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Top 6 Mediterranean Travel Destinations that Combine Luxury and Adventure

When it comes to summer holidays, the Mediterranean has always been among the most sought-after destinations. From blissful sunshine and golden sands to calm seas, historic architecture, as well as some of the most well-known landmarks in Europe, this region truly has something to offer for any type of traveler. However, if you're on the lookout fo...
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Malta is an excellent city or short break destination

Malta as an alternative sun destination ?

Malta is an excellent city or short break destination | Hiking in Malta is scenic though it didn’t involve much climbing.

They say some things spoil Italy – take those away and you might have Malta. You wont get charged extra to have a seat while you enjoy your coffee.

For a family I might just recommend Malta but I heard that Gozo might be better in the beach holiday regard. I only had 3 nights on the island of Malta but saw an experienced a lot to tell you about.

In short there are some nice points to consider:

  • Malta has a lot of history
  • Malta has an attractive capital Valletta.
  • Malta has great weather
  • Malta has perhaps the best diving in Europe
  • Malta has some nice beaches (check proximity to hotel and reviews carefully I don’t think it has the number that say Greek islands have)
  • Malta has a great nature reserve where you can go for a hike.
  • Malta has the Popeye film set for kids.
  • Malta is one of the cheaper European destinations
  • Malta has an excellent area for cinema and nightlife including bars and nightclubs called Paceville sounds like patch-a-vil.

For people interested in a winter home away from the U.K. many love it. The British ties to Malta make things easy I met and spoke at length about this with one couple who were very happy in Mellieha.

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