The best sub 200 pounds compact camera for Christmas.

The best sub 200 pounds compact camera for Christmas.
(And tips on how you should actually buy something..) I am going to say that after a good few hours going over all the specs reviews and videos on you tube I have done my usual thing and ended up buying a slightly different model than I thought I would. Lets back up a moment though. What are you going to REALLY use the Camera for ? I asked myself i...
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Creating a Business Plan for a Work-At-Home Wedding Photography Business

If you're a photographer who has decided to take the plunge into running your own wedding photography business from home, then you are not alone. In fact, this type of business is growing in popularity as skilled photographers, whether they are professionals or simply love to take photos to spur their creativity, discover that starting their own business is within their grasp. However, there are a number of pitfalls that you need to avoid as you start your own business, and most of them can be avoided by writing out a business plan. Planning ahead and preparation will help you feel more confident about starting your business and will allow you to create a checklist so that you can consider every aspect of your company, its needs, and how you plan to run it in the long term. Here are a few tips how to become a wedding photographer.

Step One: Consider What You Have to Offer

This point is almost as important as your budget, as it will be the basis of your business. Your talent will help get you started, but what can you offer your clients that will make you stand out from other businesses? Can you offer competitive pricing, unique posing ideas, or editing technology that's completely unique? Will you offer your clients a broad range of experience, education, or a mix of both when they ask about your qualifications? This is the step people most often overlook and is one of the main reasons that their small business often fails, as you must understand your own value and skills before you can expect others to want to pay for them.

Step Two: Map Out Your Staffing Needs

Mapping out your staffing needs before you plan your overall budget will help you address how you plan to pay anyone who works for you, what kind of staffing you will need, if any, or, if you plan to work alone, how you will track payments and report your earnings. This phase of your business plan also allows you to work out how and where you can find temporary help for larger gigs when you need it. If your budget will not allow for temporary help, consider offering mentoring and the opportunity of work experience to young photographers who may want to one day start their own businesses.

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Personal Camera System and Go Pro DIY mount for backpack

Personal Camera System and Go Pro DIY mount for backpack

I have long thought (maybe a couple of years) that it is a matter of time before we have clothing that has a 'standard' mount inside say the jacket or similar. It may be that on your walk home nothing happened. But like many cyclists will tell you its for the days that something does happen that you wish you had the evidence. Already on cars it would have given my friend a chance at getting to the responsible (irresponsible driver ?) person who's lorry shed a brick which bounced into his car. Video evidence is great for cars. A video should just also detect motion so that it turns on and off as needed and I found perhaps the perfect video product from china for this. I digress slightly as this is about personal mounting systems in the videos case a backpack. Do check the cyclists in London fighting back by having bike mounted go pro cameras getting motorists and bus drivers in digital reality should they decide to ignore you on the road. Equally you may be the motorist and are able to show that it was not your fault. Yes folks video evidence in car in person is a new thing to come. I think car manufactureres will start to build this in in time.

SO staying positive or more so CREATIVE this video shows how to take PVC piping and connectors to make a frame and hold your go pro or other camera. I'm not sure you need to glue it (the inner frame) but would wait and make final adjustments before doing that. I also thought that the arm looked way too long , needed for 3rd person looking at yourself. I prefer outward looking capture as a personal thing anyway it looks weird looking at yourself walking in amazing scenery when the audience simply wants to see what you see anyway.

Related video : DIY Ski Pole Mount (DIY Pole Mount GOPRO)

We chose this video as it shows very clearly some tips and that you can use ties with the standard mounts to grip on a rounded pole. This you must be able to do for your bike for example.

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Getting the Right Shot: Why Choose a Professional for your Bournemouth Wedding Photography

Your wedding day is naturally a once-in-a-lifetime occasion and you want the best in everything from the food to the venue to the dress. If you want a great reminder of the happy event one thing you can’t cut comers on is the photographer. Hiring a professional photographer is the only way you can be sure you will get stunning shots in a variety of locations to expertly document the entire day. Here’s why a local Bournemouth professional is the best choice for your wedding.

Knows the Locations

A photographer from the local area knows exactly where to get the best shots. This is particularly important if you are having engagement shots taken - you may not know the best locations or the best times for a shoot, but a Bournemouth professional will. For example, shoot engagement pictures at Lulworth Cove or on the Bournemouth beaches at sunset. If you are having your wedding at a Bournemouth venue such as the Highcliff Marriott Hotel or the Green House, a local professional will have experience in weddings at these locations and will be able to show you which spots are best for specific shots.

Understands the Conditions

Many people can take a good shot with clear blue skies and sunshine but it takes a professional to get great results in less-than-perfect weather conditions. Unfortunately you can’t guarantee the sun will shine on your big day but you can guarantee that you’ll get good pictures even when it’s rainy or cloudy when you choose a professional photographer. A professional also takes better indoor shots without the glare of an amateur flash.

Gets the Action Shots

Posed shots are all very well but you also want some candid, unexpected moments to be captured on camera – these are the shots you’ll treasure and the ones that reveal the most about what happened on your special day. It takes skill to get photos of people acting naturally. You need to calculate the lighting as well as the pose, plus move unobtrusively among the guests to put them at their ease.

Boasts the Correct Equipment

You may have a decent camera but for professional-level shots you need a professional model. Photographers regularly update their equipment and have the best lenses and other accessories to capture the best shots. Unless you want to invest in a top-of-the-line camera, hiring a professional photographer is the only way to go. And don’t forget those horror stories where the amateur photographer forgot to bring extra batteries or accidently wiped the memory card after one-too-many glasses of champagne. With a professional wedding photographer you get backup and assurance that these accidents won’t happen on your wedding day.

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How to create stylish photo books

Since digital photography overtook the old 35mm film format more and more people have found themselves delving deeper into the world of self-publishing and photography. Today, it is possible to go out and take literally thousands of pictures on a digital camera, bring it back home, transfer the photos onto a laptop or home computer, and then set about editing and formatting for a self-published coffee table or smaller photo books. For some, choosing to publish and print online is a way of getting high quality photo books to relatives and friends, while others see it as a way of selling their work. Either way, printing the photo book online is a sure way of getting your work out to the public. 

The first step to getting a photo books printed online is to find a suitable set of photo manipulation and formatting software. Photoshop, by Adobe, has been the vanguard of this style of software for over 20 years, but there are many other alternatives today. Depending on your operating system and computer savvy, you may choose to use the simple photo editor "iPhoto" found standard on every Mac sold. Windows users have access to the Adobe products along with a slew of other wonderful software.

Another avenue open to self-publishers is finding online templates and formats through photo hosting websites. Many of these services include access to book formatting and basic photo editing tools, allowing the book to be hosted, edited and published all from one main website and source. This reduces the hassles of figuring out formatting and set up, as the templates available help guide the photographer straight through the process.

Many online services now offer free proof-copies for eReader style devices and iPads. Once the book is formatted and edited, the product gets uploaded to the tablet where it can be proofed and checked for errors or quality. Once approved, users select the quantity of books they wish to have printed. Once selected the order is placed and the books are printed, bound and shipped to the photographer. Some of the sites even go so far as to assign an ISBN number to the book, allowing it to be sold through eBook seller sites such as Barnes and Noble, Amazon and iBook/iTunes.

As always, any photographer should back up the data throughout the formatting and photo book publishing process. Keep your data secure as well as keep multiple copies to prevent unwanted crashes and data loss. Check to see what the time limit, if any, is in place at the photo hosting site to ensure you maintain the contract terms and understand any termination or loss of data rules for the assigned time period. 

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Things People Learn at Photography Classes

Things People Learn at Photography Classes

When people have deep passion and interest for photography, they can always learn everything by themselves or join in photography classes. Most people think that joining in such classes isn't very important because they can learn everything on the go. Moreover, with the existence of digital cameras and additional stuffs, everything becomes easier and people won't have to tweak and changes their lay out or settings.

However, learning the very basic things about photography is actually very important if people want to learn the right method of taking shots or develop images. Digital cameras do make everything easier and simpler, but nothing really beats the conventional methods in photography subjects. Professional photographers need to know how to handle manual cameras as well as the high end ones, including how to develop images on their own and manually. That information can only be found during photography classes, which will be taught by the experts.

A basic class in photographer usually includes about 20 hours of studying being spent in studio, darkroom, and also lab. The class usually combines theoretical subjects followed by practical activities, whether done in outdoor or indoor setting. Most of the classes will include practical activities as the participants need to develop their own sense of art and style. They won't be able to develop it without practicing a lot.

There are several types of classes that usually included in the program:

- The basic, which usually covers basic information and knowledge about how to handle cameras, the types of cameras being used, the types of film, mechanism and exposure, camera lenses, and also other basic knowledge of the field.

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