, and they are not shy to profess so! And they entitled to do so because Gangtok truly is God's gift to the Sikkimese people. Not only is the city and its surrounding landscape breathtakingly beautiful, the city also has a modern feel to it. Their food is warm as the people living there and you will surprised to know that the nightlife in the city is not in the least disappointing! Yes, we are talking about nightclubs, bars and pubs in a hill station. Did I just catch your attention? Well then, let me walk you through some of the best places to hangout and let loose in Gangtok city!

Pubs, bars and cafes

  • PUB 25 - Looking for a nice place to sit, relax and chill? Head over to this place. PUB 25 serves a series of comfort foods and starters with a well stocked bar. It has a European pub feel to it mainly due to its interior layout and ambience. Head over here if you are looking for a cozy relaxing treat on a lazy afternoon.
  • Café live and loud - Literally making you feel like you are on a stairway to heaven due to the fluorescent steps leading to the café, this is a great place to enjoy live music. The lounge area itself has a seating capacity of 50 people while there is a separate concert hall with a seating capacity of around 100 people. This place is where the magic happens when popular bands come over to play good live music!

Night clubs

  • X'cape - With a wide selection of good food, good booze and a dance floor, what more do you need to make your night more happening? X'cape is the most popular place people in Gangtok head to when they want to party their socks off. It opens from 7 pm and goes on until 12 am.
  • Club King B - Another nightclub rising to prominence is Club King B. This place has jamming sessions on Sundays where artists can come together and improv by jamming together. It is not necessary to come as a band. Once the music starts speaking, all barriers are broken. Also, this place has Ladies nights on Fridays.

Apart from the bars and nightclubs, Gangtok also has a popular and active gambling scene! Not even the top cities in India have casinos like Gangtok does. What next Gangtok?

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Gangtok, Sikkim, India
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