Top Tips on Choosing Linen Shirts

When the summer sun is at its worst, the best way to beat the heat is to go the natural route with your fabrics and fibers. So, whether you are dressing for a formal event or a casual one, consider linen shirts. The key factor that makes most men think twice before choosing linen shirts is the fact that they wrinkle. But if you let this stop you, you are losing out on all that linen has to offer, from the wide range of textures, weights and forms to colors and even natural, undyed fabric. This is one fabric that is easy to care for and extremely comfortable to wear.

How to Choose Linen Shirts

The long and lustrous fibers of the flax plan have been processed into linen, possibly since the time man decided to wear clothes! These fibers are dirt resistant, free of lint and much stronger than cotton. The natural wax in this fiber gives it a luster, unlike any other natural fiber. Linen is the choice summer, given its highly absorbent quality. Best of all, manufacturers have responded to the consumer’s concerns about wrinkling by developing methods, such as fusing synthetic resins with the flax fiber, to keep linen shirts looking crisp, yet soft, even with wear.

Now that we’ve convinced you that linen shirts are the way to go this summer, here are some of the things to look for while making a purchase:

$1·         Check the stitching: One thing that you should know about linen shirts is that this fabric makes every seam stand out. Therefore, the stitching should be seamlessly (pun not intended) integrated with the pattern and weave of the shirt. Whether there are pin-tucks, welt pockets or stitched hems, the stitching should follow the inherent geometry of the design. They type of stitching also varies with the weight of the fabric.

$1·         Pleats: This is one fabric that gives beautiful pleats. If folded properly lengthwise or across the grain, the shirt will not ripple at the pleats. Pleating will affect the way the garment falls over your body. Make sure you iron the pleats well to keep them from splaying open when you wear the garment.

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How to select a best office furniture in usa

Office Furniture Solutions is female owned and operated. We have a combined 41 years experience selling office furniture and workstations in the South Florida market. Our client list includes top corporate businesses, the local business owner and the homeowner looking for an office desk and chair. We are a full service office furniture dealership focusing on giving our customers the best value and service possible. The first priority of Office Furniture Solutions is customer satisfaction. Office Furniture Solutions, located at 1751 West Copans Rd, #9, Pompano Beach, FL 33064 maintains a showroom of new and pre-owned office furniture and cubicles and has a variety of products on display to allow the client choices in purchasing their office furniture. Visit our 6800 s/f showroom that is filled with the latest designs from top furniture manufacturers in the US and abroad.

We have an extensive pre-owned inventory of chairs, reception desks, cubicles, lateral files, conference tables, desks and credenzas. The pre-owned inventory can consist of the top furniture and systems manufacturers such as Steelcase, Haworth, Herman Miller, Knoll, Paoli, Gunlock and more.  Pre-owned inventory in prime condition turns over quickly. It is best not to hesitate on the purchase of something when you see it. Give us the opportunity to quote and fill your office furniture needs. For additional information regarding the products we sell, services offered or a quote to fill your office furniture needs, please call us at (954)973-7997.

Office Furniture Solutions offers buy backs and trades in. We can look at your existing furniture and cubicles and provide you with a quote that can be applied towards your new office furniture purchase of pre-owned or new furniture. If you choose not to purchase from Office Furniture Solutions, we may still be able to purchase your existing furniture. 


Address: 1751 W Copans Rd, Pompano Beach, FL, 33064

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Designers For Him: Keep it Cool Poolside


Staying stylish this summer is a breeze when you take a look at all the colorful and classy trends available for you to try. Don't be overwhelmed with all the choices, keep calm and be cool. Here are a few men's fashion choices that will make your summer wardrobe especially appealing, especially if you'll be spending a considerable amount of time by the pool.

Floral Prints

Designers like Marc Jacobs and Gucci have created a number of attractive t-shirts and shorts that display floral print for summer. These pieces give character to any beach-inspired outfit, and are best paired with a top or bottom in a subtle color. For instance, floral-print shorts, which should fall right above the knee, featuring bright shades of orange, red and green, should be paired with a brown or tan tank top for a fresh and updated summer look.

Brightly Colored and Patterned Trunks

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Will the new Ford F-150 Aluminum Design Carry Over to Global Ranger?

Will the new Ford F-150 Aluminum Design Carry Over to Global Ranger?

At the 2014 North American International Auto Show, we saw the future of Ford’s pickup design – aluminum and a lot of it. Through various displays, Ford showed how the truck could handle a beating and still deliver great fuel economy. One question that didn’t get addressed is: what about the Global Ford Ranger? Wouldn’t it benefit from the weight savings and improved fuel economy of aluminum design?

Ford launched the Global Ranger in 2011 as a compact, diesel-powered truck that left many then- U.S. Ranger owners salivating. The truck is being offered in more than 180 countries and is not available in the U.S. Basically, Ford figured that many U.S. Ranger customers would simply step up to the F-150. That hasn’t exactly happened and Ford has taken its share of criticism from automotive writers/experts and its own fans for not offering the Ranger in the U.S.

With the new F-150 being launched with a smaller Ecoboost engine it is mostly assured that Ford is still not considering bringing back the Ranger. (It may consider offering a small F-100 variant although that remains to seen). Ford says that the mid-size truck market in North America doesn’t make sense for them and don’t see a feasible way to build a Ford Ranger that would fit into its product portfolio.

In other countries like Australia, the “ute” pickups are quite popular. In fact, the used car market in Australia for the Global Ranger is quite strong . These utilitarian pickups don’t have the full-size competitors that are made in North America and thus, the business plan to build them for those markets is much stronger.

This begs the question though, if the aluminum-based design of the new F-150 is so superior, could it benefit the Global Ranger? The answer is undoubtedly yes. Will Ford build it? Most likely not.

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Pop Art and Men’s Fashion

Pop art and fashion have gone hand in hand for years, dating back to the 1950s. Men’s fashion has seen a steady increase graphic, printed and patterned clothing over the past few years, with pop art being at the forefront of this. Brands like FLY53 have had demonstrated their passion for pop art since the beginning.

Pop art takes the mundane and expresses this through fashion

We can’t discuss pop art without mentioning arguably the most famous artist of this genre, Andy Warhol. Warhol fused art and fashion to create pop art, to bring together celebrity culture, fashion, art, and advertising. Even in fashion today, Warhol’s work is featured on tops, bags, shoes, and anything else you can think of, with designers paying tribute to the man.

Whether it’s a printed t-shirt of comic strips, a jumper with a famous quote on, the layering up of a red jumper and blue shirt, men’s fashion is very much being influenced by pop art, and this is particular relevant right now, as fashion is becoming increasingly influenced by art to expand and develop new ways for people to express their personality through what they wear.

Being bold through the fusion of bright colours is very much the order of the day for men’s fashion at the moment. This type of striking symbolism is connected to pop art; just think about the Warhol soup cans, or the Marilyn Monroe print, both used a mixture of bold colours to stand out, and draw people in, so to that end, men’s fashion can very much relate to this technique of boldness through fashion.

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Must have shoes this spring

With spring almost here we will be starting to think about throwing our winter shoes and boots to the back of the wardrobe for another year and bringing out the cute sandals and ballet pumps. As women we can never have enough shoes so if you are thinking about heading into the high street to pick out this seasons hottest buys in the spring summer 2013 shoe collection take a look at the must haves displayed below. With these stunning shoes your spring will be a bright one. 

There is a huge 60s revival going on in fashion lately, and the award season showed us plenty of styles we want to get our teeth into. These sixties inspired Lucite heels are a must have this season.

Scalloped Strapped Lucite Heel in BlackCarter Sandals with Lucite HeelDiana Von Furstenberg Taite Lucite Heel SandalsDiana Von Furstenberg Patmos Sandals with Lucite Heel

Spring is not complete without a stylish pair of sandals. You can pair them with any outfit you may like. From a floral summer dress to a cut off pair of denim shorts, every girl needs at least one pair of gorgeous sandals to add to her wardrobe collection. You don’t have to spend a fortune when giving your spring footwear a revamp, there are plenty of discount footwear stores which will provide you with some stunning choices, including Shuperb.

Sam Edelman Sasha Wedges / WhiteWhite Sand Shores SandalsBlink Fiore White SandalsNikko Flat Sandals

Last but not least we have a gorgeous selection of floral shoes. Floral is a huge theme in this years spring summer collections and you can create some stunning looks with a pair of floral shoes.

1.       Michael Antonio Love Me Floral Pump

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