Select the Perfect Shoes for the Comfort and Safety of Elderly Women

When it comes to buying shoes for aged women, comfort and safety should be the first priority. A good quality shoe can reduce the chances of falls and leg pain. Safe shoes are not always ugly. You can make a style statement by wearing the good looking and safe shoes. Here are some tips mentioned that will help you in choosing the perfect shoe for yourself.

Features of an unsafe shoe

Unsafe shoes generally increase the chances of falling in senior women. The features, which make any shoe unsafe, are mentioned below.

Soft upper parts: Soft or stretched upper parts make your foot slide around inside the shoes.High heels: Shoes with high heels must be avoided. They impair your stability while walking.Narrow heels: These types of heels make your foot unstable. It can also cause ankle sprain.No Laces: shoes, which lack laces, are also risky as your feet can easily slide out of these shoes.Slippery Soles: Slippery or shabby soles are a real hazard, particularly in the rainy seasons i.e. wet weather.

You should avoid the shoes with these features to keep yourself safe and away from the risks of falling.

Features of a safe shoe

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New Fashion Trends That Will Heighten Your Look

New Fashion Trends That Will Heighten Your Look

Many people are insecure about their bodies, whether it is their height or weight there are many ways to look great and feel comfortable. From the cut of your shirt to the height of your shoes, every piece must coordinate. The key to looking good is to stay on top of new fashion trends. You can do this by making friends with buyers from your favorite stores or simply reading the latest fashion magazine. Some people look at the models in the magazines and think they can never look like that but if you follow the style for your body type, you will look just as great as they do.


If you are conscious about your weight, it is important to select the right colors. Stripes and prints can cause you to look heavier than you truly are. In some cases, vertical stripes can help you to create a thinner look. If you are a heavier person, you should wear darker colors as the colors will absorb the light thus giving you a thinner appearance. If you are a thinner person, wearing bright colors will make you appear bigger.


For people you are worried about their height, the type of shoe you wear can make a difference. Wedge shoes are currently the trend for females although women who are tall already should avoid very tall shoes. If you are a shorter woman, a wedge shoe can add a few needed inches in a subtle way. Women are not the only ones looking to add a few inches to their height; men are also self-conscious about their height. For men there are many fashionable elevator shoes to choose, from business to casual there is something for every occasion. These shoes have a hidden insert called a lift that raises the heel of the person wearing them, giving the appearance of being taller.

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Men’s Fashion: From the Catwalk to the Computer Screen

With the men’s fashion market enjoying a midyear boom thanks to online sales, many retailers are taking advantage of new male focused fashion lines and showing men exactly how to style their look this summer. Trends may come and go but all top designers know that when it comes to making a statement, it’s the classic looks that will go the distance. Over the last few years the demand for stylish menswear has been increased thanks to the influence of icons such as David Beckham. Beckham’s take on classic men’s wear with a hint of modern style has led to the creation of his own menswear line for H&M, along with a horde of copycats looking to recreate the footballers look. The rise in online sales reflects the fact that shoppers and bargain hunters can now view a never ending stream of fashion updates and celebrity style spots. 68% of male shoppers now use their laptops to purchase clothing whilst a further 15% rely on their smart phones to make a purchase, ideal for those shopping on the go. Retailers such as Frank Wright have noticed a boom in the demand for stylish menswear, with style hunters choosing to stick with classic styles in on trend colours. Menswear used to occupy a secondary space in the industry however 2013 is set to be the year where men’s fashion leaps into the forefront. Unlike women’s fashion, the male market has less disposable fashion trends, highlighting the demand for classic looks with contemporary twists. With summer just around the corner, men’s fashion is set to become bigger than ever and we can’t wait to see what stylish looks will be coming off the catwalk and into our wardrobes.

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Get Ready For Summer With The Latest Collections From Gabor

With the sun finally showing its face and the winter weather finally leaving us, we can now enjoy updating our wardrobes for the warmer weather. The woolly jumpers can now be thrown to the back of the cupboard and the skirts and dresses can now be brought forward and worn once again. The summer is a time to adorn lighter and brighter colours, gone are the blacks and greys and out come the beiges, browns and whites. There are always plenty of styles on offer at this time of year, so if you are in need of a wardrobe update, now is the time to start shopping.

Gabor has recently released their latest collections and many fashion fans will be very pleased with what is on offer for the spring / summer seasons. The designer label always offers a vast selection of stylish and on trend pieces and this summer is certainly no different. If you are thinking of adding some new shoes and accessories to your clothing collection this season, why not browse their latest collections. We have picked our favourites for you to check out. 


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Must have shoes this spring

With spring almost here we will be starting to think about throwing our winter shoes and boots to the back of the wardrobe for another year and bringing out the cute sandals and ballet pumps. As women we can never have enough shoes so if you are thinking about heading into the high street to pick out this seasons hottest buys in the spring summer 2013 shoe collection take a look at the must haves displayed below. With these stunning shoes your spring will be a bright one. 

There is a huge 60s revival going on in fashion lately, and the award season showed us plenty of styles we want to get our teeth into. These sixties inspired Lucite heels are a must have this season.

Scalloped Strapped Lucite Heel in BlackCarter Sandals with Lucite HeelDiana Von Furstenberg Taite Lucite Heel SandalsDiana Von Furstenberg Patmos Sandals with Lucite Heel

Spring is not complete without a stylish pair of sandals. You can pair them with any outfit you may like. From a floral summer dress to a cut off pair of denim shorts, every girl needs at least one pair of gorgeous sandals to add to her wardrobe collection. You don’t have to spend a fortune when giving your spring footwear a revamp, there are plenty of discount footwear stores which will provide you with some stunning choices, including Shuperb.

Sam Edelman Sasha Wedges / WhiteWhite Sand Shores SandalsBlink Fiore White SandalsNikko Flat Sandals

Last but not least we have a gorgeous selection of floral shoes. Floral is a huge theme in this years spring summer collections and you can create some stunning looks with a pair of floral shoes.

1.       Michael Antonio Love Me Floral Pump

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Some interesting fashion while shopping for mothers day.

Selfridges Shoe carnival

Was out shopping for mothers day yesterday and got sidetracked as you can see. So took a few snaps and am here to share the love. Dont miss the Shoe Carnival if you like shoes in the megapolosis that is selfridges shoe carnival.

hoped you like those and its a bit past mothers day now still not every mother is classic girly girly so here is a great set of products for your mum maybe for the birthday now or next mothers day...



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