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Select the Perfect Shoes for the Comfort and Safety of Elderly Women

When it comes to buying shoes for aged women, comfort and safety should be the first priority. A good quality shoe can reduce the chances of falls and leg pain. Safe shoes are not always ugly. You can make a style statement by wearing the good looking and safe shoes. Here are some tips mentioned that will help you in choosing the perfect shoe for yourself.

Features of an unsafe shoe

Unsafe shoes generally increase the chances of falling in senior women. The features, which make any shoe unsafe, are mentioned below.

  • Soft upper parts: Soft or stretched upper parts make your foot slide around inside the shoes.
  • High heels: Shoes with high heels must be avoided. They impair your stability while walking.
  • Narrow heels: These types of heels make your foot unstable. It can also cause ankle sprain.
  • No Laces: shoes, which lack laces, are also risky as your feet can easily slide out of these shoes.
  • Slippery Soles: Slippery or shabby soles are a real hazard, particularly in the rainy seasons i.e. wet weather.

You should avoid the shoes with these features to keep yourself safe and away from the risks of falling.

Features of a safe shoe

There are several safe features too, which lower down the chances of falling and it keeps you away from any accident. Some of them are as mentioned below.

  • Firm upper heel:  A firm upper collar provides your leg an extra stability.
  • Laces: Shoes with laces ensure good grip of your leg. It can also hold your leg firmly while walking.
  • Bottom Heel: A beveled heel prevents slipping. A wide flared heel maximizes your shoe contact with the surface, providing you good stability.
  • Textured sole: A rough or textured sole prevents slipping of your leg out of the shoes.
  • Firm Mid sole: A thin and firm mid sole helps in providing comfort to your leg. It feels like ground beneath your feet.

If you find any shoe with the above-mentioned features, you can surely consider them for yourself.


Some other useful tips

Whenever you go for buying a pair of shoes, consider the following things before finalizing your purchase.

  • Try bringing orthotics if you wear them
  • It is suggested to buy the shoe in the afternoon. The reason behind this is that scientists have discovered that your foot is largest in afternoon.
  • Choose a good fitting shoe. Both tight and loose shoes create problems for you.
  • Do not forget to consider the width, as they are an essential part of fitting.
  • Walk around with the shoe for five minutes to confirm that you are comfortable in it.

You are spending your money on these shoes. It is better if you bring home a good quality and comfortable shoes.


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