Enabling Wi-Fi Calling on a Microsoft Lumia 640 phone

​Where we live mobile reception is non existent so the only way to be able to use your phone is to get one with wi fi enabling. The Microsoft Lumia 640 is one such phone that has been enabled for use over the EE network. This short video explains what we went through and how we got it to finally work!
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Do all phone deals include a free SIM card?

Do all phone deals include a free SIM card?

Your Subscriber Identity Module, otherwise known as your 'SIM', is used to identify you as the carrier of your phone. Everyone have their own SIM card, and this will carry their phone number, data plan, and other details within it. It can be treated as a digital identity card. As such, when you purchase a new package or a new phone, you can continue to use your same SIM card and data plan. 

Neat, functional and fashionable; the BlackBerry Z10 Smartphone

On older phone models, your SIM card carried your contacts and text messages as well. Nowadays, however, modern smartphones will carry these details on the actual device itself. The specific purpose of the SIM, therefore, is purely to link you to your data plan and phone number. When you use your specific SIM in different phones, you will still be able to access your pre-paid plan, or phone contract, without any trouble. 

However, you need to be aware that SIM cards come in different sizes. Different SIMs will fit into different types of phones and card modules. So, for example, if you have a BlackBerry, and you lose it, you will need to get a new SIM card if you start using a different type of phone as a replacement. This SIM will be 'programmed' to still carry your data, but will be specific to the type of phone it is used in.

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Role of Mobile Phones in Our Day to day Life

Role of Mobile Phones in Our Day to day Life

Mobile phones have become more of a necessity rather than an accessory. Earlier people carried a mobile phone out for the purpose of talking to people. They found it a means to communicate with people but now, the demand (or application) of mobile phones has increased to such a high extent that it has emerged an important necessity for everyone to carry out their day to day activities.

How long can you last without your phone? Test yourself.. 

Many people have left wearing watches, the reason being they have their mobile phones for the time. People use it as a calculator to perform their calculations. People have reminders, organizers, to do list set in their mobile phones to remind them of the important meetings, occasions and events. It performs the function of an alarm and helps in waking them up. SMS has cut down the importance of letters. Now you can say all you need with the help of Short Message Service. 

You don’t need a DVD player, a walkman to listen to songs or watch movies now. All this is fun for you on your mobile phone. With the launch of Smartphones, the role of mobile phones in our life has increased devastatingly. One can watch live TV, live videos, concerts, Live Sports etc. there is nothing hidden. Browse the internet at lightning fast speed on the go.  Make the presentation for your meeting while you are travelling. Click as many photos you want, make a video and share it with friends and family in just seconds. There is no need for you to carry a camera now. 

Play as many games as you want to on the go to pass your time. Download movies and watch it for your time pass. You cannot ignore the usability and functionality of your mobile phone. It has become the necessity for people of all ages. Right before, you think of ignoring it, you will find it’s another use. Right from getting up with a mobile alarm to the last need of the night of bidding goodnight to your friends, mobile phone serves it all. 

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How to create stylish photo books

Since digital photography overtook the old 35mm film format more and more people have found themselves delving deeper into the world of self-publishing and photography. Today, it is possible to go out and take literally thousands of pictures on a digital camera, bring it back home, transfer the photos onto a laptop or home computer, and then set about editing and formatting for a self-published coffee table or smaller photo books. For some, choosing to publish and print online is a way of getting high quality photo books to relatives and friends, while others see it as a way of selling their work. Either way, printing the photo book online is a sure way of getting your work out to the public. 

The first step to getting a photo books printed online is to find a suitable set of photo manipulation and formatting software. Photoshop, by Adobe, has been the vanguard of this style of software for over 20 years, but there are many other alternatives today. Depending on your operating system and computer savvy, you may choose to use the simple photo editor "iPhoto" found standard on every Mac sold. Windows users have access to the Adobe products along with a slew of other wonderful software.

Another avenue open to self-publishers is finding online templates and formats through photo hosting websites. Many of these services include access to book formatting and basic photo editing tools, allowing the book to be hosted, edited and published all from one main website and source. This reduces the hassles of figuring out formatting and set up, as the templates available help guide the photographer straight through the process.

Many online services now offer free proof-copies for eReader style devices and iPads. Once the book is formatted and edited, the product gets uploaded to the tablet where it can be proofed and checked for errors or quality. Once approved, users select the quantity of books they wish to have printed. Once selected the order is placed and the books are printed, bound and shipped to the photographer. Some of the sites even go so far as to assign an ISBN number to the book, allowing it to be sold through eBook seller sites such as Barnes and Noble, Amazon and iBook/iTunes.

As always, any photographer should back up the data throughout the formatting and photo book publishing process. Keep your data secure as well as keep multiple copies to prevent unwanted crashes and data loss. Check to see what the time limit, if any, is in place at the photo hosting site to ensure you maintain the contract terms and understand any termination or loss of data rules for the assigned time period. 

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