Sweatpants And Leggings That Look Like Denim!

Beckham sweatpants photo thanks to H&M
AKA Denim Style Leggings Enter your text here ... You would not know by simply looking! These are more designerly from Amazon and Yazubi . The class is one apart from the tracky look! Sweats have never been so acceptable. Shop now on Amazon Website   OR IS IT Sweatpants that have a jeans look! FOR HER Look at these amazing BUFFALO Jeans-S...
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CRUISE your way to Spring with Floral designer wear

CRUISE your way to Spring with Floral designer wear

With Spring just around the corner, CRUISE have got a stunning selection of vivid and arresting floral designs that will help wash away your wardrobe's winter blues.

Explore collections from Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Ted Baker and Givenchy for the inspiration you've been looking for...

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Cruise Spring Summer Promo Code Sports Luxe


Some great ideas from CRUISE to get into shape for the summer it starts around now ! There is nothing like looking good to make you feel like getting that run started.

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I disagree with the teacher here - on some points Jeagings and swearings ok

I need to see this a few times and I will I enjoyed it so much. I want to comment but later...

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Hot occasion wear trends for 2013

Evening Dresses Online  UK

If you’re looking for evening wear that’s guaranteed to turn heads, the catwalks for 2012 were brimming with statement looks that are perfect for parties. We’ve rounded up our favourite key trends for the year ahead to help you glam up your wardrobe for the 2012 spring/summer season.

Very Berry

If the 2011 Oscars ceremony is anything to go by (and it is), berry hues are essential when it comes to choosing evening wear for 2012. As spotted on everyone from Scarlett Johansson and Mila Kunis, to Natalie Portman and Cate Blanchett, look for deep purples and berry reds to add some red carpet glamour to your wardrobe. You might not be able to stretch your budget to the Hollywood A-list level, but if you’re looking for affordable berry-toned evening occasion wear specialists Coast have just unveiled a fantastic collection in every berry shade under the sun.

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4 Summer Holiday Suitcase Essentials For Us Curvy Women

We go on holiday to relax, sit in the sun and generally have a good time. It isn’t a time to be preoccupied with what you look like and whether or not you’re going to “ruin” a photograph by being in it. If you’re anything like me, this might play on your mind, but it’s all about packing a holiday wardrobe that gives you the confidence to relish your time spent on holiday. You never know, you might come home and want to share your photographs with all of your friends and family! So here are four summer holiday suitcase essentials for us curvy women that should make packing a breeze, and your holiday much more enjoyable.

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Get ready for the colourful summer!

With summer approaching we can already see the weather improving and parts of the south of England have even been promised a heat wave is on its way! Phew, and we thought we were going to be stuck in the cold, miserable winter months for the rest of the year.

So, now Mr. Sunshine has peaked his head out and put his hat on isn’t it time we started to think about upgrading our wardrobe from winter to summer? We certainly think so. Throw your thick North Face coat to the back of the wardrobe and forget about it for another year, its time to think about, colours, patterns, t-shirts, dresses, shorts and anything else summer related!

Summer fashion gives us so much more choice than winter fashion does, we can experiment with colours and patterns we wouldn’t even dream of in the winter months. The high street is becoming filled with a fantastic range of summer wear which is just irresistible. Brands such as Carhartt and other streetwear brands are giving us a sporty yet stylish way to enjoy summer this year. Carhartt is available at iConsume.co.uk.

As well as Carhartt, Vans and Converse have fantastic new and bright designs for us to choose from, these shoes are the perfect choice for both men, women, boys and girls and are guaranteed to look great and feel great no matter what your outfit choice if for that day. The summer is all about having fun in the sun, so make sure you explore you colour choices and brighten up your day with a bright and colourful outfit.

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Add Some Sparkle to Ladies Day

With the Grand National having taken place over the weekend, many will be celebrating or crying as they count their winnings or their losings after the biggest horse race in the sporting calendar. Over the weekend, this world famous horse race attracted thousands of horse lovers and those who have a fondness for the equestrian sport. The Grand National is the most anticipated horsing competition of the year and is one that many hope to race to victory and pick up the winning title.

Last Friday also saw ladies day take place. Ladies day is a long running tradition that occurs at most horse racing events including major dates such as Ascot, Cheltenham and of course the Grand National. It is a chance for women to come along, dress up in their finery and enjoy a day of betting, champagne and plenty of fancy fashion.

In the coming months there are plenty of horse races and ladies days due to take place. If you are attending one over the next few weeks and are not sure what to wear, then why not take a look at our style inspiration for adding some sparkle and glam to your ladies day look. 


Look 1

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Must have shoes this spring

With spring almost here we will be starting to think about throwing our winter shoes and boots to the back of the wardrobe for another year and bringing out the cute sandals and ballet pumps. As women we can never have enough shoes so if you are thinking about heading into the high street to pick out this seasons hottest buys in the spring summer 2013 shoe collection take a look at the must haves displayed below. With these stunning shoes your spring will be a bright one. 

There is a huge 60s revival going on in fashion lately, and the award season showed us plenty of styles we want to get our teeth into. These sixties inspired Lucite heels are a must have this season.

Scalloped Strapped Lucite Heel in BlackCarter Sandals with Lucite HeelDiana Von Furstenberg Taite Lucite Heel SandalsDiana Von Furstenberg Patmos Sandals with Lucite Heel

Spring is not complete without a stylish pair of sandals. You can pair them with any outfit you may like. From a floral summer dress to a cut off pair of denim shorts, every girl needs at least one pair of gorgeous sandals to add to her wardrobe collection. You don’t have to spend a fortune when giving your spring footwear a revamp, there are plenty of discount footwear stores which will provide you with some stunning choices, including Shuperb.

Sam Edelman Sasha Wedges / WhiteWhite Sand Shores SandalsBlink Fiore White SandalsNikko Flat Sandals

Last but not least we have a gorgeous selection of floral shoes. Floral is a huge theme in this years spring summer collections and you can create some stunning looks with a pair of floral shoes.

1.       Michael Antonio Love Me Floral Pump

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Bags for the spring season

Now that the fashion weeks are over we can finally reflect on what we have seen from the New York, London, Milan and Paris catwalks and marvel in the beauty of the clothing and accessories from the worlds top fashion designers. You can find a host of designer bags as well as stunning designer fashion at Cavells. The catwalks showed us a varied mix of structured bags and while we did see some fantastic oversized styles, the focus was on clutches and small day bags.


This Diana Von Furstenberg bag has everything you may want from a small spring bag. It’s subtle pop of yellow shows a fresh and feminine side to a simple white bag, and the embellishments give the bag plenty of visual interest. The bag is only small, but big enough for anything you might need on a spring day out. DVF has once again hit the bullseye.   

Personally I love Marc Jacobs. He always manages to create a unique designer style which can be incorporated into your exciting wardrobe. His accessories are guaranteed to be the things which will stand out and be remembered on an outfit. This Marc by Mac Jacobs shoulder bag is exactly that accessory. Its vibrant colour is guaranteed to jazz up even the most boring of work outfits.      


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Some Tips on Wedding Planning | Is Your Wedding Hijacked?

wedding planning

Cover Photo Nao IsobeEveryone of us at least once came across a term wedding hijacking. This not so popular term is in a need of a brief explanation in order to be comprehensive to those who were lucky not to be involved in it or not to have witness one. In words, wedding hijacking means that a wedding will be subjected to different unpleasant situation usually created by the people you know, but sometimes by the people you have never seen before in your life, that are not intentionally planned, at least not consciously, and that will surely happen if one doesn’t choose wisely the organization team, the wedding venue, the designer, the food. That being said, it is important to take a closer look at those situations, in other words, to get an answer to a question: who are those people and what kind of situations can distract the attention from the wedding? I went to this beautiful wedding venue in Sydney only to find a bride crying. This is why?

Photo KristaHeffernan Instagram

Bridesmaid fashion obstacle

How to indulge every bridesmaid’s dress choice? Some people are lucky and don’t have any problems with it. Others are not. The answer to this obstacle is simple: just try to choose something that will be suitable than to force anybody to wear something not comfortable with. Think about it this way: you will have a special treatment at her wedding also.

Children's comprehension of the wedding day

It is not unusual that some choose not to invite kids to their wedding because they are kids at the end of the day and can cause a hijaking. Children go to a wedding assuming they play and perhaps get to eat cake- it feels like a party! And that is the truth because playing is their way of learning about life. One should always have that in mind regarding children. Imagine a situation where your future family refuses to come to your wedding because you decided not to invite children? There is always a solution that can indulge everybody. If you decide to have a garden wedding the children would be thrilled. On the other hand, since it is not recommended to insult VIPs or the business partners, the babysitter can become an honorary member of a “rescue team“. This extra expense is definitely worthy.

Long distance relatives you have never seen

If you have a huge family it’s a blessing, but it is also a problem considering guests list. In today's world one cannot achieve to maintain family links with everybody, but that’s not the problem, the problem involves the parents who tend to add every single person from your huge family to the guest list. This almost instantly lead to the question of the budget. On the other hand, if the budget is not the issue, the problem can be of a more personal dimension. Maybe one just doesn’t want “strangers” on their wedding. A very rational and serious talk with parents long before the wedding is more than a good option to resolve this unpleasantness. After all, parents are just trying to help and that should always be understood.

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Wear Ugg Boots With Anything

Ugg boots have become a popular fashion craze for many women over the past few years. These furry boots as some call them are seen as highly fashionable, trendy, and stylish. They can apparently be worn just about anywhere from a crowded boardwalk to a chilly Halloween night.Women wear Ugg boots when they go on hikes, when they go for walks, at the mall, and even wear them to a job interview. There should be a limit where Ugg boots can be worn, but there shouldn't be a limit with what to wear them with.When it comes to other accessories, clothing, or jewelry, Ugg boots can be worn with practically anything you want. Since Ugg boots are trendy, it's okay to wear them with pieces of clothing that you normally wouldn't be caught dead wearing. You can obviously wear Ugg boots when you have a coat or jacket on. Ugg boots look like they should be worn when it's cold outside, so they can protect your feet from the cold. A jacket is the perfect article of clothing to wear with Ugg boots. Boots and jackets go hand in hand, and they make a perfect match.How about a short skirt? Can you wear a short skirt with Ugg boots? If you are wearing those boots on a hot boardwalk, then it makes sense to wear light, short clothing. In that case, wearing a short skit with Ugg boots will work out perfectly. Even though it may look like a fashion faux pas to many people, a trendy product will always save the day. That's the beauty of a trend. It doesn't matter what you wear with it because something popular will elevate any normal fashion mishap. This means that you can wear Ugg boots even while wearing pajamas. It may look funny to most, but the trend will always beat out the oddity. The difference between what to wear with your Ugg boots compared to when to wear them is obvious. You can wear different items along with your boots, but there are limits when it comes to where you're going with them. Ugg boots are not a smart choice to wear when going to a job interview because it'll make you look silly and unprofessional.So while the trend is currently hot, there are still limitations that fans of Ugg boots need to be aware of.

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Primark is a zoo and Plastic Fantastic Shoes

If you like your fashion so much so that you are buying it so often and throwing it away after a few wears out then you probably find Primark a great place. Its a zoo in their Oxford Street store with all ages sexes though mostly younger females doing the rounds. You see I think its about the feeling of buying something and that new smell. It goes so fast you need to get back in there tuesday evening to find the next fix.

You can buy plastic shoes that fit the bill of value and fashion. I'm not fully against such low priced items provided they are not sweat shop fabricated but this is another story and a complex one. Lets just see the side of fun for the moment and the colours of spring into summer. You see these shoes could be fabricated by moulding them and there isn't a stitch in sight.

Its the new UK punk style !




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