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Top 5 things you need to carry in your handbag

Does your handbag have a permanent weight of 20 pounds? It is definite that it contains surplus things that you will never need at all. If you look inside your handbag, you can find things like dried pens, stray earrings, used tubes of emollients, crumpled papers and shopping bills, and many more things that remain dumped in your handbag and add to its weight. So, it is high time that you clean your bag and throw away the unnecessary things. But you must be equally aware of the things that are essential in a handbag. 


You cannot move an inch without money. So, the first thing that needs to be put inside your handbag after cleaning it is your wallet. If your handbag contains additional patch pockets in its internal portion, you can pick up one of them as the safest place for your money filled wallet. Putting the wallet is such as easily searchable yet concealed part of your bag will be helpful as you do not have to search the entire bag every time you need to take out money from your wallet for paying the taxi fare or shopping bills.


Your handbag is the safest place for keeping your cellphone as you can remain assured that it will never get misplaced. So, this is the second most vital thing you should keep in your bag. But in case of your cellphone, an external pocket in your handbag with closure will be ideal. This is because you can take it out instantly as soon you hear it buzzing and keep it away when you are done. When you keep the cellphone in such a position of your handbag, you will never miss any calls even in a noisy place.

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