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New Fashion Trends That Will Heighten Your Look

New Fashion Trends That Will Heighten Your Look

Many people are insecure about their bodies, whether it is their height or weight there are many ways to look great and feel comfortable. From the cut of your shirt to the height of your shoes, every piece must coordinate. The key to looking good is to stay on top of new fashion trends. You can do this by making friends with buyers from your favorite stores or simply reading the latest fashion magazine. Some people look at the models in the magazines and think they can never look like that but if you follow the style for your body type, you will look just as great as they do.


If you are conscious about your weight, it is important to select the right colors. Stripes and prints can cause you to look heavier than you truly are. In some cases, vertical stripes can help you to create a thinner look. If you are a heavier person, you should wear darker colors as the colors will absorb the light thus giving you a thinner appearance. If you are a thinner person, wearing bright colors will make you appear bigger.


For people you are worried about their height, the type of shoe you wear can make a difference. Wedge shoes are currently the trend for females although women who are tall already should avoid very tall shoes. If you are a shorter woman, a wedge shoe can add a few needed inches in a subtle way. Women are not the only ones looking to add a few inches to their height; men are also self-conscious about their height. For men there are many fashionable elevator shoes to choose, from business to casual there is something for every occasion. These shoes have a hidden insert called a lift that raises the heel of the person wearing them, giving the appearance of being taller.

Pants or Skirts

It used to be said that women on the petite side should not wear long skirts or dresses because it would make them look shorter. This is not the case; the newest trend of maxi skirts can look great on people of all sizes. Depending on the color and pattern chosen, you can make yourself look thinner, wider, or taller. Shorter skirts have always been the choice for women who are uncomfortable about their height as they accent the length of the leg. When it comes to pants, the cut is everything. Flared jeans that sit at the natural waistline can help you to look taller as well as thinner.


When it comes to hair, the styles are constantly changing. From colors and lengths to how you wear it, it can be hard to keep up with the latest trend. The important thing to remember when styling, cutting or coloring your hair is that it must look good on you. If you are fair skinned, you may not look great in extremely dark colors as they can cause your face to look washed out. The current trend when it comes to hair is truly the accessories. Adding bows, flowers and clips to any hairstyle can help bring it to life. You should choose your accessories based on the length and thickness of your hair as well as the shape of your face.


You may love bright colors that stand out but your face and skin tone may say otherwise. Tri-color eyelids are all the trend lately as they combine to accent your eyes. The right eye shadow selection can make your eyes stand out in the crowd. The tone of your skin should determine the color of your lips and cheeks so they can subtly stand out without going overboard. 

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